Son-con – Vol. 8 Ch. 32

“You look after him, I’m going back.”

“You stop right there!”

Vyvyan grabbed Elizabeth with one hand. She furiously glared at her with her blood-red eyes and in a deep voice roared, “What exactly happened? Why did this happen? Why does something happen to my son every single time he’s at your Royal Capital?!”

Elizabeth pushed Vyvyan’s hand off, and then looked at her and roared back the same way, “I don’t know! I don’t know why this happened, either!! Alice is absolutely loyal! I trust her!  I still trust her even now. But my son is in danger now, so I have no time to explain things to you. I’m going back now!”

“He’s my son!” Vyvyan pointed at Castell by the side and said, “I’ve already repaired his damaged organs, so he won’t die. He’s not my personal attendant or my vassal. I’ve already shown him the utmost magnanimity. You stay here. I’m going to, personally, rescue my son!”

Elizabeth scratched her head as she looked at Vyvyan and asked, “Can you teleport there?”

It was a full-moon night; therefore, Vyvyan could save even Castell, who was almost dead. She could, indeed, teleport into the Royal Capital within an instant to resolve this crisis.

“I can’t. I need a target to teleport to! This is my first time at your Royal Capital. How am I supposed to remember your things in order to use teleportation?!”

Vyvyan anxiously grabbed her hair and said, “My son hasn’t used his necklace, so I have no destination to teleport to. I can only rush back. I’m going to use wind magic to fly back there. I should be able to reach him in ten minutes.”

“Let’s do that, then. I’m coming, too.”

Elizabeth nodded. Vyvyan nodded back then coldly said, “But I need to warn you ahead of time that I don’t care who or what in your city it happens to be; if they are a threat to my son, I’ll destroy them for sure. I don’t care who she is or what she means to you. From my perspective, she’s just an enemy who wants to harm my son, and I’m very crazy tonight. You should understand that, right?”

Elizabeth looked into Vyvyan’s eyes without any fear and replied, “There’s only one thing I can’t promise you, and that is my personal bodyguard. She has served me for over ten years. She would never betray me. She must have her reasons for doing this. I absolutely believe that she has a reason. So if you see her, call me. I’ll question her face to face! I personally arranged for a squad of Valkyries to stand guard outside my son’s outer court. There’s no way they can defeat Alice, but they can buy us some time.”

“I can’t promise that she’ll live until your arrival. If something happens to my son, I’ll have your entire Royal Capital pay with their lives! You have my word!”

Vyvyan indifferently waved her hand, and the winds from all directions seemingly gathered below her feet similarly a cloud of wind. Vyvyan then aggressively pulled her hand back and remarked, “Lucia and Nier are here.”

Nier entered the tent. She looked at their stern expressions and hesitated for a moment before asking, “Your Majesty, Your Highness, what happened?”

“My son is in trouble.”

Elizabeth gave a simple response. Lucia lingered for a moment before looking toward Her Highness. Vyvyan nodded. Lucia took in a deep breath; then she calmly said, “Your Highness, please share a portion of your mana with me. I want to use the wind elves to fly back. I, too, want to go and save my husband.”

“Me, too.”

Nier stepped up. She looked at Lucia then Elizabeth. She sincerely said, “Something must have happened with Alice, I presume. As long as I can fight face-to-face with Alice, I will definitely be able to rescue my husband.”

Vyvyan looked at the two of them. Lucia touched her abdomen and exclaimed, “Regardless of what the situation is, I won’t give up His Highness. If something happens to His Highness, then I will die next to him. I am determined to walk with His Highness even if it is hell we are headed to! I cannot stay in the rear when my husband is in trouble. I would die from worry!”

“Same for me! I will not allow anyone to harm my husband. If she wants to kill my husband, I will kill her, and then accompany my husband to the other side!”

Nier looked at Elizabeth and firmly said, “I shall go and change into my Valkyrie uniform now. I am a Valkyrie and also His Majesty’s bodyguard. Your Majesty, you did give me the order to protect His Majesty; thus, I shall continue to do so forever! Now is an opportunity for me to protect him!”

The two mothers exchanged glances. Vyvyan then chuckled and asked, “I can’t talk them out of it. How about you?”

“Let’s go together, then. There’s not much time left to be arguing about this. Nier, you must be careful. You’re not in the same condition as you were in the past. Don’t push yourself. Just stick with me.”

The Empress stroked Nier’s head. Nier tore her dress open then grabbed a sword from a guard standing to the side. She took in a deep breath and changed her expression to her cold look that resembled a blade that hasn’t been drawn in a long time, but maintained its sharp edge.

“Lucky I never slacked on my training.”

Lucia looked at the sword in her hand and revealed a consoled smile. She had always been training hard, so that she could kill Nier in battle. She continued to train hard to achieve that goal. As such, she was very confident in herself this time. She was determined to rescue her husband no matter what this time.


Currently outside the entrance of the outer court.

“Captain Alice.”

“Move. Let me in.”

The Valkyries looked at Alice with a cold look and refused to make way. They continued standing at the door of the outer court and explained, “An explosion went off nearby not long ago, so the outer court is off bounds and nobody is permitted entry.”

“Insolence! I am your captain!”

“Her Majesty ordered us to guard the outer court. We will not let anyone through while it is still sealed off.” The Valkyries looked at Alice, who brought Valkyries with her. They drew their swords and asked, “Are you going to force your way through, Captain Alice? Her Majesty ordered us to protect His Majesty. What are you trying to do?”

“What am I trying to do? Punish traitors! Sisters! Charge!”

“Enemy attack!!”

The Valkyries loudly shouted, and then all of the Valkyries inside and outside the outer court engaged in a killing spree. A big group of sisters killed each other without a hint of hesitation. Flesh flew through the air as they fought. Their battle was intense. Not one of them backed down, and not one begged for mercy. All that could be heard were the Valkyries’ swords clashing and their roars.

“Now… Now…”

Alice huffed and puffed. She wiped the blood off her face, and then stomped on a Valkyrie’s head, causing it to burst as an air balloon would. She stood amidst the corpses and walked through the river of blood. She looked up. She looked to the empty outer court with a crazed murderous intent and smile.

All of the Valkyries guarding the outer court were dead. Nobody could stop her.

Nobody. Absolutely nobody.

“Sisters, advance. See that? Victory is right at our fingertips.”


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