Son-con – Vol. 7 Ch. 47

I didn’t leave. The sandstorm had slowly calmed down. The storm came quick and left quickly. It only lasted for a few hours. The wind whistling next to my ear gradually quietened down and the sun slowly came up behind me. The sun overtook the darkness of the sandstorm in the end, but nothing ahead of us had changed. The black cavalry unit didn’t rush at us. However, their blades that were aimed downward, meant that they didn’t intend to be friendly.

Lorana stood in front of me and watched them with a cold look with her sword in hand. Though lots of blood was trickling from her wound and despite her face turning paler and paler, the killing intent she emitted from her body didn’t diminish.

She told me to leave.

But I didn’t.

“Your Majesty, didn’t I tell you to leave?”

Lorana looked at me, who stood in place, refusing to move. I passed the map Tarak gave me to the elder of the tribe and then drew my handgun from my waist. I stood next to Lorana. I chuckled and explained, “There’s no point in running anymore. If they make it to me, I’d rather die fighting than die running. I am Elizabeth’s son, after all.”

“If you die, Vyvyan really will annihilate this entire world, you know?”

“Let her destroy it then. I’ll be dead anyway, so I’d have no lingering feelings for this world. Actually, I think that we would’ve been rescued if I called Mommy Vyvyan before.”

“Wouldn’t you still be a kid hiding in his mother’s arms, one that waits for his mom to come to his rescue when something happens then?” Lorana laughed loudly and then scrubbed my head a little roughly. She continued, “Your Majesty, you’re no longer a kid. Congratulations. But I do hope that you can live on.”

“If we can just kill all these people, I’ll be able to live.”

I reloaded my revolver one bullet at a time with my final remaining bullets.

‘Six bullets. If I don’t miss, I’ll be able to kill six people. There are about thirty of them, which means twenty four will remain, which I’ll leave to Lorana. Alright, I’ll kill one fifth of them, while Lorana can kill the rest. Looking at it this way, we still have hope.’

I smiled helplessly.

‘I don’t know why, but I’m randomly confident when I’m faced with a hopeless situation right now.’

“I’m honoured to fight alongside you, Your Majesty.”

“Same goes for me.”

Somebody suddenly pat me on my back. I looked back and saw the elder holding two sheets of paper, which he then solemnly handed to me. This was what I gave up so much for. This was where the mine was located. It wasn’t actually a natural mine but actually the last heritage left behind by the ancient empire. The metal was buried. I don’t know what for, but they never got to use it for what it was intended for. Perhaps the adventurer got swept up in the sandstorm here and coincidentally saw the buried treasure when he landed. after the sand covering it was blown away.

That attracted a group of people putting their lives on the line for it, to come here where there are no laws and killed others. That turned this sea of yellow sand into a hell in the mortal realm. It became a place where humans’ blood became a sea of blood as though it was the source of water in the desert. If flowers, grass, rivers, birds and animals were to grow here many years later, the flower petals would be covered in blood, too.

I grinned. My dream was finally in my hands. I could finally say I had gotten my hands on everything I wanted. But none of this was meaningful right now. I had obtained what I wanted, but had no way of taking it out of here. It was a valuable treasure, but was now just two sheets of scrap paper in my hands. If I had obtained this a few days ago, I’d be on the way back to Troy City right now.

Things change.

I placed the two sheets at my chest where Nier’s protective talisman she gave me was. I suddenly felt something sticky and something prick me. I pulled my hand out and saw blood on my hand. I looked down to find that I had a wound where the collar of my undershirt had been cut open. I didn’t even realise it. I had kept the talisman there the entire time, but it had now been cut into two.

‘Does that count as it having fulfilled its purpose? Nier will probably scold me for ruining the talisman she made me when I get back though. Sorry, Nier, but you might not get the chance to scold me anymore. There’s Lucia. too. She was always by my side yet I hurt the girl over and over again. I might not be able to accompany her anymore.’

‘The time I spent with Lucia was truthfully too short…’

‘I want to live…’

‘I really want to live. I’ve never wanted to live so badly in my life before. I could seemingly see Nier go up on her toes in the church. I could see her every eyelash that are akin to timekeepers before me. I could seemingly see Lucia’s dance in the sea of flowers. Her smile in the sea of flowers made everything around her look bland in comparison. I wanted to return to them. I wanted to live. I’ve never wanted to live so much. I found my reason to live and the value of living here. I want to continue living here. I want to spend time at my loved ones’ sides. I want to return to their sides!’

I pressed my hand firmly on the necklace at my chest.

‘Maybe I should call for Mommy Vyvyan. Mommy Vyvyan is an almighty being that can do anything to me. I believe that she could get me out of here in an instant if she appeared. Vyvyan wouldn’t blame me, either. In fact, she would be very glad to see me safe. This incident won’t change anything. Does anybody even care how they die in this place without laws and regulations?’

‘It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what others say. Everything is fine as long as I can stay by my loved ones. I’m not afraid to die. I now know how simple it is to die. But I’ve also come to understand that it’s even more difficult to live for the sake of living.’

‘At least my view of life won’t let me do that. My dream won’t let me do that. I saw Nier’s determined gaze when she pushed me away one last time. If I did that then I would’ve disappointed her…’

‘But… but….’

I tightly gripped the necklace. The tip of the necklace stabbed my hand. I felt a warm liquid slowly coursed down my hand…

‘I want to live…’

‘I want to live…’

‘I want to live…’

‘I want to live…’

‘I want to live!!!!’

‘I don’t care. I don’t care what anyone says about me. I want to go back now. I even want to get on my knees to beg for mercy and hand over everything. I just want to go back. I just want to return to my loved ones’ sides, no matter what it takes! No matter what it takes! I want to live! I want to live!!!’

‘I must live! I’m a soon-to-be father. I can’t die before my child comes to this world. If I let that happen, I’d be the same as my father!! I want to live! I want to see my child! I want to see my wife!’

“Your Majesty?”

Lorana looked at me, who took his necklace out. I looked at the necklace. I don’t know how hideous my expression looked. I just knew that the necklace before me looked as though it was bending.

I looked at the necklace, clenched my teeth tightly and declared, “I want to live!”

“I know, but… Your Majesty, that team… is the lord of Socina City’s team…”


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