Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 3 Ch. 27

Lesson In Medicine. Perhaps True, Perhaps Not.

What the hell? Only after I knock the punk out subconsciously did I realise that he seemed to be with Fu Xiang.

And after I beat him silly with one move, my mood improved slightly.

Kuang Tian, Fu Xiang, Yue Ye, Zhong Ning. This guy must be the youngest one, Zhong Ning.

He’s in full gear like he’s about to head out to a war battlefield. Fufufu, so you’ve fallen this low huh? Capturing small-time constables who’ve left… isn’t that what door-guards do?

Wait, could it be… could they be trying to capture me and take me back because I got promoted recently? You’re making too much of a big deal people.

I went to check up on Su Xiao. He was fine. Zhong Ning just sealed his sleep-meridian point. He didn’t suffer any physical injuries. It was just that I did hear his reason for holding back which was why my desire to murder surged back up.

As soon as I had the urge my foot had already stepped onto his hand. I didn’t put any strength into it but I had shattered his hand bones to bits and pieces. His five senses had already shut down, leaving him muddle-headed so he couldn’t even feel the pain. Even the pain of his bones shattering was meaningless to him.

It wasn’t easy for me to forcefully suppress my urge to kill. This happens to me really easily. Whenever I want to get serious, I lose control of my murderous intent. This is a disadvantage of practicing Spring Wind Rainy Nights Divine Art. Once you get to a certain level of mastery with it, your murderous urge increases by the day causing you to become violent and blood-thirsty, and it will also affect your personality.

For me personally, whenever I want to get serious, my urge to kill gushes forth and my eyes turn blood-red. After Fu Xiang hit me with his last strike, I was planning to just pretend I was asleep and leave on my own. I never expected Su Xiao would take me away.

My eyes suddenly turned red back there, which I surmise was because I saw Shen Yiren’s sad look in the snow, so I didn’t dare to open my eyes. I didn’t dare to wake up in case Su Xiao discovered it for the same reason.

Every time my eyes turn blood-red, I need to mould energy and release it. I initially thought I’d need a longer amount of time, but by some stroke of luck I ran into these unlucky guys.

I stroked Su Xiao’s small head. He “meowed” because it was a little ticklish and tucked his head into his white neck a little. It was a touching scene. My hand seemed to escape control… stop! Control yourself hand!

Hehehe, he’s deep asleep. Su Xiao was tense right at the start of the day due to the imperial martial arts tournament as well as carrying me while running around and worrying. And that was why he was so sound asleep.

Su Xiao…..

I recalled Su Xiao carrying me as he struggled to walk and spoke to me.

“Let’s go see a doctor. We’ll go and see the best doctor…… You’ll be okay.”

“I, I’m not crying. There’s nothing to cry about. They were lying. I don’t believe them.”

I recalled the tough look like a small tiger he sported when he threatened this doctor too.

I couldn’t help but chuckle. How is this kid so cute?

I suddenly recalled Boss Shen’s look when I was pretending to be unconscious. Her murderous intent in her eyes was genuine. Her murderous intent at the time was probably colder than snow. She then went off to challenge Fu Xiang. That was the first time I saw Boss Shen fight with everything she had. She really is skilled.

I couldn’t help but reflect on myself after seeing Su Xiao and Boss Shen get into trouble and feel sad because of me.

I owe these beauties a great favour.

Wait, shit! Su Xiao’s a guy!!

That’s called strong brotherly-bonds!

A slightly excited-elderly voice spoke out from the side: “This lass over-stressed herself. The meridian poke was just an external force. The true reason was because she expended too much energy mentally. A fifteen, sixteen year old girl can’t handle so much.”

I was startled for a moment. I then looked at the repulsive-looking old geezer with small eyes, a small nose and a small mouth. Was this geezer always here?! I quickly scanned my surroundings. This is no imperial medical office. This is a medicine warehouse! Su Xiao went to the wrong place. Good grief, lucky this doctor was here, otherwise god knows what catastrophe he would’ve caused.

I tried to look for the words as I asked: “Doctor, you……”

“Eh?! You’re well now. Let me check your pulse. Uhm! Your pulse is stable and strong. It’s slow but the beats are strong. You’ll be able to live past one-hundred, but maybe not two-hundred! My bad, my bad, my bad, what am I saying…… Oh? Your pulse is stable as if you don’t have any injury. I did say you didn’t look like you were injured. I just didn’t know why you were like a dead-person. I can’t pinpoint the reason, but I am ninety-percent confident of my pulse readings.”

The old-rat looking doctor ran left and then ran right. I was truly concerned that I might accidentally stomp on him and kill him… But I think I’ve seen this doctor that’s overly-passionate about medical studies, and speaks like he’s in ancient times before. I looked at him carefully and a silhouette of a particular person surfaced into my mind that resembled him.

He’s… Imperial Doctor Dai?!

“Aren’t you Head Imperial Doctor Dai? This is the herb garden. Why are you here?”

