Son-con – Vol. 7 Ch. 52

“Your Majesty, have you finished up the matter with Nara and Tarak?”

I was seated at the table. While watching the sun to the west with a cup of tea in my hand, I nodded. I smiled helplessly as I touched my neck and replied, “I finally got Tarak to confess his feelings to her in the end. Nara said ‘yes’ without a moment of hesitation. I always said Nara was a straightforward girl. I knew they’d get together right away if Tarak confessed. All is well now. Their deal is sealed, but I have to make a trip back here in a few months.”

Luna nodded. She took the cup of tea in my hand then looked at the sky outside. In a concerned voice, she said, “But, Your Majesty… Today…”

“Ah, I know. It’s a full-moon night.” I nodded and went on, “Let’s keep it a secret. I don’t want others to know that it happens to me every month. I’ll be screwed if somebody takes advantage of it and tries to assassinate me. Mm, Luna, stay in my room tonight and lock the door tight. Don’t open the door even if it’s Philes and company.”

Luna nodded and then asked, “But your condition has not been bad up until now today. Your Majesty, do you feel anything strange at the moment?”

“Anything strange…? The only strange feeling I have right now is probably that I’m not in pain.” I touched my face with a smile. Normally I’d already be in so much pain I’d be losing myself. The gravitational force of the moon causes all of the mana in my body to go berserk. Normally, I’d already be lying on the bed waiting for Vyvyan or Luna already. But I wasn’t in any pain at the moment. I just felt a little numb. I wonder if it’s because the moon comes out later than usual in the desert or it it’s because there is too little mana here.”

‘Whatever the case, it doesn’t seem that I’ll need someone to help me tonight. This a very, very rare chance for me, because it was the first time I could enjoy gazing at the full-moon since coming here.’

Luna looked at me slightly happy. She said, “So does that mean that you will be fine tonight? That is really good. You will not have to suffer the torment. Your Majesty, how about we just live in the desert from now…? Ah… I apologise……”

Luna quickly lowered her head and covered her mouth with a hint of sadness. Her reaction was due to her realising she said something that could be considered treason.

What she said was ” … we just live in the desert …”

Only my two moms, Lucia and Nier had the right to say that. Luna is just a personal servant. She had no right to say that. She had no right to choose where to live because she had to obey her master’s orders. She couldn’t ask her master to live in a particular place. It was her master that was the one who’d tell her where to live.

I grabbed hold of Luna’s hands. She looked at me a little flustered, but I chuckled and scanned her face.

Luna really is very, very beautiful. Her beauty doesn’t pale in comparison to Lucia. If she were to dress up and do up her make-up properly, she would be a perfect fit for the Prince. If she was born in the palace, able to grow up by Troy’s side, she would be Lucia’s number one competitor for his heart.

Unfortunately, Luna wasn’t that fortunate. The heavens bestowed her with beauty, but didn’t give her a beautiful life, as well. Luna, who by all means could’ve become the Princess, ended up only being able to be His Highness’ personal servant. She didn’t live in a Cinderella world, for she was never going to have crystal shoes or a pumpkin carriage. His Highness had those he loved ones and could never give her a title.

This was as far as their relationship could go.

I let go of Luna’s hand. I stroked her head and in a tender voice said, “Luna, bring some wine and food. Let’s gaze at the moon tonight. I’m usually on a bed trying to withstand the pain on a full-moon night. I’ve never gazed at the moon on a full-moon night. Perhaps this is an opportunity to let me see the moon on a full-moon night for the first time.”

Luna looked up. Her eyes shined with joy. She gave me a firm nod and replied, “All right, Your Majesty! If you do not mind, I shall moon-gaze with you tonight. I would like to see the moon at its biggest in the desert, too.”

I sat down on the chair to the side. With my back facing her, I replied, “All right. Go and prepare then.”

I heard Luna’s footsteps gradually head to the door and then the sound of the door shutting. From my pocket, I took out the protective talisman that had been cut in two and began to sew it back together.

‘I can’t be blamed for this. I’ve never done needle-work before!’

‘This is something Nier gave me, though. When I return myself to her in one piece, I want to return this talisman to her in one piece, too. These things are all hers, after all.’


“Although I shouldn’t be the one to say this, I don’t think anything good will come out of you continuing to be immersed in your relationship like this.”

Just after Luna had left with excited steps, a lazy voice came from behind. Luna paused for a moment before revealing a polite smile and turning around to give Lorana a deep bow. She responded, “Hello, Miss Lorana. May I ask if your wound has healed? I am very glad to see that you can move around.”

Lorana hesitated for a moment before scratching her head and replying, “You don’t need to worry about my wound. I’ll be fine with some elven spring water. I’m worried about you. Luna; how much longer do you intend to continue like this? If you get more and more immersed in it, you’ll bring misfortune upon yourself soon enough. You know that elves can’t accept their loved one having another, right? Of course, Lucia is no exception. She lost the duel so she can’t blame anyone.”

Luna patiently waited for Lorana to finish. Her expression didn’t even change. It was as though what Lorana spoke about had nothing to do with her.

“Is that so? So do you have any other business? If not, I need to go and prepare refreshments for His Majesty. I shall not entertain you any longer.”

Once she wrapped up her reply, she made a small bow with a smile and then turned around to leave.

Lorana froze for a moment. She then grabbed Luna with one hand and sternly exclaimed, “I’m being serious with you. Don’t brush it off. Luna, you’re getting more and more addicted to staying at His Majesty’s side. You’re able to spend time alone with His Majesty, because the two of them aren’t here right now. If you get used to it and reveal your relationship to them out of carelessness, you’ll be done for. Do you realise that?! You must be careful, even if you’re a mistress. With you being so open about it, what if Nier finds out?!”

Luna tilted her head to the side and asked with puzzlement, “What are you talking about? I am just His Majesty’s personal servant. I have never thought about being his mistress or something nor have I wanted to contend with the two princesses for anything. Therefore, I do not understand what you are saying. I honestly do not have time. What are we going to do if His Majesty gets angry?”

Lorana let go of her and watched her leave right before her eyes. She blankly watched Luna’s back and opened her mouth a few times to speak, but didn’t say anything in the end.

There are some things which you can’t get over once you’ve become used to them.

But sometimes, you will forget your original identity if you immerse yourself in a role for too long, just as the young man in the desert did. If he stayed in his moms’ arms for too long, he wouldn’t be willing to leave.

But he didn’t use the necklace in the end.

It would seem that he’s no longer a mommy’s child anymore. His two moms will probably think that their son is becoming more and more similar to their husband when they see his face in the future…


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