The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 01 Ch. 50

It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to purchase pretty clothes here, since the city focuses on plainness, and black and grey robes. There cannot be goods if there is a lack of demand for them. The people here don’t wear extravagant clothing, so they won’t have that sort of material. However, I never intended to buy extravagant clothing for Leah and Veirya. We just need clean clothes.

Veirya didn’t mind the impolite manners of the soldiers next to her, and continued to walk to the store.

This store didn’t have any sort of sign up at the entrance, other than hanging a piece of cloth. It seems they sell clothes here. They shouldn’t have lots of clothes at this time, since they can’t produce as much as a factory could. The clothes are made after taking measurements and then are delivered to homes. However, some clothes are clothes others cancelled. We’ll buy them if the size is a good fit.

We entered the store. Nobody came up to loudly welcome us with a smile when we entered as I thought they would. I can’t blame them, since this isn’t the same world, after all. The size of the store wasn’t large. The materials inside were rolled up and place in the cupboard on the wall. There weren’t many types. Some garments were hung up on the walls on two sides.  I took a look. I first saw a blue cape that was the same as quilt. It had short fur on all sides with an olecranon hat on it. There were no unnecessary ornaments on it. It had a cross on the back, which was the exact same as the one on the shields of the soldiers in the city.

The cloak was definitely very precious, and I wanted to buy it, but I was fairly certain it was outside of my budget.

‘Let’s forget it for now and check out something else.’

“What are you after?”

A face appeared from behind the counter. A small girl stood up and looked at us with a smile. She rubbed her hands together with a smile and said, “What colour material are you after? Did you want to check out our garments? Come over and have a look. They are all great quality. All of the chapel’s knights come here to buy clothes and have their clothes repaired.”

“They’re the chapel’s knights’?”

“Yes. Did you not know? This city is now managed by the chapel. The chapel’s knights are now responsible for protecting the city, instead of the military’s soldiers. Honestly speaking, the chapel’s knights sure are amazing. All of the heretics were gone not long after they arrived. Without the heretics begging for food and money, I feel that it has become a lot safer here. I was truly very scared that the heretics would barge their way into the city.”

“Yeah…? They’re that amazing?”

There’s a bit of a problem if they’re that amazing…’

My attention wasn’t focused on that right now, however. I pointed at the garment hanging on the wall. It was a very ordinary garment with a prominent colour. It is the most ordinary robe here. I pointed at the garment and asked, “How much is that?”

“That one? A child about your size ordered that, but then the child died and never picked it up. It’s been smoked, so you won’t attract snakes.”

“All right. How much is it?”

“It will cost you two silver coins if you want it.”

“Two silver coins…?”

I looked other clothes. I then looked at the girl in front of me with a smile and continued, “We have just come to the North. This is Lord Veirya of one of the Northern areas. I think we’ll have to come to this city if we need to buy things again.”

“Oh? Lord Veirya?! That’s great. That’s great. We have you to thank for protecting this city, so that we can live safe and stable lives here. Let’s do this, let’s do this. This scarf is a scarf made with authentic white fox fur. If you want it, I will give it to Lord Veirya as a thank you gift for the two silver coins.”

The girl in front took out a clean white scarf from under the counter. The scarf was as if it was the fur skinned off a white fox. It would resemble a white fox was strangling you if you wore it around your neck. I gave it a touch. It was indeed good. I nodded.

‘It seems that this girl is good at business.’

It was now Leah’s turn. But there were no children’s clothes here, so we had to take Leah’s measurements for a hat, gloves, a thick cloak and clothes. This set of clothes was different to the military uniform. I requested she sew a skirt onto the black belt so that it looked good.

“Just eight silver coins for this set will do.”

“Include the cloak behind as well, then.”

“If the cloak behind is included, then that will come to a total of fifty silver coins. That cloak is a premium good. That was ordered by the military commander, but then he died, so he never picked it up. If you want it, I must charge a high price. You can take all these clothes for a total of fifty silver coins.”

Of course, I don’t have that much money, but I really wanted that cloak. The cloak was definitely worth the price, but I must bargain to bring the price down.

“Oh, right, I heard that the person in charge of a company came to this town.”

The girl smiled helplessly and replied, “Ah, yes. We are actually a company as well, except that we are not famous. The people from the Chamber of Commerce look down on us… However, as a merchant, we need to have an association, or else we would always be bullied. All the various fees can’t hold a candle to the landlords trying to come up with ways to pocket money.”

“Coincidentally, we came this time to see the person in charge, Achilles. We were going to discuss trading business, so we came to get some appropriate clothing.”

I looked at her. I pretended to flip through some clothes while I scanned the girl. I clearly noticed her freeze up. I smiled and said, “Please hand me the cloak. Lord Veirya, please try it on.”

Veirya looked at me and then the cloak. She shook her head and replied, “I won’t wear it.”


I lingered.

Veirya looked at me with an odd look. She then pointed at the cloak and said, “This is the chapel’s logo. I am a soldier.”


I had no idea what that was about, but the girl suddenly understood what that meant, so she grabbed the cloak with a smile, “Okay, okay, I understand, I understand. Lord, I shall get rid of the logo. However, this cloak is honestly very becoming of you. I shall give it to you for a cheaper price. Just forty silver coins will do.”

I looked at Veirya and softly said, “You should at least try it, right? It’ll be a good chance to get your measurements to modify it, too.”

Veirya looked at it and shook her head. She responded indifferently, “I am a soldier of the military; I don’t serve the chapel. I won’t wear that cloak.”

I looked at the pile of clothes in front and chuckled, “Forget about it then. I won’t take that that set then. Make it thirty five silver coins.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Lord Veirya is the lord of the North and she also protected this city before; plus, you are discussing business with our Chamber of Commerce. You are our esteemed guests, no matter how you put it. If we fuss over this small profit then God won’t pay any attention to us insignificant people. How about this, thirty five silver coins and it’s all yours.”


“All right, I will have someone send it to you once the clothes are made.”

I placed thirty five silver coins onto the counter then led Leah and Veirya out.

I hesitated as I held the white fox scarf in my hand. I wasn’t sure if I should give it to Leah or Veirya, but it wasn’t appropriate to give it to either of them right now.

‘What would Veirya say if I gave it to Leah? I am merely just Veirya’s spoil of war at the end of the day. Veirya isn’t totally ignorant. If I gave it to Veirya, then Leah might make an issue at night.’

I looked at Leah in front of me. I felt guilty. She looked back at me and somewhat fearfully said, “Papa… Are… Are these two expensive…?

I smiled and replied, “I actually won. See, putting all else for now, that cloak is worth at least thirty silver coins, isn’t it? The thicker a piece of clothing is, the more expensive it is. Based on the initial price of the robe, clothing that is about as thick as carpet costs at least two silver coins, so such a thick and tight cloak should cost roughly thirty silver coins. I spent thirty five silver coins to buy clothes for three people. All of the other clothes combined is fifteen silver coins, so I essentially bought something worth thirty silver coins for twenty five silver coins, so you can say I won. If you first tell them you’re just an ordinary customer then talk about doing business before talking about the smaller parts within that, then you’re unlikely to be rejected.”

“Leah doesn’t quite understand… what you said… But since you said that… Can Leah… wear new clothes? Thank you, Papa! Leah likes Papa best!!”

Leah looked at me with excitement and finally revealed a cheerful smile.

‘Leah is a good girl. She was worried about the price, something Veirya wasn’t concerned about at any point…’

‘Sometimes, Leah makes me feel more relieved…’


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