Son-con – Vol. 7 Ch. 12

“Ara, I see you’ve completed your preparations. How surprising. I thought you decided not to go after your blood left your head. I’m surprised to see that you’ve completed your preparations.”

“Am I a person who doesn’t keep his word and blurts out anything when his blood goes to his head to you?”

“Of course not, of course not.

The red-haired lady straightened up her posture as she laughed. She looked at the huge wooden carriage before her and complimented: “An Earth Dragon carriage. Only you would be able to come up with such a wild idea. But this is very good since we can transport a lot more now. But your majesty, you must know that the Earth Dragons consume more forage and water too.”

“That can’t be helped. I’m only bringing five Earth Dragon carriages. I stored weapons in every carriage then put water in two carriages, I put forage in two carriages and one of them will carry ammunition. As for our men’s supplies, I’ll just have them carry it with them since they can use the horse saddles as well.”

I ran my hand across the Earth Dragon’s scales. It seems like my fate is tied to these creatures. I came to this world because of these creatures and earned my first victory here in this world because of them. This time, they’re accompanying me to the most perilous place I’ve been to yet. If I find myself in danger this time, I don’t think anyone will be able to stop the charge of my Earth Dragons. I also prepared the potions Mommy-Vyvyan gave me. I’ll pour the ignite potion onto the long piece of cloth on the back of the carriage carrying ammunition. If I find myself surrounded and in danger, I’ll just have to break through the enemy lines. I reckon an explosive Earth Dragon carriage would be able to charge down a city’s gates with a single charge.

The men have completed their preparations too. I didn’t announce the journey to avoid alerting the two envoys from Socina City. All of our preparations were carried out extremely discreetly. However, my guard-unit knew where we were headed toward. My guard-unit was strictly forbidden from entering bars and the red-light district. All of their entertainment was conducted within the palace grounds in a small rest station. That ensured that they wouldn’t spill it after getting drunk.

And what part of entering bars and those sorts of places is like a soldier? Drinking and too much sexual activity will wear one out. What am I going to do with a drained soldier? The impact of heavy drinking and women is very serious, especially one like Nier. Nier has been sleeping early recently because of her pregnancy and doesn’t do anything to me because of our child. That’s why I’ve been full of energy recently as though my soul has returned to my body. I felt so joyous like I just recovered from a disease I’d been suffering from for a long time.

“Your majesty, your luggage is ready. You can set out whenever you like.”

While I was having a chat with Lorana, Luna came up to me from behind. When she saw Lorana, she made a small bow and greeted her with a smile: “Miss Lorana, it is a great pleasure to meet you. Please look after me during our long journey.”

Lorana  froze up for a moment and then looked at me startled. She quietly asked: “Why are you bringing your maid? Isn’t she just your maid? Wait, is she your mistress?! Wow son, that brave Inard only had Elizabeth and Vyvyan at the same time, yet you went for three! Tell the truth, do you have any more lovers?!”

I rolled my eyes at her then smiled helplessly and said: “Have you ever seen a man take his mistress to such a dangerous place with him? We’re going to the desert not a summer resort. I don’t have a choice. I can’t bring Mommy-Vyvyan with me whenever I want so I must bring Luna to avoid going berserk on the full-moon night.”

Luna nodded while looking at Lorana with a smile. Lorana looked at Luna’s polite smile. She unexpectedly and suddenly lowered her head shyly, twirled her hair and then responded: “All right then. Whoever you decide to bring along isn’t my business. Just don’t hold the team back. Your majesty, due to the limited resources and water we have, we must travel a certain distance every day in the desert. If we are even slightly delayed, we will die in the desert for sure. Therefore, you must decisively choose what to keep or abandon if it slows us down.”

I nodded and seriously replied: “I know.”

“Ara, ara. I thought you were going to seclude yourself and not appear again teacher. It looks like you are back in business. Our Galadriel tribe must thank you properly, teacher.”

Just as Lorana went to speak, a chuckle came from behind. She turned her head around to see Vyvyan coming over with Elizabeth. She responded: “Isn’t this my job? The purpose of my existence is to wipe your Galadriel tribe’s ass, like with Elizabeth and now with your child.”

“Are you helping my son because of us, teacher? Allow me to thank you then, teacher.”

Elizabeth bowed respectfully. Luna’s body jolted from fear. I pulled Luna behind me to hide her and held her hand. There’s no need to be shocked by that. Do people not know she’s their teacher? She’s no ordinary elf. She’s the continent’s number one sword saint!

Lorana laughed heartily. She then patted them on their shoulders and said: “That’s not entirely true. I usually do things because of you two since you’re my favourite students and students who’ve accompanied me for so long. Plus, you’re the two strongest women of this continent. Most importantly though, is that I love your child which is why I help him.”

As soon as she said that last part, the atmosphere became extremely awkward like the air around froze all of a sudden. The smiles on Elizabeth and Vyvyan’s face vanished and they looked at Lorana with a hostile gaze. She looked back at them with puzzlement, completely lost as to what just happened.

Elizabeth looked at Lorana and sternly said: “Teacher, if you need a man, just pick one from the continent. You can take any of them regardless of how handsome or strong they are…… However, please do not develop any feelings for my son. It would be best if you kept it strictly to respect and not be fond of him. That applies whether you are his elder or as an individual of the opposite sex. If you do something to my son during this journey, I will challenge you to a duel even if you are my most respected teacher.”

Vyvyan nodded. One of her eyes changed colour and became filled with murderous intent. She looked at Lorana and coldly said: “Do not forget who you are. You are but just our teacher. You have no right to do anything to my son. I gave birth to my son. His blood, flesh, bones and soul all belong to me. It’s normal for him to like me and love me. I will not allow a third person to confess their fondness for my child. Never.”

“Hey, hey, hey, aren’t you two a little too sensitive?”

Lorana laughed and then patted me on my shoulder firmly. I almost dropped to my knees because of her strength. She then explained: “I’m here to protect your son this time. I don’t have those sorts of thoughts for your son. Moreover, I’m older than you two. How could I have feelings for this kid? You two think too much.”

“Good then.”

The atmosphere returned to normal. My two mothers left a few words and then left.

While watching the two of them leave, Lorana asked me in a startled tone: “Hey… your majesty…… how did those two agree to your marriages?”

“There’s another yet to be explained mystery in the world now……”


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