Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 44

“Ah, Freya.”

I saw Freya standing next to the bed just as I entered. She was curiously watching Vera and Nona sleep. Freya turned around when she heard my voice. She greeted me with a smile: “Good morning, Onii-sama.”

“How come you visited out of the blue today? Is there some important business?”


In actuality, Freya wasn’t too fond of kids. She wouldn’t see the kids if nothing had come up. She only took one glance at them when they were born, and then never visited them again. However, Lucia and Nier didn’t mind.  Freya was my sister, but the two of them didn’t acknowledge her.

Freya looked at me and nodded: “Onii-sama, you may have forgotten, but you need to prepare your coronation ceremony. After all, you are not succeeding the throne, but creating an empire in the North. Four months have passed, and it will soon be five. Summer is coming to an end, so you should ascend the throne before autumn.”

“So, I have to ascend it immediately?”

“Mm. It would be best for you to ascend it before autumn, as it will be winter after autumn. People will not have spare food and energy to celebrate your ascension in the harsh cold winter. We need to have you ascend in spring, where we will also be able to hold a banquet with the harvest in the first autumn. Moreover, the census and area distributions have been sent off, while the guardians and magistrates in each area have reached their designated locations. Plus, everybody is awaiting your ascension.”

I nodded: “Has the factory been sorted out?”

Freya nodded: “Yes. Big Sis said that she did not look for you, as your children were born, but the factory has begun operations. The first batch of firearms have been made and delivered. I must say, the production volume of the factory is high enough now.”

“Mommy Vyvyan did well.”

Freya responded, “Indeed. The North and your children are now growing. Unfortunately, the population in the North is still excessively small, so small that there are many places without residents. The harvest in the North for the year should be decent. That said, even if it is an abundant harvest, we will not receive much food.”

I walked up to the small bed and looked at my two girls lying inside. I held their small hands and replied, “Let’s not talk about that here. We need to sort out these things in the office today, right? I need you to prepare for my ascension. Let me know if you need anything.”

I was reluctant to discuss work in my children’s presence, since men didn’t usually bring work home. Furthermore, I noticed Lucia’s slightly frustrated expression. I just wanted to see Lucia, my daughters and have a moment of warmth with them. As for my ascension, we could put it aside for a bit, it wouldn’t matter.

“Understood…” Freya looked at me with a somewhat sad expression.

I could tell that Freya was a bit disappointed that I didn’t care about what she said. I stroked her head with a smile and explained, “It’s all right, Freya. It’s not that I don’t want to work. It’s just that discussions about work should be reserved for the workplace, right? I just want to stay with my girls for a bit now.”

“All right, then… But, Onii-sama, you have honestly been too slack recently… Although your children’s birth is very important, you have basically neglected your work for three months now. There is not much work at present, but if you continue this way when work piles up, people will say that you are tyrant who just wastes away in the harem.”

I replied with sincerity: “I know. I know. I won’t neglect everything. Rest assured, Freya. I can still remember why I came here, and I know why I must bring peace to the North. If I don’t concentrate on work, my children’s safety can’t be ensured. That’s why I’ll work properly.”

“That is great, then, Onii-sama. I shall meet you in the office a bit later. Onii-sama, I shall go for breakfast first. I will not eat with you.”

Freya bowed then left. I watched her leave from behind, and then turned around to see Lucia looking a bit upset. I lingered for a moment then sat down next to her with a smile. I hugged her and asked, “What’s wrong, Lucia? Why do you look a bit distressed?”

Lucia leaned onto my chest and gripped my chest. She replied in a soft voice: “Because… I feel that I’ve been a burden on you… If my presence is preventing you from being able to focus on work… then I…”

“No. You’re my wife. There’s no such thing as a wife being a burden for her husband by being by his side. You, Nona and Vera are all my motivation to advance, not burdens. I told you this before; I just feel that the girls need me more at the moment. That’s why I’m spending time by your side. I won’t ignore the North for you.”

Lucia kissed the side of my face. She then sincerely continued, “Don’t do that. You put in so much effort for the North. Don’t slack and let your efforts be for naught. I would be very consoled to know that you made the North prosper. There is no wife who wouldn’t be proud to see her husband succeeding.”

I smiled and pinched her face: “Do you think I’m successful right now, then?”

She replied in a highly spirited fashion: “I feel that you are not as valiant now. I feel that you’re most handsome when you’re riding atop the White Deer King at the forefront, dressed in your military clothes, with your white cape on and sword at your waist, especially that time when you had your guards that were exuding immense murderous intent. You were confident and proud in that fight. I don’t think I would never get sick of seeing that version of you.”

Her infatuated look made me feel randomly jealous.  Yes, he was me, but come on, Lucia looks a little too infatuated and in love, right…? I honestly didn’t know I was attractive to Lucia at that time.

I stroked my chin as though I thought of something: “In that case, I’ll often go hunting or something. That way, you’ll get to see that look of mine.”

“To be frank, Your Highness, I think it is best you don’t go hunting. It feels as though nothing good ever happens when you go hunting…”

‘If I may be honest, I completely agree with her… I almost died at my first Deer Hunting Festival, and then lost Luna at the second hunting event. It seems as though hunting and me are enemies. It’s almost as though bad things are bound to happen whenever there something to do with hunting.’

I waited around for a while longer. Nona and Vera didn’t wake up, but I was due for duty. I made a promise to Freya. Accordingly, I couldn’t be tardy. I stood up and gave my girls a kiss on their foreheads. Lucia got up  from the bed and hugged me when I turned around. Smiling, she said, “I wish you good luck at work, then, Your Highness.”

“I’m heading out, then.”



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