Son-con – Vol. 12.2 Ch. 05

Young Girls’ Sweetness

Vyvyan had never seen so many different types of food before. Most elven foods came from nature. Nature did provide a fair amount, but some things weren’t provided in such abundance. Sometimes, they couldn’t just eat what they want. Vyvyan checked out the various foods occupying the market. Astonished, she asked, “I never thought you had so much food here, and we can eat all of this?!”

“Mm, well, we can’t get it at any time and any place, since you have to take into account the season. By the looks of things, this village plants a lot of things, and they’ve had quite the harvest,” answered Elizabeth. She curiously picked up a round vegetable in front of her: “We don’t have anything to eat in winter, either. I heard people outside can only live off bread and meat, because it’s hard to keep these things fresh. They’ll go bad.”

“Is that so…?”

“That’s what my family teacher told me when I was being a picky eater.”

Elizabeth took out a cloth bag from her cloak. She didn’t know what it was. As a Princess, she didn’t need to go to the kitchen to distinguish ingredients. She picked up a little of everything until she couldn’t fit any more. Vyvyan looked at Elizabeth. Somewhat confused, she asked, “Can’t we just dry them? Why doesn’t humanity do that?”

“I would presume that there are people who do dry food. The problem is vegetables don’t taste good once they’re dry. Vyvyan, can’t you keep these things fresh with your magic? If you can, we won’t have to deal with ordinary salted meat every single day in winter.”

Vyvyan frowned. She never lived in the wilderness. She taught herself magic and was somewhat confident in her skill with magic. She didn’t know what magic to use to preserve the freshness of food, unfortunately. In saying that, she believed magic was almighty. The only issue was that she didn’t know how to preserve food with it for the meantime. Lorana was of the impression that food couldn’t be preserved. For the reason that her mana wasn’t a high grade, she couldn’t come up with a method to do so.

Vyvyan watched Elizabeth hand money to the merchant. It took her a bit of effort to place the cloth bag in front of her down onto the ground. She panted as she said, “In any case, let’s take them first. I believe I’ll be able to find a way. If we don’t come up with a way, we can still eat it before winter comes. Elizabeth, how do you humans use this food? These appear to be plants.”

Elizabeth paused before smiling: “What else can we do? We have chefs do the cooking. It’s different to your most beloved blast furnace grills. There’s a culture to humanity’s food world…”

Vyvyan, who was somewhat shocked, responded, “You can cook, Elizabeth? That’s amazing. I don’t know how to cook, but my brother, Inard, loves to learn to cook in the kitchen. My mom and dad don’t like it. They say that somebody like that can’t take on the duties of a King.”

Elizabeth hesitated for a moment. She thought about the somewhat insane and proud man. She honestly couldn’t imagine Inard dressed up as a chef. It just felt abnormal to her to see him running around with his proud expression. Elizabeth almost laughed at the thought of it. She shook her head: “No, I can’t cook. I’ve never gone to the kitchen before. My family never taught me how to cook.”

“It looks like we’ll need to ask for my brother’s help to cook, then.”

Vyvyan nodded nonchalantly. Although the two girls couldn’t cook, Inard won’t refuse his sister, so she wasn’t worried in the slightest.

The two of them went to buy meat after buying vegetables. However, the meat store and the horse carriage selling vegetables weren’t together. The two of them, therefore, held hands tightly and squeezed through the crowd. Perhaps everybody was out to buy clothes for winter, so firewood obtained the advantage as the clear scent of wood floated through the air.

Vyvyan gripped her cloak, concerned and afraid somebody would knock her hoodie off, thereby revealing her ears. Nevertheless, it was the first time she experienced squeezing her way through a crowd. The two successfully squeezed through. As soon as they let out a breath of relief, they smelt a very nice aroma. The two raised their heads up at the same time. It was noon. The berries they had for breakfast had been burnt off by their laughter and running on the way here. The two exchanged shy glances then revealed happy smiles.

“Let’s go eat.”


Elizabeth gave her money pouch a few pats. She was initially unaware of the price of things in the outside world, so she just brought all of her money along. She only realised how rich she was after spending money just before. Thus, she teemed with confidence.

