Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 34

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Primary Principle. Beat Him to Death.

“Miss Li. Miss…”

From my arms, Princess Hongzhuang’s eyebrows formed a pretty line. She gently sniffled and slowly came to. She gently curled up her body, as though she couldn’t stand the warm breath I emitted as I spoke. She revealed the smooth white back of her neck, causing my heart to palpitate.

“You’ve finally come to, Miss. You were out for a long time. I was worried for you.”

“Brother… Brother Ming, why are you here?”

The Princess had just gotten hit hard with a rod by my Third Martial Brother. She didn’t suffer any wounds. She gently shook her head, taking her black hair along for the ride, and releasing a mellow scent. Her eyes were already clear, so it was obvious she was fully alert. She wore a long face, that showed a hint of bewilderment.

“I remember that I came here to eradicate the bandits’ den, and then encountered three Indians. They attacked me without saying anything prior. They weren’t weak. I couldn’t defeat them… Wh… -What’s wrong with me? Why are you here, Brother Ming…?”

The Princess gently ran her fingers through her hair and then frowned a little. Her eyes showed a hint of pain, which she was resisting, but that hint was hard to detect.

It was obvious that she felt the lump on her head.

‘What a cute girl.’

“I also ran into some gangsters, not long after splitting up with you. They weren’t skilled, but you know that I lack in the martial arts department, so it took me some effort to deal with them. After I questioned them, I found out that they were hired muscle, out for us. I was worried about your safety, so I followed the path you took here.”

Then I went and explained to her how I caught Pickled Salted Fish and found out the address to this place through him.

“What happened to the Indians?”

“I did not see any Indians. You must have imagined it, Miss.”

She silently frowned. It was clear her thoughts didn’t coincide with that claim.

“I couldn’t have mistaken it. It’s just that they left for whatever reason.” Suddenly, a valiant look appeared in her eyes, “They might still be hiding here, and are just lying in ambush.”

Her suspicion spewed into her tone.

My back was sweating because I was startled. Those three Indians were actually hiding at the top of the pile of goods behind us.

We were less than fifteen metres away from them.

After exchanging a few words with my juniors, I noticed that it was getting late. We couldn’t continue putting things off forever. Even the bandits would’ve woken up, had we kept on talking, so I had them hide somewhere nearby and then figured we would decide on our next move, after sending the Princess away.

The Princess being so sharp-witted was outside of my predictions.

“I remember now. I did indeed see a few people when I entered the warehouse, but I didn’t get a clear view of their appearance and clothing, so I am not sure if they are the Indians you spoke of. I remember that one of them was quite tall, another was muttering as if he was chanting some drivel.”

“That’s right. That’s how they looked.”

But then, after a short pause, the Princess looked at me with a gaze of suspicion.

“Why did you deny it if you saw them?”

‘Oh, wow. Shit! Our Princess isn’t stupid! She’s not as easy to fool as Su Xiao!’

“Err, well, that was because they suddenly vanished when I entered. I genuinely suspected they were phantoms. I was wondering if I imagined it, and was, therefore, afraid you would make fun of me if I said it. Had you not said you also encountered the three of them, I would’ve thought I had a hallucination, due to fatigue.”

“The three of them were very skilled. They might be people with profound Qinggong, or perhaps they sealed your meridians. Also, one of them kept chanting a curse. I suspect that he can use unorthodox mind-control techniques. It couldn’t be helped that we couldn’t defeat them. Had you not frightened them with your arrival, I may be at the netherworld already.”

‘Well… No, you wouldn’t be in the netherworld, but I’m afraid you’d have to make a trip to Qinhuai River…’

The Princess was relieved. She wanted to give me a pat on my shoulder, as an expression of encouragement, but she suddenly realised that I was supporting her entire body. So, naturally, she wanted to gently push me away.

As soon as she had the thought, she pressed her slender hand onto my chest. However, in the moment she went to push me, she seemed to recall that I could be considered her saviour. She, subsequently, felt that it wasn’t really appropriate to push her saviour away, from a formality standpoint. Thus, she surprisingly didn’t push me away.

Her slender and soft palm pressed on my hand gave me a unique sensation.

I, then, couldn’t keep myself from lowering my head to look at her.

Coincidentally, the young Princess also looked up at the same time.

We made eye contact. I don’t know if she recalled that I was supposedly her Fuma candidate, or what, but she flushed hotly, causing us to both suddenly feel slightly awkward.

Being alone with a young beauty in a room, in such a suggestive position would’ve made for a most magnificent scene… if not for the three bastards staring at us from behind.

Second Brother used Voice Transmission to shout into my ears, the way a crying ghost or werewolf would sound, “Martial… Grand… Aunt. Martial… Grant… Aunt.”

‘Okay! I get it! It’s not like I’m planning to do anything!’

