Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 20

“Mom.” I gave Elizabeth a gentle hug

Mom hugged me back with a smile. She stroked my head. Tone concerned, she said, “I’m so glad to see you again, Son. Let Mommy hug you. Let Mommy take a look at you. Mommy received news about your victory but couldn’t see you. You must be tired, my son. You must be tired.”

Elizabeth clasped my face. She then released me and carefully stroked my face as though she was trying to see if I had lost weight or not. I pressed my hand on Mom’s hand stroking my face and smiled: “Mom, I’m fine. I’m fine. Don’t you intend to praise me? I captured the entire North!”

“Mommy doesn’t care about the North or whatever.” Elizabeth looked at me with her hand on my face. Her expression looked slightly sad. Voice gentle, she added, “Mommy doesn’t care how great your achievements are. For Mommy, your well-being is more important than anything. Mommy is very proud of you for capturing the North, but you must be very tired now. Mommy can see that you’re tired from your gaze. You haven’t had a good rest since entering the North, have you? You must’ve been busy for your wives and the North, right?! Mommy is more heartbroken than Mommy is proud of you!!”

I didn’t know what to do but stroke her face, because she had tears on her face. It was the first time I realised I’d lost so much weight. It was very apparent; it was also the first time I felt physically worn out.


“Don’t say anything for now…”

Mom went and sat down on the edge of the bed.She patted the spot next to her I walked over, and then mom pulled me down to sit. She then forcefully pulled me down into a lying position with my head on her thigh. Mommy Elizabeth’s scent enveloped me. She never paid attention to what fragrance she used. Actually, she never used any, so it was her natural body scent.

“Mommy has lots of things to say to you. Lots and lots, but you should rest first, and then Mommy will tell you. Son, you’ve worked too hard during this time. You’ve been dealing with the North and your wives at the same time. Mommy shall help you shoulder some of the work. Don’t overwork yourself. Mommy doesn’t ask that you become a revered man. Mommy is happy if you can just live happily. That is enough to fill Mommy with bliss.” Mom spoke to me from above.

I turned over to face her. She cautiously stroked my head and face. Mommy Elizabeth’s hands were different to Mommy Vyvyan’s. They were a little rough and dry, but equally warm. Mommy Elizabeth was careful with whatever she did to me as though she was afraid and nervous.

She was afraid she’d hurt me, which would lead to me leaving her. Come to think of it, it was a little sad. Mommy Vyvyan could hug me without any qualms. She knew every sensitive spot on my body, and the things I liked most. The amount of strength she put behind her strokes and the tempo felt more amazing than anything. She didn’t need to think about it. She just needed to hold me.

Meanwhile, Mommy Elizabeth couldn’t do that. The amount of time we’d been with each other was too short. She had no idea how to hug me or touch me when she was my Mom.



I turned my face over to meet her eyes. I softly said, “Mom, you look… really pretty right now… Honest… Very pretty… Dresses suit you. Your military uniform flaunts your imposing character, but I feel that you look very charming in dresses…”

Rendered astonished, Mom’s hand froze stiff on my head. I blankly looked at her and she, too, blankly looked at me. Hot flushes slowly appeared on her face. Her hand on my hand began to shake a little. She took in a deep breath and responded, “My… Mommy… Mommy… doesn’t always wear the same clothing… Mommy has no choice… but to wear the clothes you provide here… It’s nice for Mommy to wear clothes you like, too… Mm…”

It was the first time I saw her so flustered, but she maintained a faint smile on her face. The happy smile she tried to suppress made me feel that it was the right call to tell her that. She gently stroked my face. I looked at her and asked, “Mom, you arrived yesterday evening, right?”

Mommy Elizabeth replied with a smile, “Uhm. That’s right. Mommy arrived yesterday evening and saw Nier. To be honest, Nier is in better spirits than when Mommy was pregnant with you, so your child will definitely be very healthy.”

“You didn’t get much rest, then, did you, Mom? If you waited for me, you must’ve waited for a long time, right?”

She shook her head then smiled: “Mommy isn’t tired. Mommy lived a military life, previously. Mommy didn’t rush on the way here, either… Mm, Mommy didn’t rush…”

I don’t believe her. My guards went to meet Mom at emergency speed, yet she had already left Troy City when they arrived. It took, at least, five days to go from Troy City to the North, yet she arrived in three days. She arrived on the third evening. I didn’t believe she didn’t rush.

I looked at mom and suggested, “Mom, let’s have a nap together.”

Mom froze, and then looked at me utterly surprised. Dumbfounded, she replied, “Can we…? Can we…? Son… Son… I am okay with it…”

“There’s no problem, then. It’s afternoon here right now. We’ll sleep now, and somebody will call us before the banquet. I prepared this banquet specifically for you. Let’s have a nap now, and then you can display your charm as a mother and an Empress.”

I pulled Mommy Elizabeth down. I removed my clothes and tossed them aside. She looked at me with at a complete lost for what to do. In fact, she was slightly afraid of pulling me into her embrace; instead, she wanted me to pull her into my embrace. She was different to Vyvyan. Mommy Elizabeth was very shy. She’d never take the initiative unless I did.

I curled up in Mom’s arms and smiled: “Goodnight, Mom.”

“Ah, Oh, Uhm…”

Mom wasn’t sure what to do. She gently wrapped her arms around me as though she was afraid I would have to sleep in an uncomfortable position. I shut my eyes and didn’t open them again to avoid making her feel awkward. I did my absolute best to calm my breathing down.

Frankly, I was more nervous than she was. I could even hear my own heartbeat.

Mommy Elizabeth seemed to lean in toward me… She held me in my arms. I felt her breathing from her nose right in front of mine.

‘Wait! Wait! What is she doing?! Why is she coming closer and closer?!’


Ten minutes later outside the room.

“Onii-sama and Her Majesty have both gone silent. Could something have happened inside?”

Freya looked at the door with a hint of concern. She carefully knocked on the door, but there was no response. Freya was stupefied and unsure of what to do. That was when Tanya pushed the door open with one hand.

“Tanya!!” brayed Freya.

Tanya ignored her and went inside. She stood there for a moment, and then swiftly exited.

“What’s wrong?” asked Freya

“Mm… His Majesty and Her Majesty… are sleeping… mm… holding each other… So, I think… mm… We shouldn’t disturb them…”


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