Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 37

Editor: Areth Kyntaul


‘I can’t shake off the feeling that something bad is going to happen tonight…’

It’s another full moon night tonight. This is an important date every month for me, especially this time.

That’s because my body currently lacks mana, so I feel very sick today. I started feeling powerless before it was even dark outside.

Vyvyan had stayed by my side all day today. Though I could move my limbs normally, it was mainly to guarantee I would be okay.

But even if I was in a normal condition, my two mothers would still be extremely tense on a full moon night. They don’t want to see me in so much pain. The way they express their pain differs, though.

Elizabeth stays by my side and watches over me until I fall asleep, but Vyvyan…

Though Vyvyan’s method allows me to recover, Vyvyan seems to have not done that in a long time. As for Luna… Luna and Vyvyan are different. I can accept Luna’s method of treating me in humanity’s lands, but I can’t accept Vyvyan doing the same.

I lay on the bed and looked at the two staring at me. I smiled helplessly as I resisted the pain and said, “Mom… you’re making me feel weird… looking at me like that…”

Elizabeth held my hand, looked at me with pity and said, “Son, it’s alright. It’s alright. You don’t have to worry. Mommy is right here with you. Mommy won’t let this woman do anything to you. Mommy definitely won’t let her do anything that crosses the line. Don’t worry. Don’t worry.”

Because the queen and empress were both present Nier and Lucia couldn’t sit down, therefore, they could only stand to one side and watch me. However, that made me feel really weird… it was like I was a dying person looking at the people standing around. I really hate this feeling.

Maybe others won’t share the same sentiment, but I hate it. For me who’s gone through death once, even though I’ve forgotten about Zhu Liangzhe, the loneliness and fear of death in my subconscious still makes me really scared.

I guess it’s a trauma to me.

I believe it would be the same for Troy. If he was still alive, he must be very scared of death, too.

Having died once, I’m not afraid of death itself, but the loneliness and powerlessness of death; that feeling of having only your thoughts intact.

When I first came here, I didn’t have any experience with full moon nights. Back then, my only source of fear and panic was Vyvyan holding me.

But now I had Elizabeth, Vyvyan, Nier, Lucia, Luna and Freya by my side.

‘I’ve got countless people by my side now. I have countless people who love me. I’ve gone through lots after coming here, many things of which I’ve never experienced before.’

‘Though I had to do a lot, I don’t regret it. Or rather, the life here has made me happier.’ I slowly closed my eyes.

The pain I felt today made me feel even worse, so Vyvyan prepared sleeping medication for me beforehand. I really felt like I was dying now.

The moon gradually rose, and second after second went by, indicating that the old and traditional moon was rising. For the elves, it meant their hunting, and procreation powers were starting to increase.

My eyes were now shut.

‘I don’t have to worry, with so many people who love me by my side.’

“Alright, get started, Vyvyan.” Elizabeth stood up and drew her sword as she watched her son close his eyes.

Vyvyan scanned her. She looked at the sword Elizabeth held and sneered at her, “The weapon in your hand is Onii-sama’s sword. Are you going to use Onii-sama’s sword against me? And against me in my state on a full moon night?”

“I’m not picking on you.” Elizabeth looked at her and then went on, “Vyvyan, I really like you, honestly. I truly really like you. But you must know that this is my child. I only have this one child. He’s my child. I shall never allow you to do anything funny to him. I’m willing to give up everything for him, including our friendship.”

Vyvyan laughed indifferently. She stood up too, looked at her and responded, “This is my child. He’s my child. I raised him.”

“Whatever the case, remember,” Elizabeth didn’t shift her sword away. It was still trained on Vyvyan. She continued, “Do not do anything to my son. I know your current condition. I know your eyes are turning red. Don’t do anything to my son, understand?”

“If you could kill me, I wouldn’t do anything.” Vyvyan looked at me. She wore on a cold smile and placed her hand on her child’s chest. She added, “But you must understand that I’m not doing this for you, but for my son.”

“Start then.”

The two of them stared at each other for a long time before Elizabeth took back her sword and Vyvyan sat on the bed.

Elizabeth placed her hand on her child’s belt then let out a heavy sigh and asked, “You are only to use your mouth, and no other methods, understood?”

“Hmm?!” Vyvyan was shocked as she looked at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth froze for a moment. She then looked at Vyvyan with a much colder gaze and stood back up.

“Don’t tell me you did something else when he was in the elven lands!! Did you do something else to my son?! This should be just a treatment, but did you do something else?!” She asked.

“No.” Vyvyan went silent for a moment and then giggled softly.

Elizabeth looked at her smile in silence for a moment before exclaiming, “I certainly hope you didn’t, Vyvyan. If you do anything to my son, you better prepare for a second war. I will not hand my son to a horny slut like you!”

“Yeah? Doesn’t the same go for you? Isn’t my son becoming more and more like Onii-sama? You, who always loved Onii-sama, will also develop feelings for my son, who looks like Onii-sama and inherited his bloodline. Plus, they should have the same scent, no?” Vyvyan narrowed her eyes and then continued, “You lived in the elven lands for two years so you can smell the scent of an elf, right?”

Elizabeth looked at her without answering. She looked at the prince on the bed and thought to herself in silence. A moment later, she placed her sword down and weakly said, “You yack too much… This child… this child… is becoming more and more like my husband… he’s becoming more and more similar… he’s becoming more and more like the man I loved most…”

“Yeah?” Vyvyan took off her dress and her blood-red eyes were visible in the night sky. She mounted her son’s body and then undid the belt on his pants.

She seductively licked her lips and said, “Since you were all like this in the past, I won’t stand on ceremony… He is my son, after all. If I need a suitable successor, then… Then I may need to trouble my son…”


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