Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 56

Nothing special happened on this month’s full moon. Luna chose to use the same method as last time. I did ask her if we could use other methods, but Luna explained that she couldn’t withstand the pain over a long period of time either, so we could only stick to this one-shot method which was the quickest. I understandably couldn’t object to it. When Luna goes into full-heat, Nier knocks her out and takes her away while I fall into my slumber. Going through this every month is tiring me. Even though I’ve only gone through it a few times, it taxes me both physically and mentally to a great extent.

When I woke up the next day, mom was sleeping at the table by the side. It looks like mom was in more pain than anyone when I was in pain. While my body was being ripped apart, mom’s heart bled for me. I stood up and walked up to mom’s side. I tried to use my strength to… shit. I failed…….

“What are you doing, son?”

Mom opened her eyes and looked at me startled as I had one arm around her neck and the other around her waist. It looks like mom maintains a high level of vigilance even when she sleeps…… I let go while my face and ears were red and replied: “I was… I was going to pick you up but… I didn’t have the strength……”

Mom stayed still. She then pinched her waist and managed to pinch a piece of flesh…… Mom looked gloomy. She frowned at said: “Damn it… I’ve been so happy with you at my side this month I didn’t exercise at all…… I definitely didn’t have excess fat on my body before. But the spring hunting season is coming. When spring comes in, come hunting with mommy.”

“Mom… winter has only just started……”

“That’s alright… It’ll be spring the next time you come.” Mom reached her arms out and carefully hugged me. Maybe she was worried about me having gone through the full-moon night baptism, but she was very gentle with me. She stroked my head and with a smile said: “Mommy doesn’t want to count the days anymore. Mommy just checks the monthly schedules now. You will be back the month after next.”

I felt a little sad when looking at mom’s lonely and reluctant gaze. It’s not just mom though. Vyvyan’s gaze was filled with agony and reluctance when I left her too. Seeing mom’s gaze makes me remember the phrase our ancestors taught us “a son not ought to go to a distance where he will be away from his parents”. But I have no choice. If my two moms could get along, maybe the three of us could find a place to lead a happy and blissful life……

I think that if I’m going to make that a reality, I’ll need someone who can settle the crazy way they treat me. It’ll be best if it’s my father, who is the one who won the support of the other elves after annihilating the dark elves, the previous king, Inard. Unfortunately, he’s probably dead as can be. Otherwise he would’ve crawled back if he had to. I mean, look at his wives. If he’s dead, there’s no chance they’ll get along……

“Mom, where’s Nier?”

I noticed that someone was missing from my side. Normally speaking, Nier should be facing me with her back as she stood at the door. But a Valkyrie I didn’t know stood there today. Mom looked at me silently and then asked: “Nier went to deliver a letter. She’s gone already. Oh right, son, do you have any opinion about your marriage to Nier?”

I looked at mom and shook my head: “I do. Mom, I have a fiancée already. I can’t marry another girl.”

Mom looked at me and asked: “Okay, so do you like Nier, son? Do you want to marry Nier?”

I thought about it and scratched my head. I was a little embarrassed as I said: “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like her… because I like Nier, but……”

“Then there are no ‘buts'”.

Mom stood up, pointed at the royal family’s coat of arms on my chest and said: “Son, you are my son here, the eldest son of the royal family, a member of the Rosvenor family. Your fiancée there is your fiancée when you’re the elf prince. But you’re not the elf prince now. Mommy supports monogamy too, but you’re single here, son. This isn’t betrayal. You must be affectionate with your elven wife as an elf, and you must be affectionate with your human wife as a human. That is loyalty.”

“That’s… that’s……”

Mom’s reasoning and moral arguments were full of problems but I had not one bloody argument for it. There was a huge problem with her entire logic, but there were no loopholes in the finer areas. Yes, she is indeed right based on the status quo. I have a fiancée on the elven side, but I don’t have one on humanity’s side. Me getting married here wouldn’t affect the elves over there.

In other words, I’m not betraying Lucia. I didn’t betray her when I was the elf prince. But I can’t get involved with elves as the human prince. If I’m being all lovey-dovey here with Nier, then I’m doing so as the human prince, so they don’t conflict with each other.

Wait, no… why the hell is this two-timing sort-of-matter so reasonable here?!

Mom looked at me who was shocked, patted me on my shoulder and added: “That’s what we’ll go with then, son. Mommy knows what you’re thinking. If you agree, mommy will discuss your marriage with that woman.”

“Wait a second! Mom! You’re going to see m(om)-… Vyvyan?!”

Mom righteously replied: “Of course. Of course I’m the one who’s meant to arrange your marriage as your mother. Who is she to be arranging it? She has to back off on this matter.”

I suddenly came to a realisation. Could this be a chance to get them to make up? They keep fighting with each other because of me and their relationship hasn’t improved. Maybe they just need a grandchild and they’ll make up. Plus, preparing for my wedding is a chance for the two of them to meet

Maybe they’ll be able to be friends once they meet……

Alright, even I’m not convinced by what I’m saying. It’d be a blessing if they didn’t fight each other upon meeting each other. I sure as hell don’t want a second war over me to break out.

“Son, mommy wants you to be happy. Mommy doesn’t want you to end up like mommy and have a political marriage.” Mom looked at me with a sad look and continued, “But, mommy doesn’t have as much time as that woman. Mommy wants to see you happy in the short time mommy has. That way, mommy won’t feel so guilty. Son, if you can accept Nier, just marry her. Mommy will help you solve the matters that come after it.”


I looked at mom and my hand naturally went for the pendant on my chest. I gripped the heart-shape pendant tightly. The edges of it stabbed into my hand painfully as if it was about to cut into my flesh. I looked at mom’s gaze and let out a hopeless sigh. I said: “Mom, let me think about it, alright? I don’t want to decide so soon.”

Mom nodded and said: “Think about it carefully before Nier returns then, son. But before that, let mommy hug you first… Son, mommy really misses you… mommy really loves you… so… mommy is waiting for you to come back soon son……”

“Uhm. I know mom. I love you too……”




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