The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 01 Ch. 15

Once upon a time, there was a knight who had just joined the army.

She was still young at the time and passionate. She saw her seniors charge at demons, return with glory and blood to drink away.

That was her goal, her everything. She wished to be able to become a strong knight like that one day to protect those she wanted to protect. She devoted her loyalty to her queen, earning her eternal glory and dignity just like the heroes that people admired in stories.

Her chance soon came.

While escorting a group of peasants, her small team was attacked.

Their attacker wasn’t a powerful demon or the demon king. It was just a small group of goblins. They attacked the small escort team, killing her companions in front of her. She fell off her horse. She looked at her companions as she shrieked and struggled. The green creatures she usually didn’t even give time of the day to were riding on her companions’ bodies with hideous smiles. They used their daggers to cut her companions up until they were just an immobile flesh mess. Their blood coursed down their metal armour. Her companions’ gaze of terror and despair froze in that moment in front of her eyes.

The people panicked and fled in every direction. The cries of women and the shrieks of children filled her eyes. The group of green demons pulled a woman to the ground, tore her clothes off and raped her, making her wriggle like a worm on the ground as she cried and begged for mercy. They raped her in every disgusting imaginable way.

She was a knight, a knight who was supposed to protect everyone.

But at the time, she felt a warm-moist feeling at her lower body. She sat on the ground and blanked out. She couldn’t control her terror. She clenched her teeth so hard her teeth could virtually shatter. She didn’t pick up a sword. Instead, she crawled her way away to escape while leaving a trail behind as she wet herself. She ran in the direction where it was silent. She ran to the forest and finally rolled down the back of a slope. She wrapped herself up with her arms tightly there and covered her head while sobbing silently, afraid her sobs could be heard. She smelt the smell of her urine as she curled up and bit down on her lips tightly to hush the sound of her sobs. She kept that up until she passed out and finally, she escaped like that.

When she came too, half of the peasants she was escorting had been killed.

She wasn’t responsible for anything since she passed out. In fact, people were relieved to see her.

Nobody blamed her, but her conscience blamed her.

Whenever she closed her eyes, her companions’ gazes, the cries of pain in her surroundings at the time and the stinky stench would return to cling to her.

After that event, she lost all her feelings and didn’t want to say anything unnecessary. When she stood on the battlefield again, she no longer knew fear because she wanted to atone. She wanted to appease her conscience. She fought for the souls that were lost because of her own weakness.

Hence why she hates deserters and weakness.

She knew that deserting meant the death of countless others. She knew that one person’s weakness would cause the death of countless courageous people.

Hence why deserters had to die.

I looked at the flame silently. I didn’t say anything to Veirya who was next to me. Veirya recounted the story in a composed manner. Her tone didn’t change at all. Not even the fire inside the burner flickered because of her breaths. She looked at the fire quietly as she softly told me that story, her story.

I finally understood why Veirya wanted to kill those troops so badly today. It must’ve felt like she was killing her past self, her weak self, and heart that didn’t want to remember herself.

I was overwhelmed by this unexpected event. I never thought she would tell me her past like this. We’ve only been around each other for a short time. Is this not something Veirya doesn’t want to reveal? Or did she want to get it off her chest more than holding it in?

I looked at Veirya. She still maintained a proper posture. Her eyes were empty. She was retelling her past, yet she was less emotionally attached to it than to her lunch today. Normally, wouldn’t speaker lean on my shoulder and then I would comfort her loneliness and pain? When I looked at Veirya though, her expression showed no weakness. I felt that she would reject my offer to comfort her.

Veirya didn’t need anybody to comfort her.

She was a warrior who protected others.

I couldn’t find a topic to talk about either. I could usually speak to someone at the table for days, but I couldn’t put together even one sentence to say to Veirya right now. I don’t understand Veirya. Everything about her was blank to me. I don’t have any idea what her past is like or what she’s like. I have no idea.

I didn’t know what to do. I instead stood up and softly said: “I’ll head back first then. I’ll discuss tomorrow’s business with you tomorrow.”


Veirya gave me a gentle nod but still sat in her chair while looking the flame without budging like a stature. I don’t know what she was thinking. Maybe she wasn’t thinking about anything at all. She just looked at the flame while spaced out. Well, her life has nothing to do with me. I need to go back and see Leah now.

When I got to the stairs, a hand suddenly pulled me down the stairs. I got pressed up against the wall and my mouth got sealed. Something started fiddling inside my mouth causing me to be dumbfounded. However, I soon realised what it was. The breasts which could suffocate me, the warmth from the wrist and the intoxicating touch of the tongue told me who it was. And that’s precisely why I couldn’t continue enjoying it. Night Leah pressed me up against the wall and forcefully kissed me while Veirya was behind the thin wall!!!

I looked at the pair of eyes in front of me terrified and at a loss for what to say. However, Leah had completely wrapped her tongue around mine. Her eyes contained her anger but also contained a hint of mockery. She sucked out my oxygen from my lungs and sucked out my saliva, virtually causing me to suffocate.

She stuck her leg between my two legs and rubbed her leg against my inner-thighs, causing my body to go limp bit by bit. I pleaded for mercy with my eyes. I plead her to not to do this here. Though she is more proactive when she transforms into her larger form; please don’t reveal yourself here. Veirya is sitting behind us!!


Leah finally released me. My tongue was basically numb and I couldn’t close my mouth. A string of saliva dripped down. Leah narrowed her eyes and extended a finger. She ran it up her body seductively then put it in her mouth like she was enjoying a delicacy.. I looked at her sort of scared. The small Leah is really cute, but the current Leah is evilly sexy. She hugged me gently and next to my ear remarked: “Papa, did I not say… not to go to that woman?”

“N-Not here……”

I listened to her voice carefully as I was afraid that Veirya would notice us. I didn’t dare to speak. I could feel my daughter’s rage. My daughter was seriously angry right now. I have to admit that I did lie to her, but I never thought she’d chase me out here!

Since when did she start watching us?

“What’s wrong, papa? Are you worried that she will notice us? Are you worried about her getting jealous, or are you worried about me getting in your way?”

Leah bit my ear-lobe gently and then breathed into my ear where I was most sensitive. I could feel my lust rise up inside me but I can’t resist here, since Veirya would probably notice if I resisted even a little……

If Veirya notices us, Leah will most likely be doomed……

I looked at Leah with despair. She wore an eerie smile on her face. She then bent over and bit my neck hard.

I almost shouted since she didn’t just bite my neck, but she started sucking on it after. She sucked hard enough for me to feel that my blood was going to get sucked out of me. I realised what Leah was trying to do. This was the hickey I had always envied. But it wasn’t anything I could proudly brag about right now because how am I supposed to explain myself tomorrow if Veirya sees it?!

Leah finally released me while I felt like I got sucked dry. I think all my blood got sucked out of me. Leah touched my neck with absolute satisfaction. She then giggled softly and hugged me around my neck. Next to my ear, she said: “Papa, don’t do that again, okay? Leah can understand you, but if you seduce other women while I’m sleeping again, Leah will leave a permanent mark on you, Papa.”

Leah let go and then grabbed my arm cheerfully and said: “Okay now papa, let’s go back and sleep now. Don’t sneak out this time though.”

I couldn’t quite come back to my senses. I looked up at Leah who had started to ascend the stairs a little scared. Her mature ample boobs jiggled as she moved. Her full thighs jiggled gently while her ankles made me relaxed and happy. Her voluptuous boobs stood out more than her smooth back. As a matter of fact, I could see the front contour of her boobs from the rear.

She grabbed my arm and turned around. With her head tilted, she giggled and asked: “Papa, aren’t you going to sleep with me?”

I obediently followed her upstairs. Leah was all smiles as she led me upstairs. When we got into the room, she turned around to look behind her and then shut the door gently……

When I woke up the next day, I massaged my dizzy and heavy head. It’s tough to sleep with Leah when she’s in her large form. I only managed to get a bit of sleep after she reverted back to her smaller form. Though she’s very proactive when she’s in her larger form, she still doesn’t know how to do that sort of stuff. She just really likes licking me. It seems that Leah is more proactive when she transforms into her larger form, but she won’t do anything that would incur the wrath of the populace.

I’m definitely not going to tell Leah what to do or else she really will do it. Leah is a succubus after all. A succubus.

Leah was still snoring quietly with her arms around mine. Small Leah looks cuter than anything in the world. I stroked her small face and then gently pulled my arm out. I pulled the blanket over her properly and then looked outside the window. I didn’t see the sunrise I wanted to see. It was basically all white outside.

It looks like it’s a slightly cloudy day today.

I carefully descended the stairs and saw Veirya coming out of the guest room. I lingered for a moment. Don’t tell me Veirya sat here the entire night. She didn’t look tired at all though judging from her face. She looked at me and gave me a nod. She then greeted me in a serious tone: “Good morning.”

“Uhm, good morning.”

“Your neck, what happened? It looks like it got sucked on. Was there a vampire?”

“No, no, no… It was… it was… uhm… It was a pinch. A pinch……”

“Prove it was and pinch yourself for me to see……”


I then had my most creative moment in my life. I pinched myself in a way that made a similar mark. I had to or else Veirya would probably have launched an investigation to see if there were vampires here I bet.

Soon enough, Leah came over while she yawning. When she saw me seated at the dining table, she froze up and then angrily exclaimed: “Papa!! What’s that mark?! You and that woman……”

“No! No! No! I pinched myself!”

“I don’t believe you!! Pinch yourself again for me to see!!!”

“Please. Spare me……”


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