Son-con – Vol. 8 Ch. 28

Among several people seated at a table, a small silhouette that looked as though it was standing on a chair looked at those seated below, “If you’re going to do it, you must do it as soon as you can.”

“Looked” isn’t quite the right word since the entire room was pitch black without a light in the room. The individuals in the room weren’t very visible, so it was impossible to identify the individuals.

An individual resentfully complained, “It appears that the previous incident has raised the Prince’s alertness. It is all the Valkyries’ fault. We could have used the opportunity to go all out on the Prince, but their mistake wasted the opportunity to capture him.”

“The Valkyries can’t be blamed for it. Not even the captain would have the right to stop the Valkyries in that situation. At best, the Valkyries’ captain is only Her Majesty’s representative, not someone who can command the Valkyries directly. Their disrespect for the Royal Palace was the equivalent of an insult hurled at Her Majesty; therefore, they wouldn’t have stopped even if their captain commanded them to.”

“Whatever the case, it seems that option is not viable. Just as importantly, the Empress has decided to pass the throne to the Prince. We think that only Her Majesty has the right to be the Empress. The throne cannot be handed to a brat still wet behind the ears. Therefore, if we can’t make him lose his right, we’ll just control him directly.”

One of the individuals solemnly agreed, “Uhm, let’s do that. But according to what you said, His Majesty will be extremely weak on the full-moon night every month, so let’s take action on that day then.”

“Uhm, let’s do that then. At present, there are only three days to go until the next full moon. It’s worrisome that we haven’t obtained our weapons yet, though.”

“It’ll be fine. Even without weapons, I believe that the Valkyries who support me will be able to defeat all those standing in our way. We don’t need weapons. We have Her Majesty’s loyalty. That is our honour, our soul and also our weapon.”

“The Valkyries know about this?”

“No, not yet. However, I think I will need to recruit some members when the time comes. The Valkyries will support me, apart from maybe some, who won’t agree. The Valkyrie squad is a mess because of the Prince. They’re no longer as pure as they once were. Some of the Valkyries are now supporting the Prince because of Nier and Shusia, so there may very well be an internal fight between the Valkyries.”

“What are the chances of victory?”

“Very high, I would say, as they’re bound to be fewer in numbers. Plus, there won’t be many soldiers who will step up while the Prince is incapacitated. The Valkyries are a squad that was trained and formed for Her Majesty’s sake; hence, they are unlikely to sacrifice their lives for him.”

“How about his guard unit?”

“They’re a bother. In the desert in the south, they killed several times more people than their own numbers.”

“They suffered severe wounds in the desert and are currently recuperating in the North, so they won’t be able to make it down here. There’s currently only one team with the Prince, and that’s the Valkyries. Their sword instructor Nier and the Shadow Squad captain Lucia are both with Her Majesty and Her Highness. Subsequently, there is no one around the Prince who can fight.”

“It looks as though it’ll be a simple job. We just need to capture the Prince, and our matter will be all over. And it’s as if the heavens will so. We’ve got nothing but opportunities.”

“But the most important thing is the Prince on the full-moon night.”

Just when everybody let out a sigh of relief, the owner of the small silhouette spoke out. She softly added, “Do not forget that His Majesty can fight, especially on full-moon nights. His elven blood empowers him with a very frightening power on full-moon nights, so we will be facing a wild beast in pain.”

“But didn’t you just say that we were going to capture him on the full-moon night?”

“I was saying to not be rash!” The owner of the small silhouette cut him off in an irritated tone, and then coldly said, “Let Luna suck out all of his mana first, so that he becomes weak. Don’t let anything happen to us before the full-moon night. We must wait for Luna to come out before we launch our operation. If we’re early, the berserk Prince will obliterate the palace, so we must not act ahead of schedule.”

“I get it. We get it. But there’s another important thing, and that is, can we not kill him right away, but, instead, bring him before us and then discuss how to deal with him?”

“You want to quit?!”

The small individual cut off another individual. The individual hesitantly shook his head and replied, “No. We must do this; nevertheless, we must act with a plan. At least, we shouldn’t kill him right away. We should at least consider the consequences. It’s not too late to kill him after we report it to Her Majesty.”

“That’s right. We’ve already decided to do this, so we don’t need to worry needlessly in the short-term. He has to be killed in the end anyway, and therefore you don’t need to worry.”

After hearing the explanation from the two, the owner of the small silhouette sat back down and grouchily dabbed her head with her finger. After a moment of silence, she said, “We must kill the Prince; that’s not debatable. Also, remember, we are only revolting against the Prince, not the Empress. If you do something that is detrimental to the Empress, I’ll rip all of your heads off just as I did with that stupid old friend of mine.”

“We understand. We are here because we are loyal to Her Majesty. We will not hold any ulterior motives toward Her Majesty.”

“That better be the case, or else you’ll regret it. I can’t trust anyone now. Ten years of adoration couldn’t earn me the loyalty of a man, so what else can I believe in? I, however, believe that even without him by my side, Her Majesty still has countless of other loyal people around her. Let’s leave now. I think that the Prince should’ve finished dinner by now. Let him have a moment with his maid. He’s not going to get a chance to see her again, after all.”

The few of them stood up. The leader of the group pulled the door open. They were in a small room, but the room was unexpectedly located in the inner sections of the Royal Palace. The lights outside had just been lit up. The Royal Palace interior was cold and empty, for Her Majesty had taken off with a team. All they could hear was the voices around the corner.

“Let’s do that then. I’ll leave it with you.”

“Ah, Your Majesty, Miss Freya.”

Alice looked at the two who walked up to her and forced herself to not reveal her look of disdain for him. She did her best to greet the Prince in front of her with a smile. The reason she deliberately avoided meeting him was to avoid revealing her look of disdain for him. She had to keep her hostility toward him hidden from him, or her plan might get exposed.

“In that case, I shall leave everything with you, Alice.”

“It’s nothing. It is my duty, my most important duty……”

‘As expected, he’s still that Prince who’s always passing responsibilities to others, useless at everything and delegating jobs to others, even trusting his life in the hands of others. How can someone, like him, become an Emperor?’

‘Let me show him what the ending for a useless Emperor is.’


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