Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 12

Nier placed the cup in her hand down and asked, “Freya is coming over tonight, right…?”

“Yes, so we’ll have to squeeze in.”

“I shall take my leave then.” Nier then stood up and added, “I shall sleep alone tonight.”

“Nier, are you angry?”

Nier shook her head, “No. I already know why Freya is coming over, and you only view her as your sister. I’m not jealous. It’s just that I can’t do that happy stuff with you at night with Freya present. I, therefore, have no need to sleep with you. It would be very awkward for all of us if all three of us slept together, no? Furthermore, to be frank, I don’t like seeing another woman lie next to you, so it’s better if I sleep alone.”

“So the main reason you slept with me was…”

“Shouldn’t that be the reason a husband and wife sleep together?! If not, why would they have to sleep together? What other reason would there be for a husband and wife to be together at night if not to do that?!”

Nier looked at me with the expression where her view of world, the value of life and marriage views was challenged. It was frightening. She threw me the question with a terrifying gaze…

‘All right, it looks as though we need to re-wire all of those views for you, Valkyrie. I agree, the things we do every night are most certainly things husband and wife can do, but it’s not a necessity! You need breaks from it every now and then, understand?! You need breaks! Moreover, sleeping separately, just because we can’t do that makes our marriage look extremely fragile!’

After Mommy-Vyvyan finished speaking with me, she made it clear that she wanted to sleep with me. However, I rejected her, as I had already promised to have Freya over tonight, hence making Vyvyan sleep alone. Although she just cried and was very weak, I couldn’t make it up to her tonight. I also thought that the likelihood of her doing something to me tonight was particularly likely, precisely because of her very weak state.

Nier didn’t get jealous, though; therefore, Freya could come. After saying goodnight to each other and giving her a kiss, I left Nier behind and left the room. Let me preface that I honestly only see Freya as a younger sister. I harbour no crooked thoughts for her. I will not do anything that crosses the line to my sister tonight!

Besides, Freya is still just a kid who wasn’t fully developed. I have Lucia, Nier and even Vyvyan… Wait, please cross the last name off. What I’m trying to mention is how developed they are, not our relationship… I have no reason to go for Freya…

After returning to the room, I looked at the empty room and randomly felt nostalgic. When I entered my room in the elven lands for the first time, I thought I was alone…

“You’re so slow, Your Highness.”

I looked at Lucia, who sat up from my bed, feeling absolutely stunned…

‘Okay, with Lucia here, it’s the exact same feeling as when I first entered my room. Everything is the same, other than the location.’

“Lucia, if my memory does me justice, did you not decide not to come to my room, since you couldn’t sleep at night, but didn’t want to disturb me?”

After the passionate phase, Lucia returned to being excited at night. The reason Lucia was willing to generously let Nier have the night slot was due to her struggle to sleep at night. She couldn’t help herself from waking me up at night or touching me until I woke up. She could only sleep at dawn, and hence, she slept in her own room.

It’s fine for Freya to live in with her, since Lucia wouldn’t do anything to her, even if she was awake.

“But you said that you would sleep with Freya tonight.” Lucia looked at me with an expression as though this was a matter of course. I, on the other hand, couldn’t see how the two things were related. I sat down next to her and embraced her. She leaned onto my shoulder, and I played with her hair gently. I replied, “I don’t understand how Freya coming over has anything to do with you. Or was it because you wanted to come over, too?”

“While I might disturb you, didn’t you say that I’d be sleeping with Freya from now on? That’s why I came with Freya.”

Lucia spoke proudly as though it was natural and right, thereby leaving me with no response. I nodded hopelessly, “That wasn’t what I meant, but… whatever…”

Lucia giggled, and then turned around to leap onto the bed. She rolled around similarly to an elated dog then lied on the bed and up at the ceiling. Then, she spaced out. In a somewhat melancholic tone, she said, “Your Highness, how long has it been since we’ve been able to be have this sort of moment? I remember that I would be in your room every night in the past as the two of us lay in bed chatting, reading or just lazing around on the bed. It’s been so long, hasn’t it…? Remembering it now, everything that’s happened feels a little surreal.”

I went to lie down with Lucia and interlocked my fingers with hers. I felt her warmth and gentleness. I softly remarked, “Yeah, it’s been a very long time, Lucia. We haven’t been together for a very long time.”

“How odd. We were together for so long, but we then had few chances to be together after getting married… Your Highness, are you leaving again in a few days? I don’t feel that I can travel and be physically active anymore…”

Lucia held my hand tightly. I looked at her feeling a little concerned. Lucia, however, didn’t reveal a sad expression. Lucia must’ve made up her mind already.

“Lucia… Sorry…”

“Your Highness, you don’t need to be sorry. This is your business. You’re doing what you should, so why must you feel sorry?” Lucia turned her face to the side and smiled, “Honestly, this isn’t bad. In the past, I didn’t think much of being with you as I am now; however, I feel incomparably reassured and blissful nowadays. Therefore, this isn’t bad, is it? I have loved you for over ten years already, so I will continue this way forever.”


I rolled onto my side, and so did Lucia. We got closer to each other. Our faces were just centimetres away. I could see Lucia’s eyelashes flapping.

We got closer and Lucia closed her eyes.

“Onii-sama, what happened to telling me to come over without a worry? Are you trying to show off your affection with the Princess or are you trying to hint something to me…?”

“No! It’s not what you think! It’s a misunderstanding! Freya, listen to my explanation! Don’t go! Listen to me!!”

Thus, for the next few minutes, Lucia used her crooked logic to explain why she appeared here to the intelligent Freya… Nevertheless, I was caught in a pincer attack at the end that night. None of them left…


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