Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 60

Hidden Expert

‘Later on, I asked the former patriarch of Gold and Silver Sect why he upheld such a lame tradition, only for him to reply that he believed it to be the right course of action.’

‘The former patriarch of Gold and Silver Sect is quite the good geezer. He approved of what was done. On one hand, he believed that inventing a supreme martial art style would give his sect more power. On the other hand, he believed it to be beneficial for the martial world, as it’s common for there to be rare and peculiar things in the martial world, but original inventions vanish into history due to descendants lacking what it took to accomplish the feat or encountering enemies that took their lives. By collecting as many martial arts manuals as they could, Gold and Silver Sect essentially managed to prevent many styles from going extinct.’

‘At the time, I had no interest in martial arts, which is why I didn’t really take what he said to heart.’

As I observe Jin Wangsun’s sabre techniques now, I can see that he switched to another sabre. He still held Vajra in his right hand, but he drew another blade, which was a broadsword from his waist with his left hand. If I’m correct, the sabre he drew with his left hand is called ‘Pearl’, a pure-white, long, slender and thin sabre. It’s aesthetic and is just missing a gift wrapping. Jin Wangsun performed a Broadsword Flower with it. Before he completed it, his broadsword instantly split into four blades that all radiated with murderous intent.

Up until now, he has changed sabre styles several times already. If I’m correct, he used no less than five different styles with Vajra Sabre. He even used Canyon of Yearning’s Bai Clan’s Red Sleeve Sabre Art. Now that he’s switched to a broadsword as his main, he’s changed to another style that’s different to his rigid and power focused style just before. It’s almost as if he’s a different person whenever he picks up a different blade.

Gold and Silver Sect have accumulated a hundred years of knowledge. They never managed to create an original god-tier style, but it’s possible that they have more knowledge than any other sect or school at this point in time. It’s no wonder why Jin Wangsun focuses solely on sabre arts. With the enormous number of manuals his family has collected, he’d never make a name for himself if he tried to learn everything at once. Chasing two rabbits usually results in catching neither, after all.

“My family’s Ten Treasured Classics is a secrets among secrets,” Jin Wangsun didn’t seem to want to let others hear, so he lowered his voice, “How did you know about, you sick pervert?!”

As he spoke, he executed four techniques with Pearl Broadsword. It seemed to be an attack, yet not, because it continued to change and vary similarly to a snake striking its prey. He then unleashed a heavy swing with Vajra Sabre using his right hand. The heavy attack was extremely violent.

My attention was elsewhere.

‘Ten Treasured Classics! You call that yet-to-exist style of yours Ten Treasured Classics?! Grandmaster named his style Five Divine Styles Manuals, so you called yours Ten Treasured Classics! Grandmaster had five, so you have to one up him and have ten, huh?!’

I didn’t take Jin Wangsun head on. Instead, I timed it so that I could borrow the momentum of his attack to slide down from the tree along the trunk. While I was at it, I went back to the question I had for Jin Wangsun.

“We have many ways. It’s none of your business.”

“Yours?” Jin Wangsun emphasised the part I mentioned it was about me. My heart skipped a beat.

‘Shit. I didn’t let anything slip, did I?’

I never expected him to ridicule me, “You perverts have formed a society now? That’s beyond disgusting.”

‘What do you mean pervert society?! At least, call it flower picking society!’

I don’t know why, but I dodged his attacks as I stood up for the pervert. In his right hand was Vajra, in his left was Pearl, which was a combination that had elements of hard and rigid, yet also soft and without form, which you could say was a combination of yin and yang. He then unleashed a barrage of incredibly amazing moves. The only style I could think of that continuously changed throughout while complementing one another was Red Sleeve Broadsword, which is a style from Canyon of Yearning’s Bai Clan.

My intuition told me that this move should be his trick up his sleeve. Should he utilise it as it was originally supposed to be utilised, I’m certain that it’d be very troublesome.

Consequently, I took a step back with a smile. I disregarded all the soft and fluid, hard and rigid changes Jin Wangsun made as he alternated. I raised my left arm and lowered my right. I tightened my grip on the iron pole in my hand and swung it at his head. A fierce gale sprung up. The swing was so inconceivable that it appeared as though my iron pole absorbed all the qi in the atmosphere to swing toward Jin Wangsun as a fierce gale.

The powerful gale blasted toward Jin Wangsun, making it feel hard for him to even breathe. The gale made his body sluggish, thereby immediately slowing his attacks down. He’s a handsome lad among the skilled fighters in the young generation, and he was aware that he virtually wouldn’t have a chance if he was slow. My pole swung toward him very quickly. My pole was long while his sabre was short. He, too, had to calculate whether or not he’d be able to cut me first or if I’d bash him to death first with my longer pole first.

