Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 3 Ch. 18

He is Here, Yiren Came

“You… fell for Liu Shan Men’s vice-captain, Shen Yiren, right?”

“How did you know about that?!”

That’s what just happened.

Strictly speaking, that doesn’t count as a traditional confession.

I didn’t take the initiative. The contents were provided by someone else. I was just in charge of admitting.

Admit my foot! I didn’t admit it!

I waited for a long time but nobody spoke.

Boss Shen jumping up into the ring is against the rules, right? But nobody stopped her.

I pretended to forget what just happened and tried to avoid the awkwardