Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 04

Castell looked at Elizabeth, who was sitting below the long corridor, softly humming a tune. With a smile, he stated, “Your Majesty, you seem to be very happy.”

“Of course, of course, I’m happy. I have personally witnessed the birth of a King. My son’s strategy this time was absolutely perfect; not even I might’ve thought of such an effective method. Leveraging the snow to bury the enemy force, my son has amazed. He’s my son all right.”

“Are you talking about His Majesty’s victory in the North? That truly was a glorious victory, but you have been mentioning it repeatedly for a few days now…”

Castell smiled helplessly as he looked at the Empress dressed in a single-shoulder, low cut formal robe. She seemed to change her wardrobe drastically after His Majesty left. In the past, she wore a military uniform, which flaunted her heroic and suave character, thereby displaying her as an incomparably competent individual. Now, however, Her Majesty really liked to wear these sorts of skirts.

Her white shoulder was revealed and the curved outline of her calves could be seen through the skirt’s slit. Though they were somewhat muscular, the beauty of her legs weren’t diminished in any way. Standing behind Elizabeth, Castell could also see the front of Her Majesty’s valleys, which resembled the location where His Majesty was fighting a big battle.

‘They say a woman wears makeup for one who pleases her. Why, why has Her Majesty begun to pay attention of her allure as a female?’

Elizabeth stood up. She responded with a smile, “Have I? I still feel that my son did amazing. I am very consoled as a mother to be able to see my son grow into an individual no less than myself. I am very, very glad to see that. I didn’t get to see him grow up by his side, but being able to see his greatness at his side is also very consoling.”

Elizabeth smiled timidly, and then continued, “I believe that woman Vyvyan should be very happy at this moment, too. However, she can’t go to see him regardless of how impatient she gets. I, on the other hand, can go to see him whenever I please.”

Castell looked at Elizabeth and said, “I suggest that you remain calm on that topic, because Miss Nier and Miss Lucia have been pregnant for a long time. You will cause them distress if you leave.”

Elizabeth scratched her head. She nodded with frustration, “You’re right… Mm… I still want to go really desperately, but the Princesses are indeed more important. Uhm, I’ll hold myself back for now…”

Still looking at her, Castell responded, “I suggest you return to Hilles City even if you are going to hold yourself back. Lots of things requiring your attention have piled up at Hilles City. Although they could be sent to you urgently, there are some things that you must handle at Hilles City.

You have left the Royal Palace for too long. It may be harmless for you to stop at Troy City due to concern for His Majesty, but it has been too long since you have been back. You have honestly been too slack recently. You never rested for a single day in the past, yet you have not returned to Hilles City in so long. I am started to feel slightly concerned. I feel that you need to make a trip back to calm everybody.”

“But, my son hasn’t returned. This is my son’s home. I…”

“You are not just His Majesty’s mother, but also the reigning empress of the Rosvenor Empire. His Majesty is now capable of handling himself; therefore, you have succeeded as a mother. What you must do now is pay more attention to the Rosvenor Empire. The soldiers His Majesty is using right now for his campaign are your soldiers. Their lives and safety requires your personal attention. There are also the other vassal states to consider in addition to this year’s regulations. You still have lots of work,” interject Castell. Castell frowned a little.  “Please forgive me for being blunt, but you have become increasingly slack ever since coming to Troy City. Have you forgotten your identity as the Empress and the things you should do?”

“Have I…?” asked Elizabeth. She stood up somewhat unhappily, and then turned and headed into the palace.

Castell quickly gaze chase and said, “I went slightly overboard. I hope you will not be angry, Your Majesty.”

“No, you’re right. I know what I should do, as well. Indeed, I have neglected the work in the palace during this time. I know that. It’s just that I continued to numb myself, considering myself to be Nier and Lucia, wanting to stay here until my son returned. It appears our identities haven’t changed at all.”

“You are not a Princess. You are the Empress of the Rosvenor Empire, the founder of the Rosvenor Empire. Not only do you need to be gentle, but also responsible and you must have the character of a sovereign.”

“Uhm, you’re right. It’s just that I wasn’t too willing to wake up from this dream. It seems I need to wake up now, though. It seems I need to return. Prepare the horses. I’ll head back soon. But, Castell, you stay behind and take care of the princesses.”

“Your Majesty, I am your personal attendant. I should not be taking care of others in the first place. Moreover, Miss Freya is here at Troy City to take care of the Princesses. There is no need for me at all.”

“Uhm… You’re right… I can’t have my people at my son’s side. Nonetheless, I still want to have the person I trust most protect the most important people around my son,” replied Elizabeth, with a helpless chuckle. Then, she looked up to the sky. She softly added, “When will my son and I be free of these worries so that that I can personally take care of my son…?”

Castell didn’t respond; instead, he followed behind the Empress. He didn’t answer, not because he was worried about her not being happy, but solely because he knew that the Empress’ plan could never be realised.

Although His Majesty appeared to be a mighty individual at the moment, it still wasn’t enough. He needed more strength.


We came across the first small anthropoid town after arriving in the North. Back then, the anthropoids entered our small town and slaughtered our people. They made a pillar out of our people in a cruel way that enraged us. Now the anthropoids’ people were in front of me.

I think that they must’ve drove our people hiding in their homes out and made them gather in the plaza the same way we’ve done. Everybody, regardless of age or gender was now in front of us. In front of them was me; behind them were shiny blades.

I suddenly thought of a sentence that goes, like this:  “there’s nothing that hasn’t happened in this world. All the things you see are things that have happened before.”

As in the past and as that time, I didn’t see how the innocent people were killed, but I could now kill these anthropoids before me.


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