Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 50


“What’s wrong? I’m very surprised since this is the first time you have spoken to me.”

Luna placed the clothes she was folding down and looked at Nier. Nier stared at the ground blankly. Ever since she came back, she was out of it. Nier looked at Luna. Her lips twitched and then she said: “Today… I kissed his majesty… now my chest feels unwell. My heart keeps beating and I keep having hot flushes. Luna, what’s wrong with me? Why, why did I do something so outrageous…? Why…. Why did I kiss him when it went to my head……?”

Seeing Nier on the verge of tears, Luna wasn’t in the mood to tease her anymore when she was initially planning to. She looked at Nier. Is Nier really foreign to this feeling? She wants to be with his majesty. She took the initiative to kiss his majesty. Does she really not know she has fallen for his majesty?

Perhaps she doesn’t even know what love is which would explain why she is so scared.

“That is because you have already, like… Ah, no, fallen in love with his majesty.”

Luna looked at Nier. She sat next to Nier and softly continued: “When you want to be together with someone, want to kiss him, and want to hug him. When you kiss, hold hands or embrace you feel flustered, get hot flushes, and get excited, that means that you have fallen in love with him. Nier, I was right, wasn’t I? His majesty is gentle, kind and dependable. Even you were attracted to him, weren’t you?”

“No… I don’t want this… I can’t… I can’t be like this……”

Nier grabbed her own face. She was sobbing gently. Luna didn’t know why but Nier knew. In the past she just wanted to stay by his side. She comforted herself, telling herself she just wanted to stay by his side to pay him back. She didn’t want to and can’t love his majesty. Her majesty wouldn’t permit it. She was a Valkyrie. She couldn’t do something that would leave the empress unhappy, and his majesty couldn’t be with her either. His future should be more beautiful. He shouldn’t be stuck with an orphan.

“Of course you can! Nier! Love has no limitations! Even if her majesty doesn’t agree, you still need to express your feelings to his majesty!! You must let his majesty know! Only that way will your feelings calm down! The one who should hold the power to end this love should be you and his majesty, and no one else!”

“Her majesty! Her majesty won’t agree to it! Her majesty will kill me! I’m a Valkyrie! I can’t fall for his majesty!”

“You’ve already fallen for him! Would you kiss somebody you don’t like?! Think about it, his majesty has been the one who has always gone through life and death with you without backing down! The one who can save you and help you move forward is his majesty! Don’t give up on your pure love because of ‘reasons’! You need to tell his majesty! You need to tell him! If he reciprocates your feelings, your love can continue!”

Luna pressed Nier who looked down like the world was coming to an end. Nier looked at her blankly. Her gaze looked like it was fading away. Her heart was so chaotic she just wished she could pull it out. All sorts of feelings gathered inside her like she was recovering from winter hibernation. However, what she wanted to do most in that moment was still to be with his majesty. She wanted to go and see him. She wanted to be by his side, talk to him and go out with him, regardless of where they went.

But she knew she couldn’t.

“Luna… what do I do…? I’ve never experienced this feeling before… what do I do…? What do I do……?”

Nier hugged Luna tightly and sobbed in her arms. She was like a child right now. She was fearful of this unknown world. She violated the last thing she shouldn’t have violated, and that is doing what her majesty forbade. And that was falling in love with his majesty.

She had no idea how to live on without her majesty. How was she going to live without her majesty? What would she live on for?

I really want to… I really want to hug him… I want to cry in his arms……

Inner court.

“Mom, your birthday is tomorrow.”

Honestly speaking, the inner court is chaotic today. All of the presents coming in from different regions are being thrust into the palace. I took a quick look at them. There were lots of different sorts of pearls and luxury items. I hadn’t seen most of them, but the Chinese-style incense burner and silk robe caught my eyes. Could there be a country similar to China in this world? If there is, I really want to go and see it.

The empress didn’t care for any of them. She went about her day like usual while the guards and servants in the inner palace looked like they were on the brink of death. They had to prepare for the banquet tomorrow as well as deal with the presents. Lots of things had to be carefully stored away. Though the empress wouldn’t care if they got damaged, damaging her birthday presents would incur the death penalty.

I sat on mom’s bed and watched mom scribble on the documents. She picked up the seal wax and stamped them. Mom smiled and placed her pen down when she heard me. She looked at me and said: “I’m really looking forward to seeing what birthday present you’ve prepared for me, since this is the first time you’re giving me a birthday present. I’ll be very happy no matter what it is.”

“Mom, I actually don’t know what to give you because I feel that no matter what I gift you, it won’t be something you need.”

I smiled helplessly and scratched my head. I spent a lot of time looking around on the streets today. The things sold on the streets were too caddish. What, am I supposed to give mom boiled potatoes as a birthday present or something? Although mom would happily eat it, it wouldn’t sit right with me. Why do I feel that the products the humans have are far less exquisite than what the elves have?

I haven’t bought many ornaments from the elves otherwise I could’ve bought mom a hair accessory. Mom’s dark-black-shiny hair would look beautiful if paired with a hair accessory, but I didn’t know about her birthday before.

“It’s alright. As long as it’s a gift from you, mommy will be very happy regardless of what it is. You don’t really have to prepare any presents. As long as you’re by mommy’s side tomorrow, that is the best birthday present mommy could ask for because you are the most treasured gift god and my husband gave me.”

Mom walked up to my side, held my hand and smiled blissfully.

Yes, but you can’t do that as a son. She is my most beloved mother after all. I must do something for her birthday. It’s not that I don’t have any idea at all, it’s just that it requires mom to agree. I don’t know if mom would accept my birthday present.

I looked at mom and said: “I actually have an idea mom and it would be nice if you could agree.”

Mom just looked at me. She then asked me in an uneasy tone: “Did you want to do something, son? Mommy doesn’t mind. If you have an idea tomorrow, mommy can make some time for you.”

“Yes. Tomorrow is your birthday. My idea is……”

I grabbed mom’s hand, looked at her earnestly and seriously said: “Mom, let’s run away!”


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