The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 01 Ch. 56

Veirya threw me straight up to the wall in the corridor. My back hurt, but she grabbed me by my collar and slammed me hard against the wall again before I could shout. She then grabbed me again and pulled me up to her. She then shoved her knee between my legs and in a suppressed voice roared, “I told you that I forbid you from talking to her!! I told you not to see her when I’m not around! I told you already! I told you already!!”

“I… I… I can’t distinguish between you two…”

My back hurt. I clenched my teeth and hissed as I looked at Veirya’s angry face in front of me.

‘It was the first time I saw Veirya so mad. She was so mad I wouldn’t say it was outlandish for her to rip me with her bare hands. Though she gets angry whenever Angelina is involved, I genuinely can’t distinguish between the two of them. Their appearances are the exact same. You can’t tell who is who by their appearance and they wear the same cape.’

‘I suddenly realised that Veirya’s cape she was wearing previously had the chapel’s symbol on it, so their cape was the cape worn by the chapel. That meant their cape was the exact same!’

‘I didn’t check the back of their capes! Veirya has the military’s emblem on her cape, while Angelina has the chapel’s cross.  I never paid attention to it, nonetheless. I thought that she must’ve been Veirya, since she wore a blue cape. In all honesty, I didn’t pay attention to the design on their cape!’

“You can’t distinguish, right? You can differentiate between us, right? All right, then. I’ll show you our difference right now!!”

Veirya looked at me with anger. She ripped her clothes with all her might, leaving me looking awkward.

‘Why does Veirya need to tear her clothes off to show me how to distinguish between them…? Is there something to be fastidious about?’

Veirya continued to remove her coat and shirt. She then pointed at her naked with one hand while directing my head with her other hand. She roared, “See now?! See now?! I have a birthmark on me. See it?! Remember it! Remembered it yet?! You are not to meet that woman too much in the future, got it?!! You’re my property, so have some awareness! Look closely! Look!!”

Veirya was literally on the verge of insanity. She didn’t care about the fact that she had her body on display. Honestly, I couldn’t bring myself to look at her birthmark.

This is the real Veirya’s scent. Her scent was the same as Angelina’s. However, perhaps it was her anger caused it to surge up and spread boldly. The intoxicating scent left me at a loss.

Soon after, she grabbed my hair and made me lift my head. She looked at me and angrily exclaimed, “I don’t care what you like, but you are not to go searching for that woman! You’re my property, understood?! If you go find that woman, I’ll personally behead you, understood?!”

“I got it! I got!! But let go! Let go!!”

Veirya didn’t give me a reaction. She let go. My heart that I thought couldn’t go anymore out of control was now dramatically beating again. I looked at Veirya’s face and felt a strong urge to hug her. Nevertheless, I knew that I’d die if I hugged her in this situation.

‘That’s my biggest wish, though. ‘

‘Why would I have such a desire? What’s wrong with me? Could I really have fallen for Veirya? But it’s obvious that she doesn’t care for me. I have no reason to fall for Veirya! Why would I have this thought? Do I just like her body? Wh-What’s wrong with me?’

Veirya released my hand, and then coldly looked at me. Her expression reverted back to her usual emotionless and ice-cold look. She coldly looked at me and asked, “What did she say to you?”


“What did she mean by ‘court’?”

Veirya looked at me with absolute seriousness and asked me a question that left me feeling very awkward. She pressed on, “What exactly did she mean with the last part about courting?”

“Erm… She meant… Erm…”

“Answer me!”

Veirya was particularly serious.

‘It seems she genuinely doesn’t understand the meaning of the word; but nevertheless, she seriously wanted to know what it meant, as Angelina said it to me.’

“It means… Erm… She wants me to pursue you… Erm… So that I can be with you.”

I could’ve made up something to trick Veirya with, but her question that was void of affection made my ears red, and I don’t even know why. I could feel my ears and tongue burn up. I didn’t dare to look at her straight in the face. I felt as though I’d die from embarrassment if I did.

‘This is how a girl reacts. Why am I so shy in front of Veirya?’

My mind was completely blank. I had no idea what to say. I stuttered a bunch of random incoherent words. I wasn’t sure if she understood me or not.

She looked at me with a blank look then titled her head, “Aren’t you always by my side?”

“Yes… But, I’m a spoil of war… So…, mm…”

“Does that matter?”

It looks as though she really doesn’t understand anything. She just looked at me and shook her head with confusion, “I don’t mind if you don’t like it. You promised me that you would show me everything you’d show Leah. You said you’d stay by my side, so you don’t need to court me.”


I smiled helplessly and awkwardly.

‘I feel so foolish all of a sudden. I got shy and worried in front of Veirya for no reason, when Veirya had no idea what happened.’

‘Why do my emotions sway so much in Veirya’s presence? Why do I feel as though I’m the female in front of her, while she’s the man that’s cool and slightly obtuse? I’m so perturbed. I’m a guy, yet I have no dignity in front of her.’

“You two danced, so I want to dance, too.”

Veirya extended her hand toward me. This time, it was the real Veirya’s hand. It was soft and warm.

‘Being touched by her hand feels as though I’m standing next to a fire, which envelops me with a warm sensation.’

“Can you dance?”


“Me neither.”

“Forget it then.”


‘A fleeting moment of warmth…’

‘Typical of Veirya…’

“Also, why were your lips touching before? You did that, so I want to try it, too.”

Verya pulled me over by my hand again. She threw me up against the wall and sealed my lips with a kiss, Our teeth made contact. My entire body went limp, but she backed off completely satisfied. I was left with a shocked look and felt dumbstruck, while she returned to her seat.


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