Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 43

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“What’s Socina City like?”

“Do you really not know? Ah… I guess it is within reason since you have been busy being intimate with Miss Lucia and Miss Nier. You have forgotten all about the ambition you initially had, I bet… Alright, Onii-sama, since my job is to assist you, I shall not criticise you about your private life, which includes the matter with you and Miss Luna.” Freya looked ahead in a grumpy way.

She then drew a map in the air and explained, “Socina City is to our west. It is a city located at the base of a mountain. It is very cold there. It gained its reputation through business. There is a salt lake there, so they produce salt as well as salted meats. They also have various iron tools of excellent quality and a very famous artisan. Even orders for the empire’s cannons are sometimes placed there.”

I nodded. It sounds like it’s a business city. I presume humans, who could live at the base of a snowy mountain, are different to us.

‘However, I have heard very little about the city. It looks like it should be a city relatively rich in materials. Rosvenor saw a need to marry their daughter off to them as well, back then. They didn’t get dragged into the war, either. So it appears that it is a very stable world there.’

I don’t know what a prospering city like that is making contact with me for. But the envoy I met at the ball last time did indeed leave a positive impression with me. An envoy represents the reputation of a nation. Castell and the envoy are both qualified to represent their nations.

I, too, want to know what Socina City wants to discuss with me.

The envoy had been sitting inside the guestroom waiting for a very long time. He stood up and gave me a deep bow when he saw me, then greeted me, “Your Majesty!”

“Ah, sit.” I waved my hand and then sat in the master seat.

Freya sat down to the side and watched us.

I looked at the envoy and said, “So what have you come for this time? Speak freely. As long as it’s reasonable, I will agree. You don’t need to be nervous.”

“That is fantastic then. Your Majesty, I believe that what I am about to say is not a bad thing because there are no drawbacks to trading, for us, is that not right?” The envoy smiled and nodded.

He then asked, “Your Majesty, I came here for that this time. After our new lord found out you had built a new city here, she was very interested. She wanted to develop a trading relationship with you. It would be best if our merchants could gain more profit. Naturally you, too, would profit from a normal business trade, is that not right?”

I nodded and then suggested, “You’re right. I’m worried about trading as well. I’m not against it since our goods can be traded normally. Now, let’s discuss the details.”

“Great. Thank you very much for your wisdom, Your Majesty. Seeing as we want to do business; we need to know what you have here that we need. Your Majesty, I found out something very interesting from your sister at the ball last time. I heard that you wanted to grow an elven dye crop, if I am correct.”

I froze up and then looked at Freya.

Freya’s face looked a little pale. She opened her mouth, but then went silent for a moment before saying, “We do indeed have such plans. However, we still have no clue on how to go about it. You need to talk about it with His Majesty… As for what is bought… I do not have the rights to make the call.”

“It’s alright.” I shook my head.

I then looked at him and said, “It’s like this. We want to grow the elves’ dye crop, however; you need to understand that humanity’s factories cannot extract the elves’ dye. We can plant the crop needed for the elves’ dye, but we need a method to turn it into a dye.”

The envoy went silent.

‘It looks like he was unaware that the elves’ dye required their magic to extract.’

A moment later, he nodded and replied, “The elves’ dye is a dye our city needs. It is a needed item for nobles. However, because of a problem on the elves side, the transportation, and the price, it is very expensive to procure. We were thinking that if you could produce it as well, then we might be able to purchase it at a lower price, I presume?”

I looked at him and responded in a serious tone, “If possible, of course, I can sell them to you at a lower price. However, what’s more important is that we are on very good terms with the elves. You should already be aware that one of my wives is an elf. If we affect their trade by selling the dye to you, then we will be forced to refuse your request, too.”

It’s a given that I’m not going to do something that would impact the elves for my own personal gain. Vyvyan had looked after me a lot. If our prices here are too low, that will make it impossible for the elves to sell their dye.

“You do not have to worry about that. It has been so many years already. Our trade volume with the elven side has never been much.” The envoy smiled bitterly and then elaborated, “The elves do not seem to be willing to trade with us. As opposed to calling it trading, perhaps it would be better to say that the elves were just swapping their left-over stuff with us. I believe that they will not be affected, even if we buy the dye from you here. Further, the most important thing is that the ratio of trades with elves that were for their dye is not much.”

‘That is indeed what the elves would do… They are self-sufficient and only sell when they have spares. It looks like the elves wouldn’t complain even if I were to snatch away their business.’

I suddenly realised that I could certainly earn from the difference. If I can’t produce it here, I could buy the dye from the elves, at a low price and then sell it to Socina.

Of course, that is hypothetical. But even then, I wouldn’t be left with much money.

The envoy hesitated for a moment before saying, “Your Majesty, we are sincere about trading with you, and we really do want to be able to find a way to buy the elves’ dye at a cheaper price. But can you truly make it happen? Or have you already given up on this plan?”

I looked at him and replied, “I won’t give up. It’s just that our plan hasn’t completely succeeded yet… If you require an answer, I can only hope that you can wait. I can’t guarantee that I’ll succeed, for sure, but we share the same gains and losses. I hope that you can explain this to the reigning lord of your city. I will do my best to produce the dye. If you need, I shall do my best to give you a discount.”

The envoy nodded and then thought about it.

I think that he thought we had gotten a start on it and wanted to reserve some dye with us first, but didn’t expect that I hadn’t gotten it set up, yet. Discussing it with me when I don’t have the dye is just a complete waste of time.

I personally want to seal the deal on this. I was originally planning to sell it to the southern regions, but who would complain about having too many customers?

I looked at him with anticipation.

Not long after, he stood up as though he had made up his mind. He made a small bow and then said, “I will report it to our lord, then. Your Majesty, you are different to other officials and ministers. I can see a vigorous spirit and ambition within you. I do not think that we will suffer losses if we make this agreement work. I also have faith in your competence. Your Majesty, while this may be rude of me, I hope that you will not let my anticipation come to nothing.”

I stood up, nodded firmly and responded, “I won’t. I will let you get what you want, and similarly, you must give me what I need.”

“We have a deal!”


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