Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 19

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After paying our respects to God, it was time to celebrate. There was no business left after that.

The ladies wearing wreaths wrapped their arms around their husband’s tightly and cheerfully went toward the flower field.

The merchants, on the side of the road that passed nearby, displayed their goods and began selling them. Their goods included all sorts of stuff including simple ornaments, food, and masks.

Luna wrapped her arm around mine as well and we went into the field of flowers. I staggered around as I tried to run in the flowery steppe. Luna let go of me and cheerfully laughed out loud. She then jumped into the flowers. I had never seen Luna so excited before. How long had it been since she last saw this sea of flowers?

This land which had once brought her happiness and bliss now only contained damaged fragments of her dreams. Luna finally got to see this land again. The happy and beautiful moments appeared by her side again. The elegant scents of the flowers and earth floated around her nose. The bliss was enough to make one remove all of their shackles and be as excited as they once were in the past.

I walked up to Luna’s side. She tugged on my arm aggressively, dragging me onto the ground. I fell on top of the flowers and looked at the dark-blue sky above blankly. The ground was warm, thanks to the sunlight, while the scent of the flowers around was more pronounced. It was as though we had extracted the sweet scents from it as it floated around us.

Luna held my hand tightly, laughed softly and said, “My beloved, I used to particularly love taking an afternoon nap here. I would come here when I was free and take a nap in the comfortable warmth of the sun. It has been a long time since I last lay on these flowers. I feel like I’ve returned to the past this time.”

I turned my head to look at her, smiled, and asked, “Do you want to have a nap now then?”

“No.” She turned her head to the side to look at me. She giggled softly and then reached her hand out to cup my face. With a smile, she said, “Of course not. I do not have much time to be with you, to begin with, my beloved, so sleeping here when you are with me is a waste of time. Being able to spend time at your side like this is like a once-off short dream, huh?”

I didn’t deny it. I did look at Luna’s eyes and give her a nod, though, because what she said was true. After this matter is resolved, we won’t be able to be so intimate. I’m going to be marrying Lucia, and Luna must stay by my side as my personal maid. But that is all she will be, a personal maid.

She will forever only remain as a personal maid.

“So I really cherish this time we have.”

Luna came over and gently rest her head on my chest. With a smile, she said, “I do not ask for this to last forever. Just this short while is enough. This time we have together has made me happy enough and allowed me to move on so that I am no longer tormented by the past. Now I will have something I can reminisce on in my gloomy life. In the future, when I recall the past, I will not feel hurt and hopeless again. I will have your warmth and breath at my side today, and that is enough.”

“I can only give you a memory, but even this memory is fake, you know?”

“That is enough.” Luna laughed softly and continued, “It is fine even if it is fake. I am fine as long as I have a memory, as I will definitely stay by your side in the future. My future will be very blissful. I am satisfied with just a blissful past. And thus, my life will be complete.”

“Don’t you intend to stay? Your brother is here.”

Luna shook her head as she looked at me. She replied, “No. I will do my best to come back and visit my brother, however; the vast flower fields here, as well as the village, cannot compare to even a single warm smile you give me.”

I looked at Luna, and an electric current ran into my heart. That line must be a winner if I used it on a girl. But Luna was the one that said it. The smile on Luna’s face also told me that she wasn’t lying. Luna wasn’t sweet-talking me. She truly thought that way.


“My beloved…”

“Umm, although I don’t really want to disturb you two, the young lady you brought along with you has run into some trouble out front of a store. It is because she doesn’t know the language.” Just as we were about to kiss, a voice spoke out to us from overhead.

Luna shrieked and jumped up. With her face red, she looked at her brother and exclaimed, “Brother! Can you please appear in a friendlier way next time?! You scared me to death!”

Her brother nodded, and then said to me, “Sorry. I didn’t want to disturb you two either, but your sister is in trouble.”

I paused for a moment and then asked, “Freya? What happened to her?”

“It seems like she wanted to buy something, only to find out she couldn’t communicate and therefore is getting into an argument at the store.”

Ah, I forgot about the most important thing. Luna and I came over here and got intimate while Freya didn’t follow. It looks like she took action on her own.

We felt that we were being watched before, but we couldn’t be sure since there were honestly far too many people. While we were aware that the Shadow Squad was definitely watching over us, they would never let us detect them. Consequently, the people watching us definitely had ulterior motives.

After we split up, Freya probably went to go and find a way to deal with it on her own. But I went and forgot, Freya doesn’t know the elven language. It’s dangerous for her to be in such a situation, but it doesn’t look like she’s alerted the enemies.

Luna and I headed over and quickly located Freya. She was standing in front of a store and had locked her eyes on something inside a cage. I leaned over to take a look and it was a dog.

It looked pretty much like regular dogs, except that dogs here have a characteristic that cats have, and that was tree climbing. I couldn’t see anything special about the dog in the cage. Its fur-colour was mixed, too. It was just an ordinary dog, but Freya stared at it without shifting her gaze anywhere else. Her eyes showed that she really liked it.

“Do you want it, Freya?”

“Yes, brother.”

Freya then naturally pointed at the dog and said, “Brother, can you buy it for me?”

“Oh… I can… but I never thought you liked dogs…” I paid and then brought the cage over.

The dog woke up from its slumber and opened its eyes. It looked at me with a lifeless gaze and then lowered its head again.

Freya excitedly took the cage and then checked her surroundings. She then spoke really loudly, “Let’s call you Prince then. Ah… brother, please teach me a few sentences in the elven language.”


“‘Prince where are you?’ ‘Prince!’, just those two.”

“Prince where are you? Prince.”

“Pr-… Pr-… Pr-… where… no… Prince where are you? Prince!” Freya repeated it a few times. It wasn’t hard to pronounce those two sentences, so Freya learnt them quickly.

After finishing her preparations she crouched down on the ground and opened the door of the cage. She then tugged the dog’s ear hard.

The dog ran into the crowd due to the pain. Freya quickly chased it through the crowd, shouting, “Prince, where are you?! Prince! Prince! Prince, where are you?!”

Over ten pairs of eyes immediately focused themselves on her. Wait, no, the entire venue went quiet and everyone instantly looked over towards her.

Luna and I immediately knew what she was trying to do.

I noticed that the group wearing hoodies all immediately looked over towards her when she shouted those sentences. Some even reached for their hips.

“Ah, prince…”

Freya picked up the dog from the crowd and then ran amidst the quiet crowd toward us with a smile as she shouted, “Brother, Prince! Prince!”

Everybody revealed a smile when they saw the dog held up high. But, their smiles were more smiles of relief.

Freya checked her surroundings. She then chuckled coldly and softly said, “See now, brother? You can be sure now, right? Those who reacted when they heard ‘prince’ are enemies


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