Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 24

Luna didn’t actually have to worry.

It doesn’t look like the elves here are the like the nobles I met at the banquets and whatnot I attended with humanity. They didn’t really have any dancing sequence, indeed, everybody just danced randomly, however, they liked without any consideration for rhythm. They just followed their heart and allowed their movements to express the joy in their hearts.

The atmosphere was so cheerful that everybody couldn’t help but laugh, and get closer and closer to their loved one to hug them tightly. The lust in the atmosphere was so strong virtually everyone’s ears were red. They looked like they couldn’t wait to unite their bodies.

Maybe this feeling has something to do with the scent of wine in the air. The strong scent of wine could virtually make one drunk without drinking.

Luna smiled and gently leaned onto my chest while breathing softly. Her body rose and fell according to her breathing. She gently interlocked her fingers with mine as she leaned on my chest. She always had a nice faint scent on her, but because of her perspiration from the hot temperature, my heart was racing.

We appeared to be husband and wife amidst the event, as if we weren’t acting as lovers, but actual long-time lovers.

I looked at Luna’s rosy lips. It took a lot out of me to resist kissing them because I had very strong feelings for the Luna before me right now. I really wanted to just hold her tightly like this.

I’ve got Freya to thank for providing me with sufficient warning. Otherwise, I’m genuinely worried I would elope with Luna right now. I believe that Luna would be very happy if we did.

To be frank, I feel that the elves are a very nice race at the moment.

Lucia, Vyvyan, Mera, Luna… These girls and mom are perfect, excessively perfect in fact. They’re all so cute, beautiful, understanding, aren’t tempted by money and don’t have any materialistic pursuits. They persist and show their courage for their love. They are the most perfect treasure in this world.

As for humanity… humanity…


I randomly murmured a name…

Let’s see what I’ve gone through during my visits to humanity. I dealt with Castor’s criticisms of me, I dealt with threats from the Valkyrie, I dealt the church’s affair and I experienced nearly losing my life in the sewers. Humans stole my Luna’s happiness, they stole my Mera’s life, and they’re always going against me. Humanity has taken the things I cherished from me time and time again.

But I just couldn’t forget her. I couldn’t forget that white robe and that white horse. I couldn’t forget Nier, who gracefully saluted me with determination… I couldn’t forget her. I couldn’t forget her determined gaze. I couldn’t forget her determination. I couldn’t. I love the elven girls. But in her, I saw the bravery, and determination to unceasingly forge forth toward the dream I always wanted to pursue. And she was Nier, the girl who was earnest. She would go until she could no longer go.

Her solo nature was so precious. Her gaze was so courageous, yet when she cried in my arms, she was feminine. She’s my Nier, the Nier who was always by my side. She was the Nier I loved dearly. I want to see her. I don’t know why, but under the influence of the wine and my lust, I really wanted to go and see her.

I drank with her under the moonlight twice after all. Twice. We didn’t say a word to each other. We just drank one cup after another.

Her gaze looked so beautiful under the moonlight those times. Her green eyes that looked to the moon carried within them puzzlement, as though she was pondering her life.

I want to see her.

I don’t know why I think of Lucia’s smile and the determined white cape that appears in my dreams whenever I think of my love.

“Nier… Miss Nier?”

Luna paused and then smiled helplessly while looking at me as she continued, “My beloved, do you miss Miss Nier? Or did you want to take part in this sort of event with Miss Nier?”

“No. I just thought of her. I recalled her confession to me. I recalled her… I don’t know why, but I really want to see her right now…”

I smiled helplessly and shook my head. I then said, “But I’m already engaged to Lucia, so I have no right to love another woman anymore. I love Lucia; I really do. She saved my life before. She didn’t abandon me when I was facing my greatest crisis, so how can I just abandon her now?”

Luna looked at me and her lips budged. She then laughed and said, “My dear, I think that there is an issue with your thinking. It is just as Her Majesty said. If you have a wife in both locations, that should not be considered betrayal, right? If you truly love Miss Nier, then it is a form of pain for you two to not be able to be together as well. I would think that not even Miss Lucia would be willing to see you sad like this. Plus, Miss Nier has the right to be loved!”

“I… I… Forget it. Let’s not talk about this… Even if I think that way, I need to get everyone’s opinion on it… I do like Nier, but if I only had one choice, I won’t betray Lucia.”

“It is not a betrayal to love two women as long as you can love them both equally.” Luna smiled helplessly and then continued, “If you have that thought, could you also… consider me? … Ah… sorry… sorry… I forget my place… Your Majesty, you could not possibly…”

Luna quickly changed her choice of words and then revealed a gentle smile to say, “Sorry… Ah…”

I pulled the girl in front of me into my arms tightly.

Luna was caught got by surprise. She shivered as she reached her arms out and wrapped her arms around my back gently, clenching my clothes tightly like she was going to rip them.

Because of her hoarse voice, her body was shaking gently. She hugged me tightly and sobbed. Next to my ear, she said in her shaky voice, “Don’t… don’t be like this… Your Majesty… please don’t be like this… don’t be like this… Please don’t be so gentle with me… I… I won’t be able to hold myself back… I… I will start to have hopes… I already… I’m already like this… Please don’t be so gentle with me… I… I will fall in love with you… How…”

“Fall in love with me then…”

I embraced her tightly and earnestly said, “Love me. I can’t reciprocate your feelings, and I know that we will never receive blessings from anyone, regardless of where we go. If you were the Luna of the past, and I wasn’t the prince, then we could be together. But right now… I’ve never thought that not being a prince would be better, so… so… I can’t reciprocate your feelings… But I will keep one who loves me by my side forever. Luna, I won’t have another personal servant other than you. There will only ever be one Luna by my side.”

“Your Majesty… Your Majesty… I… I… I’m so happy… I’m very happy with this… thank you… thank you…”

Luna released me and wiped her tears before looking up. She looked at me with her eyes that were still wet and sparkling. She giggled softly and then wrapped her arms around my neck. She softly said, “In that case… please allow me to enjoy this before this dream ends… My beloved…”

She went up on her tiptoes…

This wasn’t crossing the line because all of the couples around us were holding each other tightly to fill their love. We too were locked in a tight embrace as we kissed. But we knew that we would never be able to be in each other’s arms again after this time…



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