As such, he had to pull back and focus on defence. He crossed his two blades over each other and gathered his internal energy to block my attack.

I put much more strength into this swing in comparison to when I beat up the family retainers. Jin Wangsun slightly frowned as it took a good deal of effort for him to stop the attack. Nevertheless, he still had enough in him to withstand the attack.

He struggled with all his might to hold back my attack. He gritted his teeth, so I could barely hear what he said, “Wh-What exactly are you here for…?”

“There is no sin that I, Zhong Ning, don’t commit. Do I need a reason to beat some people up?”

His face was bright red. I suddenly had a mischievous idea, so I mischievously chuckled, “Young Master Jin, have you played whack-a-mole before?”


“It’s not an issue if you haven’t. I’ll teach you.”

I didn’t wait for his stunned expression to return to normal. I suddenly raised my iron pole up high as if I was raising an iron hammer, consequently relieving Jin Wangsun of all the weight crushing him below and allowing his muscles, nerves and bones to relax, but that almost caused him to drop to the floor.

When he looked at my expression, though, he immediately knew something was wrong, and hence tried to flee.

“Take this!!”

I swung down at him over ten times faster than my last swing, viciously slamming down onto his two blades. Sparks shot out as if a firework went off. The loud clang of our weapons colliding exploded in his ears. Jin Wangsun maintained his posture with his blade, but his body jolted, which was a sign that the pole hit hard enough to rock him.

Not long ago, he angrily came rushing at me looking for a fight, but he now had a dumbstruck look on his face. I laughed, “Hahaha, don’t be scared! Don’t be scared!”



I imagined Jin Wangsun as a soldering iron. I raised my pole and swung it down. I continued speaking as I swung the pole down, thereby creating loud clangs one after another.

“You’re usually busy bullying the kind and running from the bullies, so you don’t have time!”


“To play commoners’ games!”


“This one shall impart knowledge of commoner’s onto you today!”

*Clang! Clang!*

“This *Clang!* is *Clang!* called *Clang!* Whack-a-mole! *Clang!* A technique reserved specifically for beating up sick fucks, like you!!”

*Clang! Clang! Clang*!!*

“You asked me what I came for, right?! Listen in, I like the Princess! I came for the Princess! You want to marry the Princess? See if This One’s divine spear approves first!!”

*Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!!*

I continued swinging for a while before stopping just to see what he had to say. I kept my iron pole pressed down on his two blades to prevent him from running.

After my last swing, Jin Wangsun begun to pant for air. He forced himself to speak, “If you’re here for the Princess… I know somebody who’s the perfect fit for you. His name is Ming Feizhen. He lives at Liu Shan Men. He’s the one who’s most likely to marry the Princess. Go and kill him…”

‘Oh, really? Fuck you!!’

‘You want me to go kill Ming Feizhen?!’

‘Scolding the locust while pointing at the mulberry, and pointing at a coward to call him a bastard, are we?!!’

‘Wait… why does that example sound strange…?’

“I don’t want to beat him; This One wants to beat you, specifically!!”

*Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!!*

“Why aren’t you responding? I’m talking to you, yet you don’t respond?! This is what you get for not responding! This is what you get for not responding! You’re so rude!!”

*Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!!*

As I continued to swing down onto his blades, his feet continued to sink deeper and deeper into the ground. After my last swing, he was almost knee deep in the ground.

Jin Wangsun mustered up every ounce of strength in his body to withstand my swings. He didn’t have any chance to use his amazing skills. All he could do was hold up his blades to avoid being reduced to mincemeat. His strength in his arms gradually left him while his legs quaked. His face went redder and redder. Two more swings and he’ll spit blood before passing out on the ground.

‘It’s about time, I guess.’

I deliberately pulled my pole back and made a gesture to indicate I was going to throw the finishing blow.

Jin Wangsun took the opportunity to yell, “Big Cat! Are you not going to come out? Are you going to watch your master get killed?!!”


It sounded comparable to a tiger’s roar! After the roar that was comparable to a wild beast emitting its murderous intent, a dark shadow with immense murderous intent suddenly came down from the sky as fast as a wild storm. The dark silhouette was agile and fierce. It managed to close in on me in just a couple of movements. I stabbed with my pole without bothering to look.

However, the dark silhouette came down from between the trees. He went down on all four limbs as a wild beast would as soon as he landed. He managed to nimbly dodge my thrust. He then shot me a glare. The murderous intent in his eyes could be compared to a powerful beast choosing its target to gnaw.

He was the first person to dodge a serious attack from me ever since I came to this abode.

‘I predicted as much. Jin Wangsun had a competent fighter with him. ‘

‘This fellow is the hidden expert that the patriarchs of Gold and Silver Sect keep by their side!’


*Broadsword Flower – I filmed it for you =>


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