Son-con – Vol. 7 Ch. 37


“Your Majesty…”

I hugged Luna gently in my arms. Luna wore a smile as she drew circles on my chest with one of her hands, whilst rubbing the bite mark on my shoulder with her other hand.

‘Luna bites my shoulder when she gets turned on. This shoulder of mine was already covered in bite marks. I’m already worried about how I’m going to explain this to Nier when I get back. Maybe I should steal some of the elves’ spring water to heal it before heading back.’

Luna rubbed her head on my chest somewhat shyly, similarly to a kitten curling up in my arms. With a smile she said, “Your Majesty… I honestly feel very blissful… I am filled with bliss every time… I can understand how Miss Nier feels now, because doing this sort of thing with the man I love is completely different to my previous experiences. It really is a blissful experience… Especially afterwards where I get to be embraced by the man I love…”

“Yeah…? I feel really blissful too… Honest.”

I parted her messy hair in front of her forehead, while holding her in my arms. I then wiped her sweat that she sweated during our active moments. It seems that Luna went really hard. I laughed and then lowered my head. Luna raised her head up causing our lips to touch gently and then we felt the desire to kiss again…

“Your Majesty! Ah……”

Philes suddenly pulled the cloth curtain to the tent open and froze up when he saw us… But that’s not what’s most important here. What’s most important was that Luna was completely nude right now.

‘The punk saw everything!’

“I didn’t see anything! I didn’t see anything!! I apologise, Your Majesty! I apologise!!”

“Why’d you barge in without saying anything first?!!!”

“Because there is an emergency!!”

My anger got put out by his explanation. I picked up my clothes by the side and quickly got dressed. Luna wrapped herself up in the blanket then stood up to drape my cape over my shoulders. I nodded and kissed her on her forehead. I then followed Philes outside. Seeing Philes quiver, I said, “What exactly happened? I’m still mad you know. If it’s not an urgent matter, I’ll punish you. I’ll bring Shusia to my tent.”

“Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!! Your majesty!” Philes reacted as if a formidable enemy had arrived. I looked at her tremble… Crap! My bad! I looked at him tremble and my anger dissipated. I smiled. I then rubbed his head and asked, “So what exactly happened?”

“A young boy ran into our camp……”

“A young boy?”

I paused for a moment.

‘Logically speaking, an exploration team wouldn’t have brought a child along. The child would only be dead weight, so the child shouldn’t have appeared here in the desert. Where did the kid come from? Could it be a kid from the nomads nearby? Why would the child appear? So nomads are next to us?’

“Wake everyone up. Everyone prepare for a fight!!”


Philes dawdled, but the expression he looked at me with was serious. He took a whistle out from his shirt. The high-pitched whistle shattered the silence of the night in the desert. Sounds were heard from inside all the tents as all of the soldiers quickly rushed out of their tents holding their rifles. They immediately rushed toward the tent that was put together in a simple fashion.

If there are nomads next to me, then they are seriously frightening to be able to walk right into my camp under the watch of my scouts and guards.

I looked at Philes and asked, “Take me to see the kid. Does the kid have any letter on him or something else?”

Philes nodded and replied, “Yes he does; or rather…”

“Your Majesty!!! A cavalry unit is approaching our camp at high-speed!”

Before Philes could finish, a guard shouted loudly in our direction. I pressed one hand on Philes’s shoulder and commanded, “You take half of the men, mount your horses now and circle around from the rear. Then wait for us to engage them here before boxing them in. Tarak!! Tarak!!”

Tarak ran over. While panting, he asked, “Your Majesty, what are you orders?”

“Take a team to guard our rear! We can’t lose our camp. We need to hold out until daylight. I don’t know what exactly happened, but I believe that this has to do with that boy. Make sure to protect him. The camp must not fall! Arrange for a cavalry team to be on standby in the camp!!”

I climbed up a simply put together watchtower and saw a group of fire-torches charging toward us at high speed.

‘I only had a few dozens of people to defend our tiny camp. Based on the number of fire torches I saw, I’d say they number more than twice our number. As for whether it’s nomads of explorers… I don’t know.’

I don’t plan to say anything, either. We had actually set up simple landmines nearby the vicinity of our camp. Very simple landmines. They’re the type where when someone steps onto them, it triggers the gunpowder to surge upwards and to the flammable. The fire will create an explosion below at the bottom which rushes up and creates an explosion.

Though there’s basically no skill involved, it’s still very effective.

I wasn’t planning to warn them or something, though. I just watched them run into our minefield. The explosions were loud as though a mountain collapsed while their flesh and blood sprayed into the air. Some organ or whatever it was flew onto my face. Their vanguard cavalry unit’s formation disintegrated. I walked down to the sentry post and roared, “Cavalry! Charge forth and defeat the enemy!!”


Our cavalry jumped and stepped over the piles of flesh in the landmine area and began their attack. The fire dragons manhandled the enemy’s cavalry, while on the other side, Philes’ cavalry unit had surrounded the enemy. They cut down the remaining cavalry comparably to cutting vegetables on a chopping board, leaving a big fire on the ground.

I didn’t even hear the groans of injured personnel, because nobody got hurt.

“It’s over, right…?”

I watched my cavalry units return to the camp. The skirmish was neutralised by my landmines. We suffered no casualties nor injuries while defeating the enemy. Though some escaped, I was glad no one was hurt.

“Reporting, Your Majesty!! Another cavalry group is quickly approaching us from the right!!”

“Reporting, Your Majesty! A group of foot-soldiers are closing in on our left!”

“Reporting, Your Majesty! Other teams are encroaching upon us from the front!”

“That many?!”

I looked at the guards in front of me stunned. My team may be strong, but I was surprised with the sudden huge enemy numbers. I looked at Philes and Philes didn’t look as though he liked what he heard, either. We have no tenable defence position here in the desert. Even if we did set up horse barricades, it would be meaningless against an attack with such large numbers.

‘What should I do with enemies rushing at me from all sides?’

‘I think it must be because of that kid…’

Lorana held a long sword I’d never seen before. She looked at me and asked, “Your Majesty, what are we going to do? It’s alright for us to drive the kid away now, right…?”

I clenched my teeth and commanded, “No. Since the enemy sent five divisions to eliminate me, that proves that the child is definitely valuable. I believe that he’s useful, as long as we can defend successfully. I’m not going to let a present that came to my doorsteps on its own accord leave! Leave behind two reserve cavalry units. Everyone else, bring up the rear. Form a three-row shooting formation. Bring all the prepared ammunition out. Hold the lines! Defend with your lives!!”



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