The Transmigration Survival Guide – Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peek at the future of the story, which the author shared as a thank you for the support and celebration of the series joining the VIP ranks on SFACG.


The imperial capital was brightly lit up by the fires. In the heart of the empire, the guards dressed in purple uniforms surrounded the dark castle. The queen sat on her throne and enjoyed the exquisite wine in her cup that resembled the blood spraying outside. The queen couldn’t hear the cries of pain outside and she couldn’t see the blood running off the short swords, but she had a cruel smile on her face……

“Listen to me. Listen to me. I can’t save you and I don’t intend to save you. However, if you want your child and wife to survive, pass me Angelina’s file now. I promise to protect them. I’ll protect them even if it’s the queen I’m up against!”


Queen Sisi looked at Veirya who was in front of her with a smile. She reached her hand out to  hold Veirya’s hand and said, “Doggie, you truly surprise me over and over again. You’re different to the others around me. I’m very interested in you. Let’s do this: Veirya, name one thing you want that I have right now. I will trade it with you. Do you want richer land or did you want more money? Anything is fine with me. You just have to tell me and I’ll give it to you, as long as you give me the doggie.”

Veirya looked at the queen in front of her in silence. She was the queen’s most loyal soldier and the queen’s most trusted individual. She had never disappointed the queen before. Veirya could give the queen anything she wanted, whether it’s victory, respect or the demon king’s head.

This time however, Veirya looked at the queen and shook her head gently. She replied: “Sorry, your majesty, I do not accept the exchange.”


Lucia cheerfully hopped off her horse and hugged me around my neck with one arm. She pointed to the horse carriage behind and excitedly exclaimed: “Ah! Travard! This is a gift for you from us elves!! We’ve succeeded, so this is a gift for our friends!”

I lingered for a moment. I asked in a somewhat surprised tone, “What? That much? We don’t want lots of gifts.”

“Not much, not much at all. Mm, there’s only about four? Erm, maybe one doesn’t count, but it doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you want with these. You can torture them to death if you like~.”

“Just what in the world did you bring to me?!”

“A gift from us elves, what else?”


“Your majesty, although you are no longer the queen, I chose to take your side, so I still need to address you as so. However, let me preface it by letting you know that I’m not assisting this timie because of you, but because Veirya asked me to assist. We’re in dire straits right now. The army has already occupied the imperial capital. The merchants’ situation looks grim too. But I don’t think that the merchants will choose to help you, a former ruler in elven territory whose life status is unknown. We don’t have a single soldier, while Veirya needs to avoid getting involved. As such, the only person you can rely on is me now.”

“I don’t think… we have a chance of winning……”

“Didn’t I already tell you? Queen Sisi, don’t you have me? Since this is Veirya’s wish, I will help you take back your throne. I alone am enough.”

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