Son-con – Vol. 7 Ch. 14

“Son, have you finished preparing for your journey?” Elizabeth picked up a cup of wine and handed it to me. She then walked over to the bed and patted the spot next to her. I walked over and sat down next to her. Vyvyan sat on the chair to the side and looked at Elizabeth grumpily. She complained: “Elizabeth, that’s not right for you to do now, is it? He’s my child and yet you called him over to you?”

“Pat the spot next to you and let’s see if he goes over to you then.”

Elizabeth glared at her. I smiled helplessly and looked at them while feeling like I was in a dilemma. I’m not against them fighting for me, but could you not summon me like I’m a pet? Pat the spot next to you and I come over? What am I, a dog? I walked over out of habit. Elizabeth always pats the spot next to her and I’d go over to sit there so I forgot about Vyvyan who was sitting there to the side.

Vyvyan clenched her teeth then had a drink and in a somewhat angry tone asked: “Now I’m mad. Why don’t we meet in the elven imperial capital? Why must it be here?”

“You said you wanted to see my son off, so naturally you should come here. He’s leaving tomorrow. Shouldn’t you come and see him?”

Vyvyan knocked the cup on the table over, looked at Elizabeth and angrily exclaimed: “I didn’t agree to this right from the start. My son has met with danger lots of times here in humanity’s lands. When were you humans ever able to protect my son? Elizabeth, my powers are effective against you humans. It’s more relaxed and merry with us than it is with you. Or rather, everybody around you has sinister motives!”

Elizabeth hugged me then looked at Vyvyan, smiled and responded like she was dismissing the claim: “That’s normal. All humans are selfish. Those who aren’t selfish are our propaganda materials. We’d be fortunate to have one among hundred that isn’t selfish. You want me to rely on that minute population to manage such a large empire? What a joke.”

Vyvyan retorted with anger: “You should know that there are people plotting against my son, shouldn’t you?! I noticed someone holding ill-will toward my son at the banquet last time. If we weren’t here in humanity, I’d have hacked him to death! And yet you don’t even think about that?! My son is about to journey far away to the desert in the south. Do you seriously think I feel at ease?”

Elizabeth sat straight up, placed her cup of wine to the side and sternly said: “Who was it? Tell me whoever it is. I’ll kill him regardless of who he is.”

I sat up as well and looked at Vyvyan seriously. I wanted to know too. Who’s plotting against me? I’m now very sensitive about this sort of stuff. The last time someone went after me, I lost Mera. So when Vyvyan mentioned it, it caused me to recall Mera’s cold corpse in my arms and the irritating stench of blood.

I didn’t have time to deal with Castor this time in regards to the incident with the church so I didn’t deal with the regent of Castor. I left that matter in the empress’s hands. However, the situation there is still unstable while the empress is somewhat holding back from taking action against their regent for fear of involving the innocent. I’m not too bothered by it. I never thought there would still be someone after my life after that incident.

Just how many people here in humanity want to kill me? I would be very worried and scared if I was my past self. I would get sick of people trying to kill me. But after Mera, I was no longer scared of such things. And I won’t be afraid of them. To the contrary, I want them to come and try to take my life. As a king, there will surely be people who want to take your life. As a qualified king, I must be conscious of assassins, and I must be able to crush their schemes.

Therefore I believe I am able to crush anyone who tries to make an attempt on my life no matter who they are.

Vyvyan grumbled: “It’s that young man, the one that was hitting on all the girls there that day. He has nothing but contempt and murderous intent for my son, yet you keep him around?”

“Oh, him.” All of the vigilance in Elizabeth’s eyes dissipated. She laughed then picked up her cup of wine again and continued, “He’s not a threat. He’s just a playboy. Though his father wields some power, he definitely won’t be a threat to my son. He doesn’t have that much competence. Nothing to worry about.”

Vyvyan looked at her with nothing but doubt and said: “Is that really true? I won’t let you answer me so plainly. This pertains to my child’s safety. If something happens to my son here in humanity’s lands, I’ll put my Galadriel tribe’s name on the line to wipe out you humans.”

Elizabeth looked at her and replied in a serious tone: “The same goes for me, Vyvyan. He’s my son. It’s a given I’ll protect him. But at the same time, I won’t spoil him. He’s my son, but he’s also the next emperor. I can’t keep him by my side forever. He needs to have his own power and accomplishments so that he can inherit the crown safely. I’m allowing him to go there precisely because I love him.”

Oh, is that so now? I recall you being the first person to stop me~……

Vyvyan angrily retorted: “You still need to keep my son safe then! I was strongly against his journey this time and I still am. However, since this is his decision, I shall not complain. But son, you must remember that as long as there’s danger, just run. You don’t need to concern yourself with anything. Do you remember what you promised mommy? You must run. You can get anything back, but you’re mommy’s only child.”

I nodded and replied: “I know. I will keep my promise.”

Vyvyan glared at me and exclaimed: “As if I’ll believe you! You say that every time, but you stand in the front of others every single time. You make empty promises all the time!”

Elizabeth laughed loudly and then pulled me down onto the bed. She pinched my face with a smile and asked: “But I like my son’s courage and sense of duty. Aren’t you the same, Vyvyan? Would you miss him so much if he was the type of kid who hid in his mom’s arms all the time?”

Vyvyan stood up and walked up to the bed. She lay down on my other side and hugged my arm. She then pinched the other side of my face and said: “That’s true. Mommy likes her own child exactly because of that……”

“This is a rare opportunity so let’s sleep like this tonight…….”

What?! What now?!! Let go of me you two! Let go! I once said that getting a booby face-wash from one mom caused me to lose the ability to breathe, and yet now I was caught left, right, top and bottom. Using their most affectionate posture, my two moms buried my head deeply within between their breasts. I was virtually completely shoved into a shell, not to mention their hands stroking my head and their legs wrapped around my waist……

Elizabeth stroked my head with all of her affection and said: “Let’s stay like this since you’re leaving. We won’t have to be angry now.”

Vyvyan stroked my face and tenderly said: “True that. I won’t argue with you for the timing being too. Son, you must come back alive.”

Save me…… Save me…… I can’t breathe…… I’m dying…… I’m seriously suffocating…… Sacrifice before achieving triumph when setting off always makes heroes sorrowful with tears afterward since antiquity…… Save me…… Hurry and save me……

Elizabeth whispered into my ear in a hoarse voice: “Mommy… mommy… doesn’t actually… want to let you go……”

Vyvyan went silent for a moment and then softly said: “Mommy doesn’t want to let you go either…… Mommy wants to be by your side too…… Mommy can’t bear to part with you, but…… Mommy… mommy can’t be an obstacle for you…… If you want… son….. you still need to go……”

I forced myself to reply: “I know……”

Elizabeth hugged me tightly and cried as she said: “Let mommy give you a good hug now then. Let mommy give you a good hug……”


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