“It’s a long story. It’s a long story. But ever since coming here, my days have been a lot more relaxed. Hmm…… Good! All five of your organs are healthy too. Your bones are like iron. I really wonder how you were raised. How does one have such a great body? I would think that not even a god’s would equal yours.”

“Thank you for your compliments, Imperial Doctor Dai. Hey, that’s ticklish. Stop touching me…… But not only are you the Head Imperial Doctor, you’re the greatest doctor in the world at present. You’re highly revered in the imperial palace, even the emperor insists that it must be you who he sees, so how…… Stop, stop, stop! Don’t tug on my pants!!”

“Uhm! Just as I thought. It curves like an eggplant, is vigorous as an angry frog and pointy like a dragon’s head. I knew it was an incredible weapon in the human realm!”

“Hey, hey, hey, hey! Why are you making this perverted during a word and a blow?!!”

The doctor completely ignored my question. He continued grabbing my hand as he checked here and there. Sometimes his eyes would light up and he’d try and tug on my pants. This medical-study addict is insane as he was before!!

“Young man, I noticed that your face looked pale before. You let out more air then you breathed in while your pulse was dead. It was there, but it was so weak, it was just about to stop. But then you got up full of vigour in an instant, with a pulse not only unlike ordinary people, but far superior to them as a matter of fact. H-How was that possible? Could I bother you to explain the mystery to me?”

I smiled and replied: “I believe that you’re right ninety-percent of the time when reading pulses. Even if there were others who had superior skills to you, I don’t think that there would more than one other person. You read the pulse correctly, but a pulse can trick you.”

“A pulse doesn’t lie.”

“A pulse can’t, but a person can.” I chuckled faintly and continued like a school-lecturer: “I presume you’re aware that one can change their pulse through their own strength at times. Some think that a technique which makes one appear dead is useless. To be frank, there are lots of styles which are useless. But I have yet to see an internal style which is useless. When you can control your pulse, you can control the speed of your qi, and so you have total control of them. So how is it useless?”

“Oh? Could it be……”

“Correct. This is the turtle breathing technique mentioned in the pugilistic world, an internal style that allows one to fake their death. I just used a different variation, which I’ll spare you the details of.”

Imperial Doctor Dai reacted with joyous surprise: “That is amazing! Man. Kid, I never imagined I’d come across a master like you. I dare say that I have never seen anyone as knowledgeable as you other than my teacher, Jing An Fu Ma.”

I chuckled and replied: “Of course. Jing An Fu Ma is obviously incredible.”

An individual opposite us suddenly yelled out.

“Hey, hey! You people. You think we’re props or something?!”

It was one of Zhong Ning’s comrades who was also dressed in all-black. I must ask, would you die if you wore an imperial guard uniform? Walking around the palace in all-black… aren’t you being excessively arrogant?

But they ignored me and continued talking among themselves.

“Hey…… Nobody said that, so why would you call yourself a prop?”

“He doesn’t look at us when he speaks, so what’s he taking us for if not props?”

“He didn’t call us a prop though. What prop? Hey, what’d you push me for? Push me and I’ll push you!”

After just a mere few sentences were exchanged, they started fighting like an undisciplined group.

I must say, you punks are hell arrogant…… You’re fighting with each other right in front of us?

Imperial Doctor Dai said: “Buddy, I don’t know where these men came from and they don’t look like good people to me. Would you mind…..”

“Of course.” I didn’t wait for him to finish. I flashed behind them, “Imperial Doctor Dai, do you know which meridians can save someone and which meridians can kill them?”

“My teacher said that in the study of meridians, whether it’s killing or saving one, it all depends on the wish of the executor. As long as you use an appropriate method, you can choose to kill or save.”

The ugly looking doctor sounded pretty tough when he said that.

I nodded, smiled and asked: “Do you know which meridians can put one in a confused state of mind?”

His expression changed as I expected and he replied with an open-mind: “I’m all ears!”

“The study of meridian points in medical studies and martial arts is different. While their explanations differ, meridian points are still meridian points nevertheless. If you strike here with Yin power, you will knock the target unconscious for three days, and upon waking, they will have lost their memory.”


“If you stab from here and then these three consecutively, you can erase one’s memories of the last seven days. Remember, while that is how it is used, you adjust the length of it by adjusting your force output. However, this is a large meridian point on the human body. You will not be able to touch it without a decent amount of skill. Remember that well.”

My finger strikes were like the wind. I stabbed at the guys in black while explaining the functions and application of each move. The doctor shook his head like an epileptic, like a student that was taking notes.

“That is most profound!”

“This spot and this spot control one’s memories. Do not touch them without thinking. It may very likely lead to memory loss or in severe cases, cause dementia. However, these three points are also the key to curing memory loss. If you cannot undo them, then the patient with memory loss has a severe condition and cannot be cured.”


“Next!” I moved my legs in circles consecutively to boot them all out of the place. There was one last one left waiting to be booted. I turned around to pick up Su Xiao, landed in front of Imperial Doctor Dai and asked with a smile: “I’m hungry. Can you take me somewhere to eat?”

“Yes! Shifu!”

Stop messing. Who’s your shifu?!

I’m not your shifu!


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