Son-con – Vol. 8 Ch. 10

At night, I hugged Nier, who was next to me, and apologised, “Sorry, Nier. I haven’t been back for long, and I have to leave again.”

‘When I returned to humanity’s lands, Freya informed me that I had to prepare to return to the Royal Capital to take part in the annual meeting’s preparations. I originally wanted to stay with Nier for a little longer, but I won’t be getting the chance. The time we had together was just a few embraces’ long. We didn’t even get to say much to each other.’

“It’s all right… It’s all right. Dear, I understand…” Nier gently snuggled up on my chest then took in a deep breath before continuing, “I understand that you’re very busy. I told you, I want to be of help to you, not a burden to you. Dear, wherever it is you need to go, you just need to let me know. I understand. I can look after myself.”

I gently brushed against her head and next to her ear apologised, “Sorry. Sorry…”

Nier gently stroked the hickey mark on my neck. She softly said, “She could stand being separated from you for so long so I can, too… My love for you won’t change because of place or time… And I will love you even more after separation.”

I stroked Nier’s head and tenderly replied, “Look after yourself, Nier. I’m worried about you most right now. Of course, that includes Lucia…”

Nier gave my thigh underneath a hard pinch, so I obediently shut up and didn’t mention Lucia in front of her. She looked at me then kissed me on my lips, and we were entangled together for a while. Nier then leaned away, and quietly pouted, “Dear, don’t mention that woman in front of me… she even left a mark on your neck… I want to leave one, too!”

Before I could refuse her, Nier had bitten me right next to Vyvyan’s mark. I had no tears to cry despite wanting to.

‘Am I going to attend the annual meeting with three hickeys? Am I going to let all the vassal states see kiss marks on my neck? No way.’

‘It appears that the scarf Mommy Elizabeth knitted me is very useful.  I just never imagined that the main function of the scarf would be to hide the kiss marks on my neck…’

Nier and I tightly embraced.

‘Due to her being pregnant, Nier didn’t do that sort of stuff with me again. To me, that’s a blessing. I am physically weak at the moment after all… Vyvyan had taken a lot of my mana. However, Vyvyan managed to send me back with just a wave of her hand this time.’

‘My luggage for tomorrow had been prepared. I didn’t bring my guard unit along, as they were still recuperating from their injuries. Those who weren’t injured were also recuperating. It would be too much to ask them to sortie right now. Elizabeth, however, generously assigned me two Valkyrie teams to act as my bodyguards.’

‘I feel like the Valkyries are a lot less hostile to me now. And with their sword instructor with me, the Valkyrie teams here weren’t too hostile to me, but we’re just maintaining a basic level of harmony. If Nier was here, I’m confident I could make this team obey me, since Nier holds a very high rank within the Valkyries squad.’

‘Now, though, this team just needed to keep me safe.’                  

‘Valkyries are definitely qualified bodyguards.’

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, good morning!”

When I opened my eyes, I saw Luna standing before me, holding my clothes with a smile. I froze for a moment, and then let go of Nier, who was in my arms, and rubbed my eyes. I stared at Luna. She lingered for a moment before looking at me and asking, “Your Majesty, are you bothered by something, or have I got something on my face?”

“No… It’s just… I never thought you’d be next to me…”

Luna revealed smile as it was a matter of course then responded, “What are you saying? I am your personal servant. It is a given that I would be by your side. Your Majesty, you are not quite yet awake, are you? I must apologise, though, as you cannot continue sleeping. The Valkyrie squad has begun the day. You need to have breakfast and prepare to head out.”

“Ah… Wait… didn’t you go for a vacation?”

I looked at Luna.

‘She shouldn’t be here right now. She should be off on vacation. Though she did say she’d be back today, I never thought she’d be back now. Logically speaking, she should’ve been back yesterday afternoon, but I happened to be on the elven side at the time.’

“I just took a bath at the hot spring outside the city. It was really comfortable.” Luna smiled, and then touched her cheeks as if she brought the moisture and warmth from the spring out. She then titled her head with a smile and went on, “I need to go with you to the Royal Capital this time once again. I am your only personal servant, after all. Plus, you would be distressed without me, right?”

I sat up. Luna grabbed a towel from a basin by the side to wipe my body. I looked at Nier, who was sound asleep, and gave her a light kiss on her check before pulling the blanket over her. I then picked up my shirt and wore it on. Luna added the finishing touch by draping my cape over my shoulders and adjusting it. She then gave me a few gentle pats on my shoulder and said, “Let us go, Your Majesty. I am the only one coming along again this time.”

I grinned and responded, “It won’t be just us. My moms will also be coming. But you’re right. You’re the only one around me that’s coming. I never thought that we could only get the opportunity in the desert.”

“I guess we could call it fate, Your Majesty. It was fortunate that I did not leave the city. Could this be considered our connection? It appears that god wants for us to be together a while longer.”

Luna giggled then asked, “What is the trip for this time? Judging from Miss Freya’s tone, it sounds as though is something very important… Is it a good idea to not bring Miss Freya along for something so important?”

I nodded and then explained, “It can’t be helped. Freya isn’t my biological sister, so she can’t take part in this sort of event for the royal family. But Freya prepared information on all of the vassal states for me. Additionally, I have my moms, so it’ll be fine.”

“Uhm, okay then.”

Luna has never questioned my arrangements. She nodded and then we left the room together. I looked at Nier, who was asleep, one last time and hesitated for a moment before shutting the door gently.

‘Perhaps I’m not particularly sad, because this was now the second time we’re separating.’          

‘Moreover, since Nier wanted to be of help to me, I won’t make her angry with herself. There’s still time in life. I don’t need to mind separating once or twice like this. I’ll stay by their sides all the time afterwards, growing old together and watching our children grow up.’

‘But before that time comes, I need to work hard for my own dream, for our life in the future, and for the expectations my moms have. ‘

‘Although I didn’t complete the task in the desert perfectly last time, I’m certain I can leave a good impression with the vassal states this time. They might not think I can surpass her majesty, but I’ll make it so that they willingly compliment me, saying “He’s Her Majesty’s child all right!”’


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