Son-con – Vol. 10 Ch. 02

“Your Majesty!”

The soldiers tasked with defending the city turned their heads around and knelt down when they saw the silhouette coming up the city wall.

Elizabeth looked at them and waved her hand, “The enemy is before us, so you don’t need to bother with the formalities. Looking at the corpses below is enough to make one feel frustrated. I haven’t been onto a battlefield for a long time. You can say that I’ve returned to where I’m meant to be. Have you heard of the battle, The Siege of Lage City? That was the defence battle with the largest gap in power that I ever fought in. At the time, the city walls were littered with corpses. The places that were torn down were blocked up with corpses. However, that was a very good experience. That was the battle that showed who the brave soldiers were.”

Elizabeth looked down at the militia and opened her arms. In a dominant voice, she proudly exclaimed, “My proud soldiers, you may have never set foot on a battlefield before or seen death before, but you don’t need to be afraid. You were only militia in the past, but I hereby declare all of you participating in the battle, the peoples’ guardians! You are no longer just militia, but guardians guarding Troy City!g

The soldiers exchanged glances with each other. They didn’t whistle or kneel and cheer, but the Empress’s words filled them with pride.

They no longer had a reason to run.

They weren’t militia, but the peoples’ guardians. The peoples’ guardians had to protect the people and every inch of their land. Their Empress was right behind them. She stood atop the city wall with them. They had no reason to be afraid or flee.

“Your Majesty… will they be able to fight just because you conferred them that title? They just took on a title. It is not as though that increased their training…”

The Empress looked at the Valkyrie next to her. She pursed her lips into a small smile, “No, they’re warriors now. Skills do indeed matter, but the primary influence is their morale. A man who doesn’t fear death can’t be stopped. Don’t the anthropoids lack a concept of fear? If our soldiers are afraid, they won’t be able to defend the city.”

“Your Majesty!! They have begun their attack!!”

The sounds of horns sounded out from outside in unison all of a sudden. An explosion of roars then accompanied the horns. The anthropoid’ timber siege weapons began to slowly encroach upon the city walls. Behind them was a dark army that resembled a mass of flies.

The Empress drew the sword at her waist and looked toward her enemies. She shouted to the soldiers next to her, “Prepare for battle, soldiers! I will not back down a single step! I will not leave the city walls no matter how dangerous it gets! I will stand by you all! Show these scraps of rubbish the fury and courage of humanity! Fight, my soldiers!!”

“Long live Your Majesty!!”

Loud shouts exploded inside the city. They numbered less than the enemy outside, but their dominant morale was sky high, nonetheless.

The humans opened fire on the anthropoids with their cannons. The cannonballs exploded among the horde of anthropoids, blasting the dark clouds apart. The shots that hit the siege towers blew them up, causing the anthropoids to look as if they were toys being flung into the air one after another. The anthropoids that were ablaze, ran amok in their own crowd before being reduced to a pile of black smoke.

There certainly is enough gunpowder inside the city. I know that for certain, as the factory inside the city never stopped. Further, all of our bullets were soaked in Ignite and Explosion mana. They could blow a huge hole in any anthropoid they hit. Not even anthropoids could survive after having their bodies blown apart.

However, the holes in their formation that were created via the attacks were immediately replaced with more of them. Their tightly arranged siege towers could take up an entire city wall.

‘I can’t let those towers get close to the city walls, or else, the soldiers inside the siege towers will outnumber the soldiers inside the city, as well.’

Humanity’s advantage was their firearms, so once it became close-quarters combat, the Valkyries were the only ones capable of fighting.

I turned around to look at my cavalry behind me, “You can all see that, right? I don’t need to say anymore. You can all see the enemy’s numbers, equipment and the current situation.”

Their expressions remained the same. They were as calm as ever. Our battle steeds and Earth Dragons stood together as if they were indifferent no matter what stood before them. All of my guards had their guns loaded. Tanya drew her largest sword and calmly watched at the anthropoids in silence.

Ling Yue, who was in front of me, shifted her body around. She grabbed my ear and said, “Hey, you better protect me and not charge to the forefront!”

I looked at her and replied, “You can choose not to come.”

With her back facing me, she folded her arms and exclaimed, “I didn’t come because I was worried about you! Wouldn’t it be more dangerous for me to stay there alone?! I might survive if I follow you! I came just for my own sake!”

I laughed, and then scrubbed her head…


“Don’t touch my ear!!”

I heard my guards burst into laughter. I turned around to see them laughing. I said, “It looks as though you guys aren’t nervous whatsoever, huh? Good. I’m not nervous, either. I don’t need to say any more, do I? The enemy is right before us. The anthropoids are attacking our city. I think the rest is self-explanatory.”

They didn’t say anything in response. Instead, they responded with the sounds of their weapons.

“Good, then.”

I turned around and drew the Elven King’s sword. I shouted, “Let us do what we should do, then! Earth Dragon Cavalry, form a wedge at the forefront. Guards, dismount once you enter the horde of enemies and kill them on feet. Separate their infantry and siege towers! I believe that the soldiers inside the city will immediately exit the city to assist us. We just need to hold out until Tanya locates the anthropoids’ commander! Earth Dragons, don’t stop your charge. Rampage around to dismantle their formation!”

My guards responded loudly, “Roger!”

“Good. We just need to hold out. We just need to hold out until Tanya locates their commander, or Her Highness makes it here!”

Tanya rode up next to me. I scrubbed her head then softly said, “I’m entrusting you with my life, Tanya. Everyone’s lives are in your hands now.”


Tanya looked up at me. Her gaze was very calm. She looked at me while I still had my hand on her head. She then lowered her head and added, “Do you trust me that much…?”

“Ah, of course. I’ve seen how incredible you are, so I trust you and am willing to entrust you with my life.”

She lowered her head and softly replied, “Really…?”

“Ah, but don’t feel pressured. Remember my first order? Tanya, you must protect yourself. You must.”

Tanya looked at me with curiosity, “What about you, Your Majesty? You never said to protect yourself.”

“That’s because I’ve entrusted all of you with my safety; therefore, I don’t need to pay attention to myself. I trust all of you. So don’t worry about my safety. Also, sometimes there are things that you must do that are more important than life itself.”

I looked ahead. The Elven King’s sword’s blade gleamed underneath the sun.

‘I think Mom drew this sword and fearlessly led her soldiers’ charges against countless enemies ten years ago.’

‘It’s my turn now.’

“Cavalry, infantry, let’s go!”


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