Vyvyan excitedly surveyed the shops around. The shops were all doing their best to get the smell of their food to pass around so that they could attract more customers. The two quickly decided on a shop which sold a strange thin biscuit. The thin biscuit was folded together and topped with a sweet berry spread as well as a layer of honey. The two couldn’t speak as a result of the sweetness. Girls had a special fondness for sweet things whether it was sweets or love.

“It tastes amazing as I thought!”

The two stood up satisfied, and then bought some juice. Though Vyvyan was very eager to try humanity’s wine, she didn’t in the end, since Elizabeth considered the fact that they had to transport the food back. Needless to say, there was also the fact it wouldn’t be good if Vyvyan got drunk and removed her cloak.

Vyvyan joyously ran ahead of Elizabeth with her hands behind her back. She turned around to watch Elizabeth cheerfully skipping. With a smile, she said, “Humanity is so interesting. The elven lands are peaceful, but the liveliness here makes one so happy. Elizabeth, I believe that we could enjoy these things together forever if elves and humans could become friends. We could enjoy the treasures of the forest and your environment. I believe that both of our races would be very blessed to enjoy that, and we could be together forever, isn’t that right?”

“Together… forever?”

Vyvyan held Elizabeth’s hand. With a cheerful smile, she elaborated, “Yeah! Look at how happy we are living together. That’s why I believe that other elves and humans could be just as happy! I really want to see more of humanity’s stuff. I want to see your culture, your markets and your food. I feel that you humans have lots of things that are very interesting to me, so I want to understand you. Our races should be friends just as you and I are.”

Elizabeth blankly looked at Vyvyan. She didn’t know what friends were, nor did she know if she could be considered friends with Vyvyan and Inard. Nevertheless, when she looked at Vyvyan’s smiling face and held her hand, she knew well and truly that she was genuinely willing to live together with her. She wanted to always be by her side to hold hands and never let go.

Elizabeth replied in a serious tone: “All right. I’ll return and tell my father. Vyvyan, what you said makes sense. I want to see your lands, as well. I want to know more about your race, and I want to always be by your side. I swear that these have been the most blissful and happiest days of my life!”

Vyvyan softly giggled. There was a random feeling of shyness in her laughter. They were both girls, yet the sweetness they felt in their hearts when they looked at each other was virtually sweeter than the honey they just ate.

“Ah, wait, Elizabeth, you have honey on your mouth!”


They were looking at each other seriously until Vyvyan’s remark made Elizabeth blush. She swiftly attempted to lick it off; unfortunately, she couldn’t reach it with her tongue. Vyvyan then suddenly leaned in and plastered her body to Elizabeth’s body. Vyvyan’s warmth and their breasts suddenly jammed together. Their black and blonde hair was akin to a pair of lovers locked in a tight embrace, refusing to let go after being apart for a long time.

Elizabeth widened her eyes all of a sudden. She felt Vyvyan’s soft and warm lips touch the corner of her mouth. Their pink lips touched. Vyvyan gently licked the corner of Elizabeth’s mouth. Elizabeth felt as if she was electrocuted and completely numb; she was unable to utter a word. Her mind was completely blank. She had no idea how to resist or run. She had no idea what she was trying to do by hugging Vyvyan so tightly. It was as if all of her nerves and cells were trying to sort out the memory of the sensation Vyvyan just gave her.

Vyvyan only touched Elizabeth for a second, yet it felt as though she gave Elizabeth everything of hers. Elizabeth subconsciously licked the spot Vyvyan licked. She felt Vyvyan’s taste spread in her mouth, filling her mouth and mind with her taste.

Vyvyan giggled in a soft tone. She licked the corner of her own mouth. With a smile, she said, “So sweet.”

“Ah? What are you talking about…? What’s so sweet…? I-It was because I just ate honey…” Elizabeth’s face was red. She sluggishly looked at Vyvyan and stuttered as if her throat froze up after licking the spot Vyvyan licked.

Bemused, Vyvyan titled her head. Smiling, she asked, “Yeah, I’m talking about the honey. It’s very sweet, isn’t it?”


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