Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 3 Ch. 60

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Secret of Divine Moon Cult. The Plan Failed (Part 1) 

Ming Feizhen didn’t deal a fatal blow.

Blood came out of seven of Jia Yunfeng’s orifices, but he was still alive.

Using Spring Wind Rainy Nights Divine Arts, Ming Feizhen crippled his vessels. He then immediately followed up with Yi Jin Manual to begin healing his vessels that belonged to Mount Hua Sect. Ming Feizhen only erased the League of Assassins’ martial arts he had been practising for years, not his lifetime worth of skills.

Despite committing so many immoral and traitorous crimes, he was still Mount Hua sect’s leader. An outsider has no right to confer or strip him of his title nor to decide his life and death.

Ming Feizhen just finished the job he was asked to do by the previous leader of Mount Hua sect, staying within the boundaries of what he could rightfully do.

A green look appeared on Jia Yunfeng’s painful expression, indicating that the unorthodox style he practised was gradually leaving his body.

Once done, Ming Feizhen didn’t give him any further attention. He instead turned around to help up the delicately beautiful princess.

Jia Yunfeng had treated the princess cruelly, while Ming Feizhen himself had peeked on her, so he considered this atonement for his offence.

Ming Feizhen didn’t say anything. He removed a coat to cover the Princess’s pink, smooth, and long thighs. He touched her palm and then transferred qi to her. Her cold body jolted gently and then she felt a lot better.

He then lowered his head and said, “Your Highness, I had some personal issues with him in the past, so I can’t let him die yet. If you or His Majesty wishes to settle the score with him, I will not help.”

The Princess replied, “Though the traitor deserves to die, his crime cannot be absolved just by execution. He naturally should be judged by Mount Hua, whom shall deal with it solemnly.”

The Emperor said, “She is right. Hero, thank you for your assistance today. But may I ask for your name? After this, I shall…” He shut one eye and looked at his daughter who was looking at Ming Feizhen, forgetting all about herself. He sighed to himself and then went on, “Visit you with Hongzhuang to thank you for saving our lives.”

The Emperor has personal experience and has children, so he could tell what his daughter was thinking. When he saw Ming Feizhen defeat the powerful foes and then immediately turn around to worry about his daughter, he immediately thought that he could pair them up!

“May I ask where you are from, how old you are this year, and are you married?”

Ming Feizhen was puzzled, “I am from Nanjing. I am twenty-eight this year and have never married.”

“Not married yet, huh? Twenty-eight years old… you’re still young then. That’s good. That’s good.”

The Emperor praised him sincerely. He was just one step away from just asking them to hook up. Princess Hongzhuang blushed because of the information she learned from her father’s questions. She lowered her head and thought to herself, ‘So… so he’s so young.’

Ming Feizhen raised his hand to stop the Emperor from saying any more.

“Your Majesty, Jia Yunfeng may have been apprehended, but the threat in the imperial city has yet to be subdued. Only the four members of Mystery came, but there are many more assassins from the League of Assassins that have snuck in.”

In a confused tone, the Emperor asked, “Since Mystery has been defeated, how much of a threat could the others be?”

Ming Feizhen shook his head, “That is not how it works. You cannot lump the League of Assassins and their assassins together. The League of Assassins accepts a job and hands it to the assassination teams that are part of their organisation, thereby profiting as a middle-man. That is how ordinary people see the League of Assassins. However, they are unaware that they are also the largest organisation in the martial world responsible for training assassins at the same time. They have hands in the formation of teams and nurture them until they are mature. In other words, from beginning to end, until the teams are capable of standing on their own. In this way, the assassination teams they train fear and depend on the organisation. Therefore, the League of Assassins does not fear the possibility of betrayal. That has been the principle the League of Assassins has followed to survive for the last century.”

While others raise assassins, the League of Assassins raises assassination teams. They look like they’re cooperating with each other on the surface when in reality, they have a deeper connection.

Had Ming Feizhen not informed him of the mysterious intricacy, the Emperor would never have comprehended it.

“Mystery only has four members with no direct subordinates under them. These men should be assistants the League of Assassins sent to assist. They are in actual fact the important individuals for today.”

Ming Feizhen stood up. He stared at the assassins with sharp, beady eyes.

They originally feared Ming Feizhen.

However, when their leader died and they realised that their only option left was to fight to the death, an incredible fighting spirit emerged within them. They were well-trained assassins that had never feared death. Fighting with someone who’s not afraid of death is the stupidest endeavour.

After thinking for a long while, Ming Feizhen suddenly said, “Mystery has fallen and so have the Black Winds Thirteen Wings. The Orange Prince has completely failed today. Do you still have a reason to exist here?”

As soon as he finished his question, one of them among the group responded, “We have our own rules, there’s no need for an outsider, like you, to concern yourself.”

The speaker deliberately tried to hide his location by changing the location his voice came from with his inner strength, thereby keeping his identity mysterious.

Ming Feizhen vanished as soon as he went to move. Some may see it as him vanishing and then reappearing in front of someone else akin to teleportation.

Long Zaitian and the others were currently releasing their meridians with their internal strength. They were half-complete. Due to their high skill level, they were able to speak now.

Long Zaitian exclaimed, “Your Majesty, he knows witchcraft!”

“What witchcraft?!” The Emperor was now siding with his future son-in-law. He shot Long Zaitian a glare. “That’s Qinggong, supreme level Qinggong. I’ve seen Tianhu use it before. Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

From the Emperor’s standpoint, he took Jia Yunfeng out as soon as he moved, so he already held the notion that this individual possessed immeasurable and mysterious skills. However, when he saw his footwork now, he suddenly felt that he wasn’t strange or suspicious, but possessed skills of such a high calibre that it sent chills to one’s heart.

Ming Feizhen suddenly appeared in front of an assassin. Upon closer inspection, he was one of the ones who had attempted a combined attack on Ming Feizhen.

“Kids shouldn’t interrupt when adults are speaking.”

He slapped him across the face with the back of his hand. A loud slap sound was heard, but nobody saw even the after-image of his hand.

The assassin flew out like an arrow and landed in the garden. He didn’t look like he was going to make it.

Everyone had just witnessed Ming Feizhen defeat Jia Yunfeng, but Jia Yunfeng’s skills were so unique it left them unable to tell how skilled he truly was.

They did, however, understand the assassin’s skills, because of that knowledge, they gasped at Ming Feizhen’s lethal blow.

Princess Hongzhuang, on the other hand, saw it as a sacred work of art. She was somewhat angry that Ming Feizhen spared Jia Yunfeng, but now she secretly hoped he wasn’t a murderous person after seeing him kill the assassin. The young girl suddenly found herself in a conundrum.

Ming Feizhen took two steps. Murderous intent surfaced in his red eyes under his mask as they scanned the assassins. Ming Feizhen suddenly extended one finger.

“You come here.”

He pointed at a wandering warrior lying curled up next to the Emperor and the others. The wandering warrior suddenly leapt up and over to Ming Feizhen.

He made a cupped-fist bow and saluted Ming Feizhen, “I am Lei Muyun. I hereby pay my respects to you, Lord San Shen.”

He stepped up with an imposing appearance and clear voice, clear indicators that he was an upright individual.

The Emperor and the others finally knew who the man with white hair was after his greeting.

The warriors who knew of the name were shocked.

The Emperor was even more shocked as thought to himself, ‘Did he not die years ago at Lawless Cliff?! He’s still alive?’


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