Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 20

I once attended a spring harvest festival at Luna’s hometown, but that was more of a trap than it was a festival. This time, however, things were just absolutely wild.

This was also the first business opportunity for all of the merchants who came to this city, so all of the food vendors brought out their best skills. It was a carnival in the plaza of the city at night, which is also situated in the centre of the city behind the palace. The main area for vendors was a wide street that extended from the city doors to the plaza. This street is the biggest street. Eight double-horse carriages could get through here. Small sheds were temporarily set up on both sides of the street for the vendors.

Maybe spring came early for the merchants. Despite spring having just come in, the merchants had a wide range of delicacies available only during summer at their stalls. The people couldn’t resist the dishes after getting sick of winter delicacies. The more expensive foods included fish, while the cheap ones were little snacks or chestnut-like foods. However, the “chestnuts” in this world don’t have the same content inside; instead, they contain a warm milk-like liquid. Such a food was a rare delicacy during these cold and windy days.

I don’t know what it was myself, but I bought a cup each for the three women next to me.

I chose a sour drink. It seems like it’s this world’s lemons. The drink was carbonated, so I found the taste of cola from it. Unfortunately I was wrong… I did find the taste of lemon juice.

‘It appears that people here share the same taste.’

There were people crowded all around. We stuck together closely as we went around to avoid getting separated. I don’t know if Lucia and Nier had discussed it among themselves already or not, but the two of them clung to my arms every step of the way, never letting go. That made it impossible for Mom to stand next to me, as well. As a result, Mom had no choice but to grab onto my cloak. She looked at little pitiable. But even if I couldn’t take it, I had no way of getting Lucia and Nier to let go. They are my wives, after all.

Everybody around wore masks, as well. It truly resembled a carnival. Lucia and Nier were very joyous, which meant that their appetites were at their pinnacles, too. We ate from the start of the street to the end of the street, and then ate from the stalls on the other side… I had to buy three or more serves every time.

Mom was actually more excited than my two wives, but she was evidently very shy. She wouldn’t directly say what she wanted. Instead, she’d tug on me then look at a stall with a gaze of eagerness. I would then understand what she meant and would buy it for her. The four of us noticed a vendor when we got to a stall. The vendor froze up. There’s no way he’d know who my wife was.

‘Come on, guess. Your chances of getting it right are higher than the likelihood of guessing wrong, though. You have a two in three chance. The remaining third is my mom…’

We walked and walked until we came to a place where people were gathered. We stopped there. Lucia tried to look at the centre of the crowd with curiosity; alas, she couldn’t get through with her small stature. I went and carried her up, letting her sit on my arm as if she was a kid. I soon regretted it, though…

‘I don’t have the arm strength or physical strength to act tough.’

“Your Highness, it seems that it’s divination.”

Lucia dexterously hoped off my arm and watched me massage my arm. She said, “An elf is doing divinations. It seems that he can see something…”

I lost interest, because I’ve seen an elf that can truly see into the future. Her name is Vyvyan. I bet this one is a conman. They all say they can see something; nevertheless, in the end, all they do is use their talking skills to impress you.

“Let’s try it, Your Majesty. Let’s see If he is a liar or not.”

“Is there any need to try? He’s guaranteed to be a liar. I have an elf that can see the future by my side. How could there be a second?”

“Your Highness, we’re here to have, fun after all, so let’s give it a go.”

Lucia, however, seemed very keen. Nier, too, indicated that she was interested. I turned around to Mom, who was behind me. Elizabeth chuckled, “There’s nothing to lose if we try it. How about this, Son? Let’s go over together and see if he can tell who your wife is. If he can perform divinations, he should be able to identify your wife, right? Plus, he would be able to tell you have two wives.”

“Let’s give it a go, then.”

Since everybody was keen, I agreed to it. I walked over with the three of them and came before him. I then lingered.

Normally, whatever species I see here is normal. You can’t tell humans and elves apart, other than from their ears.

‘I could understand the diviner before me having a white beard, and I can accept a tilted and torn triangular hat as well, but why do his hands resemble that of a lamb’s hooves?!’

‘What is he, a lambman? Lucia, can you not see that?! His got the hooves of lamb for hands!!’

I hesitated while standing in front of him. He broke his silence. He looked at me with his heterochromia eyes. He then looked at the three behind me. He took in a deep breath. In a murky voice, he asked, “Young man, is there something you would like to know?”

“Umm…” His voice made me feel a little guilty, but I reminded myself that he was just a conman.

‘He must be a conman.’

I looked at him and in a ridiculing tone asked, “I want to know who among these three is my wife.”

He shifted around then looked up. He looked at me with his hazy eyes. I looked at him as I awaited his reply. After a moment, he gently cleared his throat to break our silence. He looked at me and replied, “I only know that which you do not know. As for what you already know, why would you need to ask me?”

‘See? He’s a liar. He can’t tell, so now he’s playing word games.’

The crowd behind me burst into laughter, and then left after having their curiosity satisfied. The people didn’t crowd around for their future or something, but solely for the fun. People need entertainment or else their lives would be too boring. I smiled with satisfaction. I turned around to leave. The strange man didn’t mind that the people around had left. He didn’t stop acting the way he had been acting. He, instead, continued looking at me and spoke in a voice that appeared as though only the two of us could hear, “Your Majesty, you need not be anxious, for I know that you will not come to me merely to ask about the future, but will also share with me what you know.”

I paid him no heed as I led my mom and wives away.

‘He’s a conman from the pugilistic world. I told you. Other than my Mommy Vyvyan, who can see the future with her mind reading skills, there’s nobody else who can see the future. That applies whether it’s a human or whatever race they are. They’re liars.’

“I told you he was a liar. And he even said some arrogant rubbish about ‘Your Majestyyy, you will definitely seek me ooouutt…”

I conceitedly mocked him while the three next to me listened to me. Elizabeth then suddenly interjected. She looked at me with a very surprised expression. I paused and asked, “Do I have something on my face?”

“No… Son, I suddenly realised that you never mentioned you were the Prince. Plus, your face was hidden by our mask, while you’re wearing clothes that doesn’t symbolise that you’re from the royal family… So, how did he know that you were the Prince?”

A cat suddenly caught my tongue…


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