Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 49


Our soldiers attacked the enemies in the valley as we did before once again. This time, however, they weren’t stopping at the valley.

The artillerymen unleashed a large scale barrage of explosions aimed at the valley. My artillerymen weren’t trying to just pressure the advancing anthropoids, but also to support our advancing units.

The soldiers charged across the frozen floor and to the valley. We weren’t just luring them this time. It was a real attack through and through.

The soldiers were no longer afraid of the anthropoids after our numerous attacks aimed at testing the waters. It appeared as though the anthropoids’ internal structure had begun to crumble due to internal conflict. The lowest level anthropoids were defending the valley. The werewolf tribe and huge birds didn’t appear.

Judging from the type of resistance we faced, it seemed that they were not willing to send out their main force. They all wanted to conserve their main force that could put up a fight. I didn’t think they were holding back to reserve their main force for me, but to fight with each other. If they were reserving their main forces for us, they wouldn’t retreat. Anybody with half a brain would know that they should unite their strength and counterattack, for they currently had the upper hand.

Holing up the way they were gave humanity time to mobilise troops. The anthropoids made no movements, though. They were active until Leah began her mission after which they stopped all activities.

The best opportunity and location to face us was right in front of them, but they didn’t grab it. They should’ve attacked us, yet they defended. They should’ve fought us to the death there, but instead, they withdrew their armies to preserve themselves. I couldn’t say for sure if their brains were just dysfunctional or if they didn’t have a choice. Perhaps their alliance was so fragile that it took just one sentence to bring down

There were without doubt a good number of low anthropoids in the valley, but there weren’t as many as the ammunition and cannonballs we had. I drew up a magic formation in the camp so that Vyvyan could instantaneously deliver us supplies via the magic formation. If the anthropoids were the best at creating the low anthropoids and then drowning their enemies with their sheer numbers, then I had absolute confidence that my centralised factory produced gun powder faster than they could produce the low anthropoids.

The ground was littered with blown up corpses. The air reeked of smoke and burnt fur mixed together. The land had been dug up several times by the battles waged there. As a result, the snow vanished long ago. The land was now warm after all the blood that was spilt onto it. Their blood was more effective than the elves’ spring water.

If their blood was poured onto every inch of the land in the north, I reckon the North would become a place with rich land. I just hoped the North would give me the chance to wash their lands with their blood.

I should say that Leah did an excellent job. I didn’t know what sort of method she used, but her plan caused the stupid anthropoids with rising morale to go on the defence and even become reluctant to engage us. The anthropoids didn’t make the most of the best timing to defeat us. Nevertheless, I sure wasn’t going to give up the best opportunity to destroy them.

We didn’t encounter any strong defences. Actually, the low anthropoids retreated, as well. They retreated behind the city wall and lobbed boulders at us, instead. Those were the catapults behind the city wall. I didn’t forcefully attack them. Instead, I arranged for my army to stop outside the range of the catapults. I looked at the wall. I then looked back at my soldiers and loudly declared, “Men, we’re back here again. This is our second time coming here. The retreat we made the first time we came here was a nightmare to us. We lost countless brilliant soldiers and loyal brothers here. Lots of people lost their child, father and husband. However, that is not a reason for us to stop. To the contrary, it is our reason to forge forward courageously. Warriors, fury is our greatest support. Look at that horde of anthropoids now. Do you want to rip them to pieces?! There’s no need to hesitate or suppress your urges now. They are our enemies. We don’t need prisoners, and we don’t need to be gentlemen. They killed our brothers, so we shall kill them all!”


The soldiers raised their rifles high and roared in the anthropoids’ direction. The anthropoids didn’t let themselves be intimidated. They roared back at us. Their beast-like roars echoed in the valley. I snickered, “You hear that? That pathetic cry was their last word! Soldiers! Pick up your weapons and prepare to charge.  Our cannons are useless against their city wall, but our power can easily destroy everything of theirs! Now! Light them up!!”

A soldier handed me a fire torch and a lead string. I took in a deep breath. I looked to their city wall and lit up the lead string. The lead crackled as it withered quickly, carrying my fury toward the peak of the mountain. The soldiers’ gazes followed the fire trailing up the valley to the peak where the solid snow was.


The entire valley quaked. This time, it quaked for real, not just metaphorically. The entire snowy mountain quaked.

The violent explosion virtually tore the mountain apart. The flames from the explosion tore open a crack in the connected layers of snow.

If you cut the middle of a curtain, the bottom half will drop down onto the window. So what will happen if we blow up the connected layers of snow, what will become of the area below the snow?

It’ll become…


The layers of snow below no longer supported by gravity tumbled down. It was comparable to a violent sea wave coming down from heaven. The dust that blew up covering the entire valley as a result resembled a big avalanche. I couldn’t hear the cries of the anthropoids with all the explosions and rumbling sounds, but I knew that nobody could survive the power of nature. With the entire lower layer of snow blown up, it could fill up the entire valley to create flat ground!

The huge waves that came down from the left and right side crashed together, burying the wall that cost both sides so many soldiers in snow as though it was a child’s toy getting snapped in an instant.

That was my plan.

We climbed the mountain at night, while the experts decided where to plant the explosives during the day. The soldiers used the loud noise and smoke screen from our feints as cover to transport the explosive powder up the mountain and planted them at all of the designated points. And this disaster was the result.

This was the inspiration Ling Yue gave me last time. The avalanche that resulted from the axe swing of the huge anthropoid nearly killed all of us, so I reasoned that it wasn’t impossible for me to bury this entire valley by creating a snow avalanche. You could even say it was simple.

The sound gradually died down into silence. The sun shone down onto the scattered snowflakes.

I drew my sword. The city wall in front of us had vanished, leaving just wreckage buried beneath a large field of snow. Not a sound came from it, and not a single anthropoid got up. They must’ve been buried beneath the snow.

“Take up your weapons and explosives. Soldiers, see that? This is our hunting ground. Surround this huge pile of snow and prepare yourselves. Kill any head that pops out. Throw explosives down every hole you come across. We don’t need prisoners, and we won’t accept surrender. Make them pay every drop of blood they owe us!! Go, my soldiers! May you have a joyous hunt!”


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