Before I could speak, though, we heard a sudden loud sound from outside! The Princess and I were startled. The Princess took two steps back, and we ‘naturally’ separated.

She seemed to be quite pleased with her quick wits, as she revealed a smile and remarked, “I wonder what happened outside.”

I smiled, too, “Yeah, let’s go and take a look.”

The two of us went outside to take a look.

‘Oh my!’

‘Oh my! Shit!! My eyes and mouth are gaping, son!!’

There was a massive crowd out front. Not only was the front of the warehouse blocked, but all the way down the street, as well. I couldn’t see the end of the crowd from where I stood.

There are roughly over ten thousand people in Bright Lane, and there were, surprisingly, likely over a thousand people here. All of them were armed. They roared, as they rushed towards the centre, where the intensity of the fighting was at its pinnacle.

Off in the distance was a place that seemed to restrict the crowd from moving about. Somebody was continuously crying out in pain, as well. It seemed that somebody was taking a beating. The more frequent the cries were heard, the more the morale of the people running over to join the fight rose.

The Princess and I exchanged a glance.

The Princess’s eyes told me she was stunned, while I had a good idea of what had happened.

I gathered my energy to peer past the crowd and into the distance. In the centre, I saw the five elders in black robes in a circular formation.

I didn’t know what formation it was, but I was praying they’d be okay since they were old and the enemy had overwhelming numbers on them.

As soon as I had that thought, however, I saw Old Master Xie create an opening with a palm strike, which sent seven or eight people flying. He then laughed similarly to a demon king of a chaotic era, “You want to take on Forbidden Wind Lightning with that pathetic level of skill? Come, come, come! Come at me, all of you, you little brats! I’ll show you what palm arts are!”

‘I think I can save myself the worrying…’

‘I have no idea who wants to hurt me so badly that they’d send so many people after me. What’s just as surprising is that none of these guys were from legitimate schools, sects or whatnot. The security in the Capital really is piss poor.’

A genius idea suddenly hit me.

I gave the Princess, who was still stunned, a smile.

“I suddenly thought of something I must do, no matter what. If you are all right with it, please do as you please.”

I then turned and left, without giving her a chance to speak.

I used Voice Transmission to tell the three brats, “Act according to the circumstances. Don’t let the Princess get hurt, or I’ll use your heads to brew wine.”

All I got in response was three hisses of fear from within the warehouse. I ignored them and swiftly departed.

The Princess didn’t know my reason for leaving. She wanted to say something, but then she suddenly heard a familiar voice in the distance.

“Wahahaha! Just you few here to die today?! Take this! And this!!”

The Princess was slightly bewildered. She then took a closer look at the elders in the distance that were surrounded and being beat; or rather, being surrounded, but handing out a beating. She blurted, “Grandpa! Uncle! What are you all here for?”

She quickly leapt over the crowd to them.

Farther away was a man in a yellow robe. He looked extraordinarily valiant, but he was an old man. With him, were five of his subordinates. Together, they made haste in her direction.

It appears that the chaos is only going to become more chaotic.


Jin Wangsun continued to calmly and leisurely paint inside the building.

It wasn’t very long before he remarked in satisfaction, “If His Majesty were to see this painting of mine, he would recognise that I am the appropriate choice; meaning that my Fuma title isn’t too far away.”

However, his subordinate said, “Reporting, Master, Umm… The situation in Bright Lane has exceeded expectations. The five elders did not get hurt. They are too powerful. I am afraid that it would be impossible to defeat them, even if we were to bring more men into the fray.”

Jin Wangsun calmly responded, “Powerful? How powerful could they be? Let them take their time. A thousand people are enough to tire them to death.”

But then, after thinking about it again, he said, “But we might attract the attention of the officials if we take too long. You six; take my Gold and Silver Sects elite weapons and go assist. Make sure you demonstrate my Gold and Silver Sects prowess.”

His six family slaves exchanged glances. They couldn’t withhold their excitement. They hadn’t had a chance to display their skills since arriving in the Capital, but they finally had a chance to.

“Roger! Young Master, we shall bring glory to the Gold and Silver Sect!”

“Hmph.” Jing Wangsun snickered, “When needed, you can show my Gold and Silver Sect token. Let those Liu Shan Men nobodies know who slapped their faces!”

While five of them went to grab weapons, as excited as monkeys in mating season, the one remaining was slightly concerned. This particular family slave was known for being cautious. He wasn’t sure what the parameters he had to work with were.

“Young Master, may I ask how far we take it when we fight? Please make it clear, Young Master.”

“I need to instruct you on that, too? Four words.”

Jin Wangsun raised an eyebrow. He revealed a cold smile on his refined face.

“Beat them to death!”


*Qinhuai is located in Nanjing – as you know from the mentions in recent chapters – which is where Jin Wangsun’s home is located.


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