Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 36

I said that driving was uncomfortable, didn’t I? I want to change my opinion. Drifting is awesome! I could imagine the scythed chariots in ancient times, running across the plains at this speed, listening to the whistling wind and sound of the horse hooves while standing at the top commanding it. It feels incredible. It would feel awesome to rush into an enemy camp and slay them with it.

That’s why they say “fast and furious”. It was like adrenaline was trying to compete with my own speed. This must be why the cavalry roar uncontrollably when they rush the enemy vanguard I guess. I gave it my all to increase my speed to the absolute max. The four horses pulling the heavy carriage were like a race-car racing through the street. Nier grabbed hold of the handrail to the side tightly. I made a tight turn at high-speed. If it weren’t for the rocks in the back, I imagine we would’ve flipped. After turning sideways in a scary way, we continued the charge forward.

This is a straight road. A heavy horse carriage in front of us slowly came over. The coach looked like he heard the quick steps from my horses’ hooves. He turned to see my heavy horse carriage charging over towards him. He cried out in terror causing me to shiver. The corner of my mouth couldn’t resist the exhilarating feeling I felt inside and I revealed a savage smile. I whipped the reins with everything I had and charged towards the church’s horse carriage.

We were getting closer and closer! Nier struggled to get up. She was ready to jump off. However, I felt that we still weren’t quite there yet. Not yet. The coach tried to move the carriage. I must ensure that I can crash him for sure!

“Your majesty!! It’s time to jump!”

“Wait! Wait a little longer!”

“Your majesty! Sorry! We can’t wait any longer!”

Before I had given the order, Nier suddenly wrapped her arm around me tightly. I could feel my body sink into something soft and warm. The next thing I heard was the wind’s howl and then the heavy thud sound from our landing. Immediately afterwards, I head a scream as loud as a mountain avalanche. Nier used her strength to hold me with a similar posture to a princess carry and jumped off the carriage. My head was firmly pressed against her chest.

Uhm, Nier sure has hidden big boobs.

I admire Nier. Nier is truly very agile. She landed steadily on her two legs even though she was carrying me. Noticing the light post in front, Nier forcefully turned her body, using her back to absorb the impact of the collision with the light post for me.  However, the light overhead fell straight down.

Nier sprinted with all her might a few steps. The sound of the light shattering upon impact with the ground could be heard behind us.

It looked like a few rocks fell there. Over there, the heavy thuds of rocks dropping on the ground could be heard.

Nier placed me down, looked at me and asked with concern: “Are you alright, your majesty?”

I staggered back a few steps after getting put down. I checked myself out and didn’t find any injuries. Nier on the other hand was painfully rubbing her lower leg. Hurt for her, I touched Nier on her head and then ran over in the direction of the dust flying in all directions. I must find the remains of the statue before the church’s people arrive.

The air carried the smell of dust and dirt. The dust covered the air like a smoke bomb was thrown. The neigh of the horse before its death was accompanied by blood pouring forth. You’d be hard-pressed to survive that. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got crushed to death. But I’m not in any mood to give my condolences to the horses right now. I ran over to where the church’s horse carriage flipped over and saw the scattered broken bits of stone.

I crouched down and picked up the pieces as fast as I possibly could. I finally found a white finger in the midst of the stones. God’s head should be here, but I don’t want to pick up that heavy lambasted head.

“What happened?!!”

The church’s guards came running out. I quickly grabbed that finger and checked it out. It’s stone. This is nothing special. I quickly put it on my lips and licked it.

I knew it. Winner, Troy Galadriel Rosvenor.

I chuckled coldly and placed the finger in my pocket. They say that god will point you in the right direction. Well I believe that now. God’s finger really will point one in the right direction. While it’s not the meaning to human life, physics will be able to help me solve a very important matter.

The church’s guards yelled at me: ”Surround him!!”

Just as I turned around to run, Nier had rushed out in front of me. Her lower leg must still be in pain. She protected me but she needs to carry the responsibilities of two people. I noticed from her expression that she was still in pain. But since she emitted her killing intent aura all around, the air in the surrounding area seemingly froze. Nier pulled me behind her, drew her blade, pointed it at them and in a cold voice said: “Standing before you is the prince of the Rosvenor Empire, Troy Galadriel Rosvenor. I will treat all those who draw a weapon on his majesty as traitors! What are you trying to do?!”

All of the guards got frightened. They trembled as they watched Nier’s fierce expression and her sword. Seeing that, they threw their weapons down. A man dressed in a formal robe came running over with a horrified look on his face and shouted: “Your majesty! Your majesty! My god! What in god’s name have you done?!”

“Nothing. I was just drifting. Maybe I forgot to tell you, but drifting at midnight is my hobby.”

I looked at him with a cold smile. I then made a small bow and said: “I’m truly sorry. I broke your stuff because of my hobby. But god should know that I didn’t mean to. It’s just a one-time traffic accident. I’m very sorry about breaking your horse carriage and statue, but you must know, it wasn’t on purpose. Uhm, I’ll pay you back for your losses. I’ll pay exactly what they’re worth, including your horse carriage.”

“Compensation is not the problem! Your majesty! This is god’s statue! It is god’s statue!”

“I already told you, it wasn’t on purpose. Look if you want to make an issue out of things, then I could make a case against you, because this is not an unloading zone. If you insist on unloading goods in front of the church, I can’t help it. Horse carriages aren’t supposed to be here in the first place. See? It’s because you decided to not follow the regulations and insist on unloading goods here that I almost got hurt. Do you want me to go back and tell her majesty about this?”

I looked at him through the corner of my eye. You can’t unload goods here. While there aren’t many people around early in morning and therefore won’t cause an issue, the rules are the rules. The rules and regulations were created here, as for how they are enforced, that’s my business. You’re now offenders, and you almost hurt me. So what are you going to do about it?

He stood in place at first. He then quickly waved his hand said: “We are very sorry. We are very sorry, your majesty. We are in the wrong. We are in the wrong. We are very sorry. I am glad that you did not get hurt. But I hope you will not tell her majesty about this. Parking in a non-parking zone is our mistake. We will compensate you for your losses.”

“No, no, no, you guys have suffered losses too at the end of the day. I should compensate you, otherwise, wouldn’t it be a hit-and-run incident? I can’t afford to shoulder that crime.”

I laughed and then walked up to him. I saw the uneasy look in his eyes. Next to his ear, I quietly said: “But isn’t this statue too salty for you guys?”


He shivered like he got electrocuted. He looked at me with his horrified eyes like the world was ending. I chuckled and then made an invitational hand gesture and said: “How about this then: I’ll go with you to your office so we can discuss the compensation details. What do you think? I’m being sincere, but I don’t know about you.”

“Alright, alright!”

He hesitated for a second and then nodded. I gave a satisfied nod and walk up to Nier. I quietly said to her: “Thank you very much, Nier.”

“It’s my duty.”

Nier bowed slightly and then turned around to walk behind me. I turned around and extended my hand out to hold her hand tightly. She hesitated. I looked at her and said: “It’s fine for you to lean on me.”

“…… I apologise, your majesty.”

I don’t know if it was my imagination but I felt like she was grabbing me very tightly with her hand on my shoulder. And was her face slightly red?

The sun behind us finally rose, lighting up the road in front of us…… I think the road we walk next will be this bright too.


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