Son-con – Vol. 8 Ch. 44

Nobody dared to stop my gun.

There’s no doubt that the Valkyries are, indeed, brave; however, the Empress seriously cleaned up the Valkyrie squad after the revolt, so there are virtually no more Valkyries who dare to give me attitude. The Valkyries in front of me right now must be the original substitutes. They were very afraid of me. Despite them holding swords, not one of them dared to approach me to stop me.

It didn’t take me much effort to find Luna and Alice’s graves. Their tombs were placed together. In front were two stones with their merits carved onto it. I squatted down and gently stroked Luna’s tombstone. The drawing of Luna on her tombstone was a picture of her smiling brightly.

‘It’s impossible.’

‘It’s impossible for Luna to smile this way again. She can only smile so brightly when I’m with her. She’s next to the person who killed her right now, so how could she possibly smile? Luna can’t possibly smile like that when Alice is next to her.’

‘But I’ve come, Luna. I’m by your side now. I’m right in front of you. Let’s go home this time.’

I took the shovel handed to me. I swung it and began shovelling the dirt up. The Valkyries had us surrounded. My guards watched them with their weapons in hand. Philes and Shusia exchanged glances. They then said, “Your Majesty, let us help…”

“No, I want to personally bring Luna home.”

I turned them down and continued shovelling. I don’t want anybody to help me. Luna stood before Alice without anyone to help her, so I want to personally bring her home this time. I didn’t get to see her off but I must bring her home from Alice’s side. I want her to be with me.

I don’t know how long I dug for, but I finally dug the grave up. I felt my shovel hit something hard. I cleared the dirt around away and finally revealed Luna’s black casket inside.

It was a long rectangular casket. This sort of thing is something I should only see decades from now.

Philes and a few others helped me lift it out. I picked up a crowbar by the side and violently smashed the casket with it. I noticed that my tears were already dripping onto the wooden casket with my sweat. There was a layer of ash on it.

‘How long has it been since I saw Luna’s face? Since when did her expression when she smiled and her brown eyes only exist in my memories? As a matter of fact, her smile had begun to fade in my memories.’

I yanked the long nails out of the wooden casket then pushed the lid open and kicked it aside.

Luna was sound asleep inside.

Luna’s body had been repaired. The wounds on her face had been covered. Luna wore her usual maid uniform. She had her two hands placed on her chest. Her two hands were white, slender and smooth as I remembered. She had her eyes shut and even her eyelashes remained gentle as a butterfly flapping its wings gently. Her soft and pink lips were slightly curled up into a smile as if she was having a dream she didn’t want to wake up from.


I don’t know since when my sobs became silent.

I tightly gripped the edge of the casket as my tears fell down onto her face and formed a sad rainbow. My body quivered with pain as I looked at Luna. My heart felt as if it was being dug out while my nerves and muscles were being slashed at over and over. I looked at Luna’s face, her face I was so familiar with, yet would never get to see smile again. I bit down on my lip in a desperate attempt to hold back my urge to wail.

I knelt on the ground with Luna in my arms. Luna’s organs had been removed, thereby making her feel as light as a sheet of paper. Luna leaned rested in my arms similarly to when I carried up her in the desert. I gently hugged her. I was afraid that I would ruin her beautiful dream. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. As I wept, I said, “Let’s go, Luna… Let’s go home… I’ll take you home… I’ll definitely… send you home…”

A gentle breeze blew by, making her hair and eyelashes move similarly to a dark red ripple. In this very moment, I felt an odd eager sensation. I was eager to see Luna open her eyes then smile and greet me as she always did.

“Good morning, Your Majesty……”

‘I won’t… ever hear her greet me again…’

I trembled as I stood up. I held Luna’s head and looked toward Alice’s tombstone. I gave it a violent kick, and then another. After I staggered, I regained my balance, and then resumed kicking it. All of the nerves in my legs yelled at me to stop, and I knew that I couldn’t destroy it with my leg, but I still wanted to kick it. I was carrying Luna, so I wanted to make sure I killed her!

“That’s enough, that’s enough, Your Majesty.”

Philes gently pulled me back from behind. I huffed and puffed as I looked at the smile Alice gave me. I handed Luna over to Philes then picked up the shovel to the side and looked to the picture of Alice on the tombstone.


I cried out similarly a wild beast as a human. You only need enough hatred to turn into a wild beast, too.

Bits of stone flew into the air. Alice’s portrait had been completely torn up by me. I kicked the little picture of her head flying away then threw the spade away. I picked up my handgun and emptied all of my bullets into her pile of dirt covering her.

“That’s enough, Your Majesty… That’s enough, isn’t it?!”

Philes grabbed me, who was about to pick up the shovel to dig up Alice’s grave. I panted and intently stared at the portrait. It was like something was ablaze in my chest and spreading to every inch of my veins. I couldn’t personally kill her, but I’m going to make sure she can’t receive the treatment a hero receives.

“If you do not leave, you and Her Majesty may run into each other. How will you expl-”

“Fuck the explanation…”

I huffed and puffed as I turned around to face Philes. Philes wore a shocked expression and took two steps back out of fear. I wiped the corner of my mouth then looked toward the direction of the inner court with a violent gaze, “I don’t give a damn if the Empress comes. I don’t give a damn who comes. I’ve got Luna with me now, and I’ll never hand her over. If the Empress stops me, I’ll kill her. If Vyvyan stops me, I’ll kill Vyvyan. Luna is my personal servant, and no soul can stop me from taking her home! No one! I’m not afraid to die. If I dared to bring you all here, I’m prepared to never return alive!”

“Your Majesty, what are you doing?! Were we not just going to take Luna home?!”

“Yeah, that’s why I won’t accept any suggestions or listen to anyone. I’ll kill anyone who dares stop us from going home!”

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty!”

I saw a familiar silhouette come running over from the entrance. I silently reloaded my handgun while looking at him as I waited for him to arrive before me.

“Your Majesty, please wait for a while, Her Majesty will be here immediately.”

“Castell.” I stood up and looked at Castell, who was panting, and coldly said, “Head back and inform Her Majesty that I won’t stay. I’m taking Luna home now. I won’t give up no matter who comes to stop me. If you’re here to stop me, then you’ll have to step over my corpse!”


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