Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 07

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To Be Continued

Three months prior, at Dragon Fang Mountain.

The mountain looked imposing because of the protruding peak. It, therefore, looked evil and aggressive, like a dragon’s fang, and hence its name.

At this current time, there were two sides that were holding a duel in front of tens of thousands of people.

The identities of the two fighting were very unique.

One of them was a member of the Seven White Champion Princes, a descendant of the Gold and Silver Sect. He had defeated everybody in Jiangnan. He was the young Number One Sabre King, Jin Wangsun!

The White Champion Princes were bestowed their title in the founding emperor’s time, however; their families’ histories went back even further. While their history does not go back as far as Cold Mountain Temple, which had a millennium-long history, Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary and the other major sects have been famous in the pugilistic world for a century.

For example, the Bai family, from Acacia Valley, has existed for centuries. They had been conferred the new Seventh Prince title. They only began to rise after being conferred the title by the founding emperor a century ago. This allowed them to become prominent like the Song family in Yang Zhou and the Gold and Silver Sect in Jiangnan.

The God and Silver Sect are different to the other White Princes. They’re both a martial arts school and also a sect that started off as a business. They were skilled at business, calculating, and planning, not allowing anything to be wasted. As a result, their business aspect is prospering.

When the founding emperor revolted back then he required manpower, money, and provisions.

The ancestors of the Gold and Silver Sect helped out a lot. Consequently, they were crowned as one of the Seven Champion White Princes. The founding emperor also promised to never charge them taxes for as long as this dynasty reigned.

The Gold and Silver Sect was wealthy, to begin with. When combined with the tax-free privilege, the reputation of being a White Champion Prince, and their century of savings, their wealth now rivalled the nation.

The business under their banner has steadily placed in the top three businesses. Nobody in Jiangnan’s martial world can rival their wealth.

But despite that, the other White Champion Princes still think lowly of their martial arts skills, while complaining that they reek of bronze.

It’s not hard to realise that the Gold and Silver Sect’s martial arts aren’t impressive. Though they do have a speciality, and that is they have thick skin. They’re very good at being calculative, no matter the occasion.

They’re self-aware that their special rights come from the fact that they are among the Seven White Champion Princes. Thus, they have always done their best to improve their martial arts skills; hence, they utilised their immense wealth to collect secret manuals of all the styles in the world for their own use. This allowed their skills to gradually improve over the last century.

That was how Jing Wangsun managed to master impressive martial arts.

The Black and White Reflection once ranked the second-generation young man. It listed him among the seventeen incredible young men, which they attached the name Seventeen Hidden Dragons.

The first spot was taken by an unknown disciple from Mount Daluo, while Moon Chaser Swordsman was ranked tenth, so it was a ranking of strong young men.

Jin Wangsun, who was named the Sabre King of Jiangnan was ranked second among the best sabre users, so you couldn’t deny his strength.

However, despite having such an impressive background, most people were of the impression that Jin Wangsun had no chance of winning this fight. Concurrently, they considered his opponent somebody that shouldn’t be challenged.

The sect Jin Wangsun challenged was called Night Fortress, and the person he challenged was its master.

Below are the reactions of most of the people in the martial world when news of the impending duel spread.

One of the Abbots of Shaolin, “Amitabha, Amitabha, monks do not exaggerate things. Fighting will bring harm, which is not a good thing. When you fight, somebody is bound to die and I must conduct ceremonies for the dead. Shaolin is currently running a buy one get one free promotion. Don’t miss out! You can leave your contact details if you like, and we can be friends.”

“Victory or defeat? There is no need to ask. We should talk about the costs involved in the ceremony. Not leaving a monetary donation behind upon entering my Shaolin temple is bullying us. We cannot tolerate such bullying! Men, Luohan Formation!”

One of the leaders of Wudang, “Young man, I have noticed that your forehead is dark. You are doomed to die within three days! Come, come, come, I shall share with you three words. I will not ask you to pay if I am incorrect. Now, please pay your registration fee first.”

One of the leaders of Emei, “Is there any need to compete? Has Jin Wangsun lost his mind? Fighting him is the same as killing yourself. Oh, right, when you ascend Dragon Fang Mountain and see that guy, tell him to hurry up and come see my disciple. Is he going back on his promise from back then, or what?”

The leader of Gold and Silver Sect, “Win? Hahahahaha, oh my god, hang on, let me catch my breath. Oh my god. Win? Is he dreaming or still not awake? Have you ever seen an egg crush a rock?”

“The reason I told the punk to go and challenge the Master of Night Fortress was to give him a lesson. He can barely even handle the usual daily stuff, and he’s Jiangnan’s Sabre King? I just want to teach him a lesson, so that he knows what it means for there to always be someone superior.”

“the Master of Night Fortress is known as Jiangnan’s Face Slapping King. Whenever a kid won’t learn his place, he gets sent to the Master of Night Fortress to learn a lesson. It’s a guarantee he’ll learn a lesson.”

“This is what happened back then. The punk from Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary was overbearing and excessively cocky, so I said to him ‘Kid, you need help.’ I had him pack his stuff and then sent him to the Master of Night Fortress. His temperament improved immediately, in less than three days. The results of his treatment were like the work of God.”

“Let me put it this way; I would still pay the Master of Night Fortress two-thousand gold ingots, after my son gets beaten, as an education fee, all right? I have to spend money to teach my kid. If I don’t, he’ll always be poor. Win? Win? Heh, all right, feel free to write what I say next and circulate it in the pugilistic world. I said it. Write it down.”

“If. If my son, my blasted son, can defeat the Master of Night Fortress, I’ll abdicate my seat as the leader of my sect and my wealth. I’ll pass it all on to him. It’s only natural for me to. If he can beat the Master of Night Fortress, he is incredible. You know what? I’ll abdicate my seat, go back to my hometown and plant crops, too.”

Because the leaders of the various sects were excessively bad-tempered, the reporter for the Black and White Reflection nearly lost his life to publish that issue. However, due to how excessively authentic things sounded, the battle was spoken of as if it was a miraculous fight.

The two sects were now confronting each other on Dragon Fang Mountain.

Jin Wangsun led the people of Gold and Silver Sect, while the opposition brought their own people.

One party was one of the Seven Champion White Princes, while the other was a myth of Jiangnan’s martial world.

One was a legendary sect that was a leader among the orthodox sects, while the other was of an unorthodox sect.

Their representatives stood up. They exchanged eye contact with Jing Wangsun as they snickered silently.

Jin Wangsun said, “My sabre is so thirsty for blood it can barely control itself.”

His opponent said, “My piss is ready for your sabre to drink.”

Jin Wangsun fumed, “You’re shameless! You ruffian!”

His opponent exclaimed, “Go home to your mommy! Go home to your mommy!”

The atmosphere between the two was like two kids bickering with each other…

“Second in Command!”

A disciple, acting as a messenger, shouted out from behind and rushed over in a panic.

The man called ‘Second in Command’ turned his head around and exclaimed, “Shut up!”

He then glared at the angry Jin Wangsun and said, “Personal matters are of less importance than the group’s affairs. Speak with me inside if there’s something you need to say.”

The second in command wore a cold expression. He snorted and then went into the temporary wooden building. There are a few others inside who were all disciples of Night Fortress.

“What’s wrong? Why are you all in a panic?”

The messenger disciple replied, “Second in Command, the Master has not returned yet. He needs to fight in a moment. What are we going to do?”

“What’s there to panic about? When have we lost? We can’t lose with the Master here.”

“But he…”

Their Second in Command waved his hand and replied, “What’s the big deal? Listen, the Master already informed me. He told me to run Night Fortress properly. What does that mean? It means we’re going to seize power in the pugilistic world! I sent the Master a letter already. He could get here within an hour with his Qinggong prowess. I had our Third in Command invite the Master three days ago, just in case. Watch me fuck up this stupid Gold and Silver sect when everybody arrives. I’ll make him bounce up and down in front of me for giggles. I’ll put him in his place today!”

The messenger was overjoyed. He then asked with concern, “But we were the ones who accepted the duel. What happens if the Master refuses to fight?”

“It’ll be fine.” The Second in Command snickered. He looked like he had it in the bag as he continued, “Do you still not know him well enough? I prepared a lethal weapon to deal with him already.”

The Second in Command whispered a few words, causing everybody else to immediately wear delighted smiles.

“That is great then! That always works on the Master.”

The disciples on guard duty outside suddenly asked, “Second in Command, Jin Wangsun asked when the fight will start.”

The Second in Command snorted. He exuded huge amounts of his dominant aura, “Tell him to piss off. Tell him to patiently wait for his death.” He paused for a moment and then added, “Add ‘go home to your mommy’.”

The disciple outside the door responded with even more delight, “Sure thing~”

“Heh, weakling.”

The Second in Command looked up at the ceiling. He wore a lonely expression, “After old Ximen Chuideng pissed off, there aren’t many worthy our attention left in the pugilistic world.”

With a lonely expression, he stroked the black weapon box on the table.

“Sigh, there’s no opportunity to use this godly weapon despite having it.”

A knock then came from outside.

The Second in Command thundered, “Didn’t I tell you to tell him to go back to home to his mommy?”

The individual outside the door meekly replied, “Our Third in Command has arrived!!”

“Oh?” The Second in Command looked up, “Old Third is here! Hurry and invite him in!”

A tall young individual entered from outside. He had a western pair of glasses on. He looked like a bookworm.

He revealed a sly smile and said, “Lucky I didn’t fail.”

The Second in Command asked with surprise, “Is Big Bro here? Where is he?”

The Third in Command revealed a sly smile, “He didn’t come.”

“He didn’t come?!”

The Second in Command kicked and then raised his voice, “He didn’t come?! What the fuck did you return for then?”

“He didn’t come, but I have his letter address to you here.”

“Oh, say so sooner then.”

The Second in Command revealed a shy smile, “Hatechu (hate you~.) You scared me.”

The Second in Command took the letter, “Kiss, kiss! Big Bro didn’t forget to write me a letter despite being busy and having to get ready to set out.”

He opened the letter.

There was only one sentence in the letter.

“I’ve retired. Make the decisions on deals yourself.”




Repeat ellipses ten thousand times.

“What the fuck?!!!!”

While the second in command was flustered, the disciple outside casually reported, “Heh, Second in Command, that punk, Jin Wangsun, is coming over here with his sabre to die~”

“Oh, fuck!!!!!”

The Second in Command quickly commanded, “Where’s the challenger invitation? Where’s the challenger invitation?! We’re not accepting the challenge. Throw it back!”

“B-But you already returned it to him.”

“Explain it to him then. We’re all a big family in the martial world. We can talk it out!”

“Y-Your response was all vulgar language…”


The Second in Command was faced with a crisis!

That was the most amusing fight in all of Jiangnan’s martial world’s history. Jin Wangsun challenged all of Night Fortress alone with a single sabre.

The Gold and Silver Sect’s power finally began to expand to the point they were virtually on the same level as Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary. Night Fortress’s title also vanished from Jiangnan’s martial world, henceforth.

Jin Wangsun became known throughout the world because of the event. It allowed him to succeed the leader position of the Gold and Silver sect, as well as getting an audience with the emperor. Meanwhile, his father was sent back to his hometown to work in the fields.

Cries of celebration erupted on Dragon Fang Mountain. Occasionally you would hear “Motherfucker! Let’s go! Let’s go and find the Master! Ow! Watch where you’re going! Don’t push meeeeee!!”

It sounded like something fell off the cliff and echoed throughout the mountain…



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