Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 40

“You’re saying that your race’s power was required to survive in the North?”

I looked at the ears moving back and forth in front of me. I was a little reluctant to believe that the young girl was the saviour of the entire North, or otherwise, the sun of the entire North.

The environment in the North is incomparably harsh precisely because the mana spring doesn’t reach them anymore. However, Ling Yue’s race used their own powers to allow the races in the North to survive. No, no, no, I made a mistake there, allow me to correct myself. Ling Yue’s Moon Fox tribe used their mana to sustain the environment in a way that would allow the elves exiled there to survive.

“That’s right. We were there in the North to begin with. At the time, our race ruled the North and the anthropoids weren’t the way they are now. We had our own culture and civilisation. In fact, we weren’t too far behind you. Afterwards, the anthropoids were impacted by the environment in the North. As a result, our family offered our mana, sacrificing our lives to warm up the North. That allowed the surviving anthropoids and exiled elves to survive. Although it became considerably more difficult, we did survive, fortunately.”

Ling Yue retold her race’s past with pride, which was reflected by her ears twitching with excitement.

“So, who rules the North now?”

“An elf rules as the Queen. With that said, the elves in the North are no longer like you anymore. Their skin is slightly whiter than yours. Their ears are long, while you no longer have the long ears of elves.”

“Wait… wait… let’s put the ears matter aside for now… I want to know why an elf rules, when your race maintained the entire North.”

“Because the elves performed very well when they first joined our alliance with the anthropoids. At the time, the elves’ ruler was very wise. Though we could maintain the North, it was the leader of the elves that came up with the suggestions to lay the foundations for the survival of the anthropoids, as well as the future. As such, we pledged our allegiance to them. Our relationship with the elves at the time was also very good. We are where we are now thanks to our determination and unity during the toughest era.”

“So in other words, the plan to invade the South was the elves’ request? And they killed your entire tribe? And they no longer want the North, or is this a last stand?”

It’s pardonable if the elves of the past invaded the South, since their goal would be to, one, get revenge and two, return home. If that was the case, though, they wouldn’t have any enmity with humans, since they didn’t have any connection at the time.

I presume Socina got dragged into this, because it was in the anthropoids’ way. The anthropoids didn’t care if Socina had any value in the war. They merely wanted to destroy it.

However, if the elves in the North don’t just want to simply return home, then they must want to attack the humans in the South, as well. After all, if I was in their shoes, I wouldn’t choose to just return home. If I could defeat the elves, I’d want to try defeating humanity, too.

Of course, I’ll fight them no matter the case, as not only am I the Prince of elves, but also the Prince of humanity.

“So, what do the elves in the North want? Do they want revenge or land in the South? Also, why did they try to kill you? Did you oppose the idea?”

“No, right now… How shall I say this…? While there is a Queen in the North, she can’t actually do anything. Everything is determined by the discussions between the eight anthropoid elders. Therefore, this war wasn’t started by the Elven Queen… The Elven Queen just mentioned that she wanted to return home one time, and then those eight elders launched a war.”

She sadly lowered her long ears. I looked at her silently, and then grabbed her hand. Her hand jolted. She didn’t hold my hand back. I don’t know why, but if she kept recounting things, then she was going to have to mention her tribe’s massacre next. It can’t be nice for a girl to speak of the wound in her heart repetitively at this point time.

“If you don’t want to talk about it, you don’t have to…”

Ling Yue shook her head resolutely and then went on, “No, I need to talk about it. If sharing this with you can allow me to get my revenge, then I must tell you. This is nothing to be ashamed of. This is my vengeance! Continuing on… Our tribe and the Queen didn’t accept this war, but the Queen had lost power, while the crazed anthropoid army was controlled by the eight elders. The Queen was very worried that a war would break out, and thus, discussed with my father how to eliminate the eight of them… But their plan was discovered, and so the eight killed massacred my entire tribe. My father and a few guards escorted me to escape… But nevertheless, none of the guards survived… If you didn’t save me, I would probably be dead right now…”

Ling Yue may be very strong, but I could still feel her hand tremble.

I touched her head then softly said, “You’re already very strong. Ling Yue, you truly are already very strong…”

“It’s pointless, though… I just want revenge…”

I held her hand and next to her ear, gently said, “But you need to be strong to have the courage to take revenge, so you’re incredible. You’re an adult who can now carry the weight of a tribe.”

Her long ears twitched. I felt as though her fingers moved in my hands, but she didn’t hold my hand in the end.

‘It seems that she’s still vigilant of me. We’ve only met for a few days, after all.’

Ling Yue isn’t Nier or Lucia, either. As a young lady, who’s proud and feels honoured by her tribe, she wouldn’t give me her heart just because I saved her. Further, Ling Yue is currently focused purely on vengeance and hatred for the North. I must be nothing more than her hope to get her vengeance right now.

“I just know that the last thing my father said to me was to run to the South and inform the elves and humans of the anthropoids incoming attack. He told me to then go and find the Galadriel tribe. He said that if you knew that the elves in the North survived, then you would definitely come over and end the twisted rule.”

I now understood why Ling Yue got so emotional upon finding out I’m a Galadriel.

‘By the sounds of things, Ling Yue’s tribe is aware of what exactly happened in the south back then.’

She lowered her ears a little. I must say, Ling Yue’s mood is really easy to read. You don’t read her mood by examining her gaze and smile. You just need to watch her ears and tail. It was as though she couldn’t control her changes.

I nodded then replied, “I have a decent understanding of what exactly happened now. As for the specifics of the anthropoids tactics and numbers, share that information with my mom when we get to Troy City. There’s not much point telling me about it now. In summary, I need to know lots of things, as I don’t know a thing about the North.”

Ling Yue sniffled, “All right…”

I held her hand tightly and looked to the North. It was now night time.

‘I remember there was a village up ahead. We rested there when we went to Socina, so let’s rest there again on this trip back.’

‘It’s very dangerous to move, when we’re not certain if it’s safe.’

“Your Majesty, that village is up ahead. Let us head over to it.”

“All right.”


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