Son-con – Vol. 7 Ch. 42

Launching an assault during the day isn’t too effective. The best time to launch an attack is at night. Moreover, according to Tarak, it was going to be cloudy tonight. An attack launched late at night is destructive. Our explosions, fires and huge beasts will destroy those motley crews’ confidence. The purpose of our charges using our Earth Dragons isn’t to kill the enemy, but to break down their defence line. Our horse cavalry will then charge down one of the paths to their destination and attack the enemy. The three cavalry units will report back, informing us which point is the weakest and we will attack that point.

If there are no mishaps then this strategy is unbeatable.

Luna watched the kid run toward his tribesmen with excitement, despite the area being full of roadblocks set up by their enemies and themselves.

‘As he was able to come out, I don’t think it’d be difficult for him to go back in. As long as we can work together perfectly from inside and outside, we won’t have any issues.’

“Men, rest up well. Tonight, we shall launch our attack! You still have about six hours to rest. Rest up after eating.”

‘It’s already sunset. Well, if we were in our original spot, then it would be sunset, but it was as if it was still noon right now in the desert. If we want to launch an attack, we must launch it at around one or two in the morning… To be honest, I’m a little nervous about that time, because it’ll be a full-moon night in three days’ time. I get more and more afraid of the moonlight as the night comes closer.’

‘I don’t think I’ll have any problems tonight. If Tarak’s prediction of the weather is correct, then we‘ll basically be enshrouded in darkness tonight.’

I looked up at the clear sky and then looked at Tarak with uncertainty. Tarak was seated on the sand to one side, silently wiping his long sword. He then looked up at me to reveal a smile and said, “Your Majesty, please believe me. I have lived in the desert for a long time so I am very sensitive to changes in the weather. It will definitely be cloudy tonight. That I am certain of. Further, even if it is not, our metal armour will blind the enemy.”

I nodded and then sat down next to him. The sand was still a little hot. I looked at the sky that had started to turn a little red and softly asked, “If you make it out alive this time, do you have any plans to confess to Nara?”


Tarak stiffened up and looked at me with a stunned look. His face that was slightly dark turned red as a prawn. He panicked and stuttered: “I… Lord Nara… I… I… confess what… Totally not… and… and… she should know…”

I looked at him and patted him on his shoulder,”She knows; but, if you don’t confess then she’ll pretend to be oblivious. I’m telling you this with my experiences in two marriages. If you don’t make it explicit, your relationship won’t change, even if you two are both aware that you like each other.”

“But… But Nara… She… Her dream is Karnashun… She has a dream. I can’t let her… for my sake…”

“That’s why I said, after this.” I nodded and then went on, “I’ll definitely leave you all in charge of this mine after this, which means that Karanshun would have obtained access to a big mine, not to mention the money I give you. Won’t Karanashun be the richest nation among the five nations of the desert when that time comes? Wouldn’t you have been the one to accomplish Nara’s dream in that case? Do you still not have the right to be with her after accomplishing that? Even if you don’t, would you be a burden to her if you two were together? What, you can’t serve Karnashun together just because you two are together?”

“Your Majesty, you…”

I pat him on the shoulder again then looked over to the ruins and said, “It’s beautiful to stay by her side, but being together doesn’t mean being restrained. Nara needs a helper and you can help her as her husband. Why must you be childhood friends? Keep that up and you’ll be eating the bitter fruit you, yourself, planted if Nara gets married to someone else. Look at us. We didn’t think about going in with our lives a few days ago, but here we are boldly putting our lives on the line. Life is short and nobody is certain about the future. If you can stay by her side, then stay by her side forever.”

‘Stay by her side if you can. If you can’t, then stay by her side with another identity, just as Luna has done. If Luna could be with me, she would have a ring on her finger already, but she can’t, so she chose to be my personal servant.’

After a long silence, Tarak finally raised his head. While blushing slightly, yet determined, he nodded and firmly responded, “… I understand, Your Majesty. If I can make it back, I will definitely confess my feelings to Nara. If we can be together, I will stay by her side forever to protect her and assist her. When the time comes, I hope you can witness our wedding, Your Majesty.”

“I will.”

I patted him on his shoulder. But just when I went to stand up, Tarak grabbed me. He looked at me and revealed a doubtful gaze. He asked, “Your Majesty, did you just say you got married twice? Did you not just get married? How did it become twice? I did not attend your wedding. Did you re-marry?”

I paused for a moment, since I never expected him to ask this question. His reaction was too slow if you ask me. He only realised what I said now. I chuckled and replied:, “No, I didn’t re-marry, but had a second wedding. I have two Princesses. But I don’t recommend you do that, or else… Two women fighting is seriously scary.”

Tarak looked at me with a dumbfounded look. His eyes were full of astonishment.

‘It seems that me having two weddings was a heavy blow to him. I guess it’s fair since it wasn’t something this pure-young man could accept. It’s fair. Tarak is a very pure boy.’

I stood up and walked up to a tall dune. I looked down at the roadblocks below, as well as the groups of people who’d appear every now and then, and spaced out.

‘This was a short moment of tranquility in the desert. Actually, it might actually be how tranquil it was in the desert. It was as tranquil as when I stood on the top floor and looked at people going back and forth.’

‘But this will soon become a killing zone, a field of chaos. Everything that takes place tonight will tear apart the entire desert. This will be the final turbulence I go through since coming to the desert. I came here to the desert for that mine and the mine is right before me now. All I have to do is reach my hand out and grab it.’

‘Socina City’s team has been eliminated. I eliminated a team right off the bat. I’ve never even see any teams since then. I don’t think there are any teams that are more dangerous anymore. Though I did kind of wrong the lord I’ve never met before, this was the result I desired.’

‘Therefore, there’s nothing to be sorry about. This is a place without rules and regulations. I don’t have to worry if Freya said something back home while I’m here, since she’ll only stall without my order. When I get back, Socina City won’t have any bargaining chips left!


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