Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 16

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The Emperor Asked Me for a Favour

“Send Ming Feizhen in!”

“Coming! Coming! Coming!”

I suddenly appeared in Jinluan Hall. I slid in, creating white dust resembling steam due to the friction between my boots and the floor. I ran like the wind the entire way and made it in time at the last second!!

“You’re late!”


A beautiful young girl standing at the forefront of the hall, ahead of all the vassals looked at me grumpily. It was Su Xiao!

‘Whoa! There are so many prominent figures here! Whenever did you manage to get ahead of all the royal family members and high-ranking vassals here to stand in front of everyone??’

Su Xiao mouthed, “His Majesty has called for you nine times. Eunuch Wang went to Liu Shan Men to find you. Where did you go, Big Brother Ming?”

“What did His Machesty call me in such a rush for?”

I looked up to see the emperor looking very displeased. His originally tanned face now looked dark, like a boiler.

Next to him was a middle-aged beauty looking like she was in her prime. I seem to recall seeing her somewhere when I had snuck into the palace previously.

If my memory does me justice, she’s His Machesty’s wife, which makes her the empress. How strange for the empress to be present as well.

I quickly corrected my standing posture and sensibly greeted them, “Ming Feizhen humbly greets you, Your Majesty. Long live, Your Majesty.”

I then paused for a moment and added, “Long live, Your Majesty my Empress.”

As soon as I had finished my last greeting, an old man suddenly opened his eyes and looked at me, somewhat surprised.

I was surprised to see that he showed some degree of recognition for me in his gaze, so I looked back at him, somewhat surprised as well.

He was dressed in a vassal’s uniform and stood on the western side of the hall.

Civil servant vassals stand to the west, while military vassals stand to the east in Jinluan Hall.

This particular old man stood at the forefront of the civil servant vassals and furthest left. In this dynasty, those who are most respected stand farther left.

This old man not only stood at the forefront of civil servant vassals but also furthest left, which meant he was among the absolute highest ranked vassals.

‘Could he be the current Prime Minister?!’

I took a closer look at the old man, who had white hair and white eyebrows.

He looked like he was eighty plus. However, you could say he did a good job maintaining his appearance, as he had very healthy skin. His facial muscles were still firm and had an infant blush on his face, which made him resemble my grandmaster, Daogu Immortal Wind.

But based on my experience, people who have that sort of appearance aren’t trustworthy. Therefore, I smiled and then focused on the emperor again.

The old geezer looked at me and nodded slightly without saying anything.

‘Judging from his behaviour, could it be that he noticed how I have a great sturdy physique and wants to sell me a couple of secret martial arts manuals that, once mastered, would make me invincible?’

‘Amitahba. You’re a few years late. You’re a few years late.’

“Since Ming Feizhen is here, today’s commendations are nearly over. Wang Tushui… Hmph, Eunuch Wang left the palace to go and search for you. Bai Lian.”

General Manager stood next to the empress the entire time. I saw her already. It’s just that I didn’t dare to greet her in the presence of so many people.

General Manager Bai slowly walked out.

I smiled to curry favour with her and mouthed, “Bless you, General Manager Bai.”

Bai Lian walked coldly with a cold expression and ignored me, but there was a tinge of a smile she couldn’t hold back in her eyes.

I had often met General Manager Bai this month, mainly because I went to the palace to get medication and dye from Old Dai. Whenever I went to collect them, I’d ‘accidentally’ go and see her. As a result, one thing happened after another.

General Manager Bai operates alone in the palace. She’s haughty and doesn’t know how to make friends, so she reacts with joy every time she meets me.

It’s just that I have to pretend as if I was severely injured and came to fetch medicine. I also have to listen to all sorts of gossip in the palace from her, so it’s a bit tormenting on my part…

She glanced at me. Only afterwards did she mouth in both a pleasantly surprised, but also reprimanding manner, “You’re late… Have you recovered?”

‘See that? I’m a people person. I’m even friends with a eunuch that works directly for the emperor.’

Bai Lian cleared her throat.

“Reward. Liu Shan Men’s constable, Ming Feizhen performed outstandingly and contributed greatly, assisting the Imperial Court in destroying the hideout of the League of Assassins and suffered severe injuries gallantly fighting the assassin Fu Xiang. He made many commendable contributions…”

‘Is that what Boss Shen claimed? How come I remember Fu Xiang sent me flying with a single palm strike?’

“Henceforth, Ming Feizhen is promoted to a Seventh Rank Warrior of the Imperial Court as a compliment. I hope that you will continue to serve the Imperial Court.”

‘A seventh ranked warrior?! That makes me an official!’

‘I remember that Boss managed to reach a First Rank Warrior rank thanks to her family’s eight generations of merits and her father’s close relationship with His Machesty. Yet I’m a Seventh Rank Warrior in the blink of an eye? This bliss came on a little sudden. I have heard that ranked warriors receive monthly bonuses, based on their rankings.’

‘My, my, if I have more money each month, how am I going to spend it?’

“Now, please bestow upon Ming Feizhen a warrior alias.”

‘Huh? I get an alias, too?’

The emperor glared at me and then snorted. Still feeling angry, he then picked up a sheet of paper from his table and threw it at my face.

It was scrunched up, nearly into a ball. I couldn’t read what the text was properly. I saw the character ‘Liu,’ because that actually looked distinct.

‘Is he saying that I’m awesome…? Forget it. His Machesty is still angry. Kissing ass is the unconquerable tactic among tactics.’

I laughed and held the sheet of white paper properly, “Your Majesty, your handwriting is fabulous! Look at this ‘Liu’ character…”

I spread open the white sheet of paper. He wrote four characters with firm strokes. The characters looked like they came to life. Only after looking it over for a long while did I recognise that the three words were, ‘Liu Shan’s Plague’.

‘Who’re you calling a plague?!! Let’s not get me started on the fact that it’s written so well!’

‘Motherfucker! Hey, you, Mr. Li, step outside with me!’

But His Machesty seemed to feel less angry after I complimented his calligraphy. He looked somewhat pleased with himself.

‘Yeah, fuck you and your proud look!!’

In a muffled voice, General Manager Bai said, “Hurry up and thank His Majesty.”

I knew that General Manager Bai was thinking of what was best for me, so I involuntarily thanked him, dragging out my words, “Thaaaankk yoouuu.”

The emperor glared at me and then exchanged eye contact with the empress before saying, “Ming Feizhen, come with me.”


I had only finished half of my bow when the emperor looked at me. He indifferently snorted, “I told you to come, so come here.”

He then swept his robe and took off with the aura of a wandering warrior in the pugilistic world.

‘Your Machesty! Yes, you’re suave, but where are we going?!’

I followed His Machesty to the rear of the hall.

Today, I found out that there’s a small door at the rear of Wuying Hall that led directly to another hall. We didn’t go far, but there were ten people following all around him. The ten of them looked very skilled, with some being at the level of the Seventeen Hidden Dragons.

‘It looks like His Machesty is on high alert after the Orange Prince’s revolt.’

As soon as we stepped into the other hall, His Machesty ordered his men to step down. I was surprised to see that he seemed to have a secret to share with me.

“Your Machesty, I mean, Your Majesty, do you have something to tell this humble peasant?”

“Hmph! Ming Feizhen, you good for nothing!”

‘Don’t just start cursing at me right off the bat. It sounds like Shiyi scolding me too…’

“And here Shen Yiren was always speaking highly of you, saying that you live up to your school’s reputation. She said that you’re witty, calm and very much like a general.”

His Machesty got angrier and angrier as he went on. He then wore a long face and asked, “Today is a big day, and you dare be late? Where were you just now?”

“Erm, that… is a long story.”

So this is how it went; I just went to Eight Deities Tavern to buy braised pork shoulders in soy sauce, but the line was so long I couldn’t even squeeze in. When the boss saw me, who was a frequent customer, he gave me a hanging roast chicken. However, I brought bamboo leaf green tea, to go with braised pork shoulders in soy sauce, so it didn’t match with the flavour of the chicken. Hence, I ran back home to find wine. After finishing my meal, I saw a candied haw seller on the way here, so I bought two sticks… Sigh. In short, it’s a long story.

His Machesty wore a disdainful look when he noticed that I didn’t elaborate.

“Besides calling you here today to commend you, I have another job for you.”

Astonished, I replied, “Oh? You have something you are begging me to go do?”

His Machesty, “…”


*Ming Feizhen is deliberately mispronouncing “Majesty”

**六 in Liu Shan Men can is “six”, but here it means “awesome”. I’d like to see someone get that from MTL.


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