Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 17

I didn’t stay with Ling Yue for too long. She had just gotten pregnant, but Lucia and Nier were going to give birth soon. Mommy Elizabeth should’ve arrived. This return trip was to welcome her. We needed to hold a banquet, too. Honestly, I was a little afraid of banquets, since, I was getting it on with Mommy Vyvyan an hour before the last banquet. However, Mommy Elizabeth shouldn’t have been an issue.

She wouldn’t do that to me. Elves and humans had different ethics, after all. Elizabeth considered herself my biological mother. There was no way she’d do that to me. I was very grateful Mommy Elizabeth came over. I knew she was truly busy and was an Empress, yet she travelled a long distance to look after Nier. I was very touched by that. I originally made preparations in case she didn’t come, but she came in the end.

Though I didn’t feel as though she could help, Nier would feel reassured with her around. At least, Nier wouldn’t be frantic. Nier wholeheartedly trusted Mommy Elizabeth. Nier wouldn’t freak out as long as Mommy Elizabeth was around. Further, Mommy Elizabeth must’ve wanted to witness the birth of her grandchild.

Mommy Elizabeth’s biggest regret was not being able to watch me grow up. She was definitely going to be able to watch her grandchild’s growth, however. That being said, I knew it was impossible for her to stay in the North forever. I wanted her to stay, as well. I just didn’t know how to ensure that Hilles City could operate without her physical presence. I think that the only way was for me to return to Hilles City to replace her. But if I did that, what would I do about the North?

There were also the elves to consider. Though there was no issue over there at current, they needed somebody to manage the place. Mommy Vyvyan said she didn’t want to go back, but she’d have to return once something happened. I had to find a place that could manage all three locations.

I had an idea. Troy City. The city named after me sat at the border of the human and elven territories with a path leading to the North. The path was initially used to mobilise the army to the North. The path crossed through the elven lands and was still there, so there was no problem.

Though it took longer to reach the North compared to travelling to humanity and elven lands, Freya would be there, so that was fine. The most important thing was whether humans and elves could accept it.

‘I’ll return to Troy City. I’ll entrust Freya with the North, while I bring my moms, wives and children back to Troy City to live.’

‘The North will be my territory. I would probably work in the North, while Troy City will be reserved for taking care of my wives and moms. With the two rulers there, they’re not too far away from their nation. It’d only take a day each way. Furthermore, humanity and elves are both aware that their rulers are right by their sides, instead of thinking they’ve gone North.’

‘After all, the North is a land far away to both races. It’ll feel akin to a monarch far up in the heavens. As long as the two monarchs remain, they should all stay reserved. Two monarchs standing together would act as a deterrence. Based on what I’ve been through since coming here with the Earth Dragons to the church later on, elves and humans have continued with their conflict under the table. The two monarchs living together should be a straight-forward indication that elves and humans do not intend to fight.’

That would give those schemers a vacation. Plus, since neither of my moms mentioned the topic, the elven and human military alliance still remained. The alliance should’ve disbanded after I captured the North, but the North belonged to me and, in reality, I belonged to neither side. Additionally, neither monarch had plans to end the alliance. Thus, both sides maintained the military alliance.

I wanted to have both of my moms by my side. Mommy Vyvyan raised me, while Mommy Elizabeth gave birth to me the first time. To me, though, they were both my moms who I loved. I couldn’t abandon either of them. They started a war a decade ago for me, but I wouldn’t let them fight over anything in the future, for I’d always remain by their sides.

We mounted our horses and left immediately after I gave Ling Yue a kiss. Freya sat on my lap again. Freya could actually ride a horse. She just finally became a sister who knew how to act spoilt. She was particularly clingy when I was around. I just felt that Tanya hadn’t had much rest on the trip, since she had been in a very sour mood. Ling Yue, who was an anthropoid, was with me and then Freya was, too. I was afraid she’d turn to the dark side and cut Freya down.

Freya… not so bad. Tanya… If she got mad and turned to the dark side, then she might creep up on Freya in the middle of the night to cut her up. I didn’t think Gerald could defeat her… I take that back. There was no way he could beat her. Tanya was able to behead a warrior as tough Marvel with a single slash, so I didn’t think she’d even need a blade to butcher Gerald.


Current time at the Imperial Palace in the North.

“Nier, let me see you. Let me see you.”

Elizabeth walked into the palace without removing her cape first or paying any heed to the servants who approached her. She walked up to Nier, who came to welcome her. Nier looked at Elizabeth and reactively went down on one knee. Elizabeth swiftly reached her hand out to stop her. She pulled her eyebrows together:  “What are you thinking? What are you trying to do, Nier? You’re pregnant right now. You’re pregnant with my grandchild right now. What are you trying to do?”

“Your Majesty… I…”

“You don’t need to salute me. You don’t need to salute me. You need to look after yourself now. Don’t let anything happen to you.”

Elizabeth removed her leather gloves then tossed them aside. She crouched down with a smile and gently stroked Nier’s stomach. The people around had never actually seen Elizabeth. Seeing Elizabeth smile, they had no idea what to do. Elizabeth softly said, “My grandchild, my grandchild. my grandchild. My son’s child, my son’s child. I’m so glad. I’m so glad.”

She finally stood up after a long time passed. She gave Nier a kiss on her face. Nier was surprised by the gesture. She was so excited that she didn’t know what to do. Elizabeth turned around. She removed her cape and tossed it aside. A servant quickly picked her cape up in a flustered fashion. Elizabeth gave him a cold look: “If you were at Hilles City, your head would be rolling on the ground right now. However, you’re my son’s servant, so I shall forgive you for your foolishness.”

“Y-Yes, Your Majesty…”

“All right. You can all leave. I heard Queen Vyvyan is here, too. I’m going to pay my old friend a visit now. You don’t need to follow me. Look after Nier, instead. I can’t order someone to kill you if something happens to her, but I can personally dig your brain out!”


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