Son-con – Vol. 12.2 Ch. 03

Young Girls’ Anticipation

Preparing things for winter was an arduous process. After that afternoon, the few of them began to busy themselves.

The temperature gradually dropped, making it harder and harder for the elves to wake up. Vyvyan hugged Elizabeth tightly every night and wouldn’t refuse to hug her that way every day if she could.

For elves, Elizabeth, who could maintain her warmth in the cold was, essentially, a fireplace. That was why Elizabeth didn’t feel so comfortable at night with Vyvyan clinging to her octopus-style. It did cause breathing difficulties, after all… However, being hugged that way made her feel somewhat cosy. It was impossible for Elizabeth to sleep together with somebody so intimately. As a result, she considered it a very new and unique feeling to be hugged tightly when sleeping.

Elizabeth escaped with an ambition. She wanted to experience the life she had never experienced. She was a playful child, so she craved the idea of living together with friends. She didn’t know what life with friends consisted of. She presumed that sleeping together and holding each other tightly as the girls did was the first step as friends. As such, Elizabeth didn’t refuse Vyvyan. She accepted Vyvyan coming up to her whenever she wanted to ask for a hug.

Inard wasn’t as fortunate as Vyvyan, though. He couldn’t hug Elizabeth. He very much wanted to, but it was not possible. Elizabeth quite liked Inard, but that didn’t warrant her letting a man hug her. Inard had to quiver alone next to the fire. He enviously watched his sister snuggling up with Elizabeth to keep warm.

During the day, Inard and Lorana went to look for wood daily. They’d drag the wood back and place it on the ground to dry. They’d also prepare small branches and all sorts of wild teasel in order to ensure that they could start a fire. Elves needed to prepare more wood than humans in winter to be able to get through winter without struggling. In the meantime, Vyvyan and Elizabeth would search for food.

Vyvyan was reassured when she went out with Elizabeth, since Elizabeth’s swordplay was extremely advanced. The two of them searched for food in the forest. However, Lorana soon realised how idiotic her arrangement was. Elizabeth stepped into a trap previous; Vyvyan was a kid who never lived inside the forest. It would work if Inard and Elizabeth went to search for food, though, as Inard was capable of finding food in the forest. If the two girls went, however, their desire to play around would soon take over their goal. Thus, Lorana looked at the small pile of food the two brought over and pondered earnestly.

Elizabeth and Vyvyan sat next to the fire and looked at Lorana with guilty and fearful gazes. It was a very awkward scene. Lorana looked at the mushrooms the two gathered and threw a few into the fire. She said, “Ladies, if you do this, we might starve to death in winter. It’s pointless to pick berries. We need animals. Meat.  We can marinate the meat before winter comes to preserve it. Of course, we’ll have mushrooms, too. However, these mushrooms you picked are inedible, poisonous mushrooms. Ladies, I hope I’ll see enough food tomorrow. You must bring back what you owe today, as well; otherwise, we’ll all starve to death in winter.”

Lorana stood up and gave the two girls a rub on the head before walking off to her room. Inard yawned then walked up to Elizabeth. With a smile, he said, “So, Elizabeth, you need my help? If possible, I’d be very willing to go with you in place of my sister.”

“Onii-sama! I… I can do it… I can…”

Vyvyan was upset, for she was embarrassed her brother saw her perform poorly. Having said that, the main reason she didn’t want her brother to take her place was because she didn’t want to be separated from Elizabeth, albeit not knowing why, herself. Perhaps it was because she really liked embracing with Elizabeth in the cold weather. Whatever the case was, the current Vyvyan didn’t want to separate from Elizabeth, subsequently concerning her.

“Thank you very much, Inard, but I believe that we two will be fine. If we can’t find food, we’ll bother you and Teacher Lorana to search for food the next day, while we search for food.”

“Okay. In any case, if there’s any problem, just come let me know, Elizabeth. I will help you!”

Perhaps the young man was evidently happy and took the initiative to offer help, since he was defeated by the young girl every day and finally found something he could help her with. It gave him a strong urge to show off in front of her for once. Unfortunately, Elizabeth still rejected him.

Inard remained very confident, since one couldn’t find food just because they wanted to. He learnt techniques to survive in the wilderness after much effort and countless attempts. He, therefore, could distinguish between what was edible and what wasn’t, what sort of trap could catch this or that type of prey and how to locate animals by their footprints. That wasn’t something somebody could learn in a day.

The thought of having Elizabeth, who he could never beat, having to beg him and even worship him, was thrilling. He wanted to take Elizabeth hunting right away. Alas, Elizabeth led Vvvyan back into the building.

Vyvyan hugged Elizabeth at night. The room didn’t have a fireplace, so the only source of warmth they had was each other’s embrace. Hence, the two tightly embraced each other for warmth. Vyvyan was virtually biting Elizabeth’s ear. She whispered, “What do we do, Elizabeth? Even if we do go out tomorrow, we don’t know how to obtain food…”

Elizabeth stroked Vyvyan’s back and long blonde hair. Quietly, she answered, “It’s all right, Vyvyan, it’ll be fine. I’ve managed to find the path I came here from in the last two days. We can find a path to humanity. If we can’t find food, we can just go to a town in humanity’s lands to buy food. Moreover, Vyvyan, you’ve never been in humanity’s land, have you? I really want to show you our life there. Let’s go have a look tomorrow.”

Vyvyan froze for a moment. Excited, she bit Elizabeth’s ear: “Humanity’s lands?! Fantastic. I always wanted to go there with you. I want to see what life is like over there. I want to see your cities and towns. Let’s go tomorrow, Elizabeth!”

The two of them liked to bite each other’s ears when they were excited. It was something they did when they were playing around. Vyvyan started it. It was how elves express their love. Elizabeth soon adopted the strange method.

“Mm, mm! I still have money. I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to spend it, but I never thought I’d still get to return. Let’s go tomorrow, Vyvyan. Let’s go, and buy some food tomorrow. Then I’ll take you to humanity’s town to play around!”


Vyvyan gave a firm nod, and then tightly hugged Elizabeth. Vyvyan then excitedly bit Elizabeth’s ear again and hugged her tighter. Vyvyan brought Elizabeth endless happiness and new surprises, but Vyvyan looked forward to seeing humanity’s life, too. She was very eager to go to humanity’s lands for a look. Elizabeth gave her the opportunity, so Vyvyan was very happy.

It was a long night. A very long night… After all, tomorrow was still a long way away. Vyvyan never looked forward to tomorrow so much before. She tightly hugged the beauty in her arms while feeling eager for her tomorrow.


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