Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 45

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“Wedding ceremony…?” Nier placed her fork down and looked at me, a little surprised. She then wiped her mouth with her hand and excitedly exclaimed, “Your Majesty, are you finally free?!”

“For the moment, I guess. Mainly because M-… Her Majesty planned it. I was clueless.” I smiled, chuckling. I looked at Nier, who was so excited that her hands and feet were twitching, and continued, “But I must admit that I had actually pretty much had forgotten about it. I’ve honestly been flooded with too much work recently and our relationship… how do I put it? It’s like we’ve been married for a long time already.”

Nier nodded with a soft giggle. She then clasped her face gently and smiled with complete infatuation, looking somewhat silly. She mumbled to herself, “Ah… I’m so looking forward to my wedding dress… ehehe… It’ll be my first time seeing one. I’ve never seen one before… I keep getting to see new things after getting married to His Majesty. I never thought I’d be able to get married in the past, but I’m the princess now…” Nier smiled blissfully and spaced out.

Her change was actually quite significant. Just two months ago, she wore a stern look and kept saying to me “Please kill yourself”, and always remarking “I’m Her Majesty’s Valkyrie.” But now she’s completely transformed into a young housewife who waits for my return every night with a bright smile.

‘Nier didn’t see herself as a woman in the past. She treated herself as Her Majesty’s tool. When did she begin to change?’

‘I don’t know, but isn’t it good enough that we have a happy ending?’ I picked up my cup of tea with a smile and scanned Nier.

I suddenly noticed that Nier hadn’t really touched the food on her plate.

‘Come to think of it; Nier’s appetite has decreased a fair bit. When I first asked her, she just said she didn’t have an appetite. I didn’t think too much of it, either since Nier is a lot healthier, and stronger physically, than Lucia.’

‘But it’s been a number of days now. Nier has to instruct my guards in swordplay every day. Will she be okay like this?’

I looked at Nier and said, “Nier, are you alright? I noticed that you were eating less and less. You have to teach every day, as well. How about giving them a few days off? Don’t get sick before our wedding.”

Nier paused for a moment, then revealed a smile intended to put me at ease and replied, “I’m alright, Your Majesty. I’m feeling fine… It’s just that my body recently… erm… it’s not my body’s fault… It’s that the things I consumed recently… put me off from eating.”

Nier’s expression turned a little imposing when she said “… the things that I consumed…” like she wanted to vomit. I frowned and asked, “What did you consume the last two days, Nier?”

“The drugs that can speed up pregnancy… Her Majesty gave them to me…” Nier paused and then went on, “It tasted terrible. After I ate it, my lower abdomen kept feeling hot and I wanted to see you even more. I kept having the urge to do that…”

‘Yeah? ‘Cause I think you were the same before you had that stuff… That’s definitely not because of the drug. It’s just that your instincts are now different.’

I looked at her silently, let out a heavy sigh and said, “Nier, didn’t I tell you not to rush that? We’ll definitely have our own child. There’s no point for you to be like that. You’re harming your body like this. Nier, you’re not to consume those types of drugs again. Eat properly. If you consume them again, I’ll go sleep with Her Majesty at night.”

“Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! I’m sorry, Your Majesty! You must come back at night… I can only sleep if I get to hold you…” Nier was so frightened she turned pale and nearly cried.

I sighed and stroked her head. I then said, “Don’t do things that will harm your health again. I’ll be sad if you do that.”

Nier looked at me and nodded gently. I told her, “We’ll definitely have our own child, so you don’t need to worry.”

“Uhm… Your Majesty.” Nier nodded and then grabbed my hand. After a soft giggle, she said, “Your Majesty, I’m really looking forward to our wedding. Honest. I’m honestly really looking forward to it.”

“I am too.” I nodded and then stood up.

After waiting for two seconds, I suddenly realised the Luna was not here anymore. I didn’t have another personal servant, so I had to wear my cape myself.

Though there were maids around, none of them dared to come over.

No one was allowed to touch His Majesty’s things other than his personal servant.

I randomly missed Luna when I picked up my cape.

‘I wonder how she is doing.’

Luna doesn’t have enough mana, so she can’t set up a communication network with me. As such, she had no choice but to send letters back. I believe that Luna will be fine, though. That group isn’t our enemy.

“Your Majesty, is something the matter?”

“Yeah. I’m going to go and see Her Majesty now. I’ve rarely seen her recently. I bet she’s been cooped up in her room preparing for the wedding. Oh, right, Nier, when Freya gets back from the Earth Dragons’ place, remember to tell her to go and see if Castell he needs any help.”

Nier stood up. She took my cape off my hands and draped it onto my shoulders from in front of me. She then carefully did up the buttons.

I watched her white hands gently move about in front of me.

She then looked up and kissed my lips. She smiled and said, “Take care, Your Majesty… I’ve wanted to try this… and as I thought, it really does give me the feeling of being a wife.”

“Thank you, Nier.”

I cupped Nier’s face in my hands and kissed her lips. Our tongues entwined for a while, not wanting to let go of each other. We embraced before I exited the dining hall and headed out.

I don’t have any other work today, but I should go and see Mommy Elizabeth since she’s done so much for me.

I really want to go and see Lucia, but Lucia has only just gotten pregnant so you can’t notice any visible difference. I’m really looking forward to it, though. In fact, I’m looking forward to the birth of our child so much that I don’t want to do anything.

‘A cosy family is certainly what causes a man to lose his fighting spirit, after all. I definitely can’t go and do dangerous things on whims after my child is born. I probably wouldn’t even be willing to leave this place.’

‘Though I never had any plan to conquer the world, it would be too ordinary if my dimensional travel story were to end at this small city. There are places I have yet to go to on this continent. I’ll feel like I have wasted an opportunity if I stop here.’

‘After Lucia’s child is born, I need to give him a settled environment, a cosy home and then wait for Nier to give birth to her own child.’

‘Then I’m going to take my guard unit and Earth Dragon cavalry unit north of the continent. I want to see what it’s like there.’

‘That’s my plan. I want to have a plan. I don’t want to lose my fighting spirit here. Luckily, both of my mothers are still young. If I put their grandchildren in their care, they won’t fight and I can live a carefree life outside. I don’t want to return to the other world either because I’m just a pile of ashes there. I’m going to enjoy my second life here to the fullest…’

‘Though this isn’t my life…’



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