Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 47

“Get ready! Attack!!”

The soldiers began to march toward the valley. The anthropoids roared and charged out. They were the lowest level anthropoids, so they weren’t much of a threat to us.

After getting Leah’s confirmation, I ensured that we wouldn’t face a strong defence when we attacked.

Although the anthropoids had united, they were still trying to avoid losing too much of their forces. I didn’t think I’d run into a particularly strong defence if I didn’t force an attack on the walls.

“Raise your guns!! Aim!!”

The soldiers lined up in a shooting formation as they observed the approaching anthropoids. Our line shooting formation was the best formation to counter their charge that lacked a formation. The anthropoids howled as they entered our best shooting range we came up with after conducting research.


The barrage of bullets destroyed the anthropoids’ formation. The bullets we were now using were bullets blessed by the elves Mommy Vyvyan’s personal explosion magic, no less. A nip would be enough for the bullet to blow off a section of their body, so if they hit the enemy’s chest, half of their body would explode. If they hit their belly, their intestines would explode.

Therefore, after the first row fired, the anthropoids at the front were reduced to a swamp of blood. The blood that exploded into the air virtually formed a mist that air couldn’t pass through. The anthropoids in the rear were covered in their comrades’ blood and flesh.

A piece of an organ of some sort hit the White Deer King’s face. That angered the White Deer King. It almost wanted to run over with me to them to give the anthropoids a piece of its mind.

After the first row finished firing, they’d quickly retreat. The second row would immediately follow up, then the third, then the fourth and finally the fifth row.

After the fourth row, the air was covered in smoke and an irritating stench of blood. The corpses in front of the soldiers had formed a swamp that appeared almost impossible to cross. The snow on the ground was melted by the blood, so it was a pool of blood. The anthropoids in the rear stomped on their comrades dismembered corpses and trudged through the swamp of blood to charge toward us.

Yes, we were left with only one last row of soldiers.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!!*

The fifth row, which was the last row of soldiers, used repetitive firing rifles. They used rifles with the exact same specifications my guards used. I couldn’t produce enough for everyone to have one rifle each, but it was enough for the last row of soldiers. Within an instant the horde of anthropoids was bathed in their own blood just as the previous rows did. Not one of the anthropoids was able to reach our lines when faced with our shooting formation.

After the fifth row emptied their bullets, they continued to retreat, while the first row immediately took over again and began firing after reloading. We gradually retreated from the valley by following that sequence.

We left a field of anthropoid corpses behind. Those anthropoids didn’t have any concept of fear. Being killed and bathed with blood only stimulated them, causing them to grow even wilder. They roared as they charged toward us.

They even charged out of the valley, chasing us out of the valley they were defending. I had no idea who their commander was, but I knew it wasn’t the warrior Marvel was. If Marvel was in his skin, he wouldn’t let these anthropoids charge out of the valley.

Of course, I think it was safe to assume that the purpose of the anthropoids was to cause me to expend all our bullets.


After I nodded, the soldier responsible for delivering commands next to me blew the horn. The soldiers in front immediately retreated upon hearing the signal. The anthropoids, who saw us retreating ,started to cry with excitement and began to charge toward us in a staggering fashion.

‘My soldiers have indeed retreated, but that doesn’t mean that you can charge over.’

A deafening cannon went off from behind. The cannonball landed in the closely huddled horde of anthropoids. My cannons were aimed accurately at the exit of the valley. Just because I couldn’t enter and attack, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t defend against the enemy’s large-scale charge. If they had their huge birds around to harass us, then maybe they’d get us, but the anthropoids currently on the field would only be blasted to pieces by my cannons. The rain of cannonballs flew into their formation. I felt that my artillerymen must’ve been delighted, because a horde of anthropoids who didn’t flee were the best opportunity for them to accomplish military achievements. It was essentially an opportunity to amass a kill count.

After the cannons did their job, the cavalry with breastplate armour charged over. Their charge left the Earth quaking, which meant that the heavy cavalry were charging toward the anthropoids who had sustained severe damage. They destroyed head after head, while the horses stomped on corpses that had been blasted to pieces, kicking up blood and flesh. Their bright copper armour was filthy with the enemies’ blood. Some of them even lost their grip on their sabres, because the blood their sabre handles got soaked in, made it too slippery.

“That’s it. That’s it! Stop the pursuit! Don’t enter the valley!!”

The officers called for the soldiers covered in blood to retreat. I looked into the valley. There was still a field of corpses there. I didn’t say anything. These losses were insignificant to the anthropoids. It didn’t advance any strategy of ours, either. It just raised our soldiers’ morale.

I had to acknowledge that we hadn’t been harassed by any huge birds after Leah spoke to me about them. There would be an occasional one or two attacks, but unlike before where it was akin to a flood of them diving in at us. They fled as soon as we fired a shot. That’s why I took the opportunity to strike once.

Of course, I didn’t actually do it with the sole aim of raising morale. I wasn’t going to completely enter the valley. It wasn’t wise to initiate an attack when the enemy was fighting with each other internally. I had let their conflict worsen to the point that they began to plot against each other when they were supposed to be at peace with each other. Needless to say, that didn’t mean I was just going to kick back and enjoy myself.

I looked up to the top of the snowy mountain. I watched the soldiers who were taking advantage of the noise and cover of smoke on the battlefield to set up bars and ropes. I watched them stick long spikes into the snow and fix ropes into place.

That was my true goal.

Why did I attack? It was to shift the anthropoids’ attention to me to distract them. The anthropoids might figure out what we were up to if they saw us moving, so I had to get them to focus their attention on me. I had to continuously attack and harass them until we transported what we needed and finished setting it up.

Frankly, I didn’t trust Leah. Perhaps she truly could get them to withhold their main forces from inside, but it still wasn’t easy for me to attack the city door. Last time, it took me a day just to take down a panther, so it’d probably take even longer to bring it down with so many low anthropoids defending it.

As such, I didn’t intend to cancel my plan. I had successfully completed one third of my plan. The end of their days would come as long as I continued to harass them and prevent them from figuring out our true goal.

I didn’t need to capture some damned city wall. Why do I need to capture it when I could just destroy it? I didn’t have a large calibre cannon right now, but I had enough gun powder. As long as I could slip enough gun powder into a vital spot, I’d be able to blow the entire city wall up.

This was the power of humanity.


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