Son-con – Vol. 12.1 Ch. 03

Young Girl’s First Dream

“Mom! You know, today, Lucia…”

With a tender smile, Vyvyan watched an excited Troy at the table waving his hands about as he spoke. Troy smiled brightly and excitedly. It was the same as the most amazing new discovery. Friends were indeed a very rare existence for Troy. He had always been by Vyvyan’s side and virtually never interacted with an outsider; therefore, it should’ve been a good thing for him to befriend Lucia, right?

“Mom! Lucia was seriously so interesting today!”

Vyvyan nodded, and then passed the pie she had cut up to Troy. Ever since he met Lucia, Troy leaned on the window every morning, as he looked forward to Lucia entering the palace. He’d then quickly finish breakfast and run outside. The two of them would then immediately disappear into the flower garden.

Seeing Troy clumsily eat breakfast in his half-sleepy state with his small hands every morning was one of the most blissful experiences to Vyvyan. She wanted to hug her cutest son and kiss him to wake her brain up in the morning. Now, however, she was relegated to tidying up the eating utensils Troy left behind, while he ran off to another woman.


The plate in Vyvyan’s hands cracked in a few places when she thought of that. Her strong possessive and jealous nature as an elf made her want to kill Lucia in that instant. Vyvyan hadn’t had the desire to kill in the ten years after the previous war. She took a few deep breaths to calm down.

“Lucia is just a kid. She’s just a kid. She’s just his friend. After Troy loses interest in her, he’ll still my cutest son,” Vyvyan told herself.

“Mom! When… can Lucia come to have dinner together again?”

Vyvyan’s hand on the eating utensil froze. She looked at Troy, who appeared bored out of his skin. She was so stunned that she was speechless. Normally speaking, Vyvyan looked forward to spending time alone with Troy in the afternoon after he was done playing with Lucia. She’d watch Troy behave lively at dinner then cling to him, sit by the fire and tell him stories. Then, she’d bath with little Troy. She’d look at Troy’s slender white body. The thought of him being her son and every inch of his skin belonging to her was an incredibly blissful feeling. She’d then pat him to sleep and watch him sleep in her arms. The bliss of that was overwhelming.

Yet, he was thinking about eating with another girl in her most treasured castle, when he was eating the dinner that she cooked for him?!

The fork in Vyvyan’s hand almost snapped from her grip. However, seeing her son’s eager and shy expression, she wrestled with herself for a long time…

After that dinner, Lucia came into the palace for another meal…

“Mom… I want Lucia to stay in the palace…”

Vyvyan placed her fork and knife down then covered her face. She didn’t want to let Troy see how hideous her expression was. It hadn’t yet been even a month, yet Troy already wanted to bring Lucia to his side. That was practically Vyvyan’s nightmare. Her time with her son during the day was robbed by a girl, and she had to keep Lucia for dinner every now and then due to Troy’s whims. She had to watch her son pass another girl the food she cut up for him, and she had to look at Lucia’s happy smile, not to mention watching them wipe each other’s faces. Then, she had to watch the two of them lie on a long bench, holding hands while reading books. When Lucia left, she had to watch her son hold hands with Lucia, as the two of them reluctantly parted.

Vyvyan was edging toward her limit. Troy, who had always clung to her and called “Mom”, “Mom”, was abandoning her, to get intimate with another girl. Troy, who had only ever smiled with her, showed another woman his smile. His body that originally belonged to her was offered to that Lucia!

Troy really liked holding Lucia’s hands. Lucia would look away with a shy expression, but she wouldn’t let go. The two of them looked as though they were living in happiness and bliss, evoking Vyvyan’s impulse to Lucia apart. He was her son, so why did she have to deal with sharing him with another woman?!

“Son, my dear Son.”

Vyvyan took in a deep breath to regather herself, so as to not frighten her son. She revealed a very forced smile and looked at Troy. In a shaky voice, she said, “Son. Son, you have to know that we cannot let people come live in the palace on whims. All the people living in the palace at the moment are people working in the palace. Not even the Imperial Guards can stay overnight in the palace. Lucia is just an ordinary elf. If you want her to stay overnight, bad news will spread, which, in turn, will ruin the imperial family’s reputation.”

Befuddled, Troy titled his head: “Why? I really like Lucia. I want for her to always by my side, and not let her leave. Lucia is my friend. Why can’t she reside in the palace?”

Vyvyan gasped. She was close to passing out. She wore a stupefied look. She was so shocked that she was unable to speak. “Always be my side and not leave,” was a phrase reserved for her in the past. She was so excited when he said that to her that she almost wanted to eat him up. She never imagined he’d use it with Lucia when they hadn’t even known each other for long! That was the equivalent of a marriage proposal!!

“No! No! Never! I gave birth to my son, so it’s perfectly normal for my son to like and love me. How can he like another woman?! Lucia and my son have only known each other for a few months. There’s absolutely no way that I can accept it! There’s no way Lucia can come in! I can’t let her snatch my son from me, or else, I’ll make her heart stop beating!” internally brayed Vyvyan.

“Regardless, Mommy has to refuse out of consideration for adults…”

Disappointed, Troy and Lucia lowered their heads.

Lucia really liked Troy. Though Troy always liked holding her hand or hugging her, her mother told her that she was not to thoughtlessly let others do that. However, her heart raced whenever Troy did those things to her. The gentle scent on him put her on cloud nine with bliss. She was shy, yet she couldn’t help but want to get closer to him.

Lucia looked at Troy and resolutely said, “I have another way! My mom can live in the palace. She is a palace maid. Since she can live in the palace, I can, too! I just need to become a maid!! It is all right, Your Highness! I will definitely become your maid! I definitely will; I promise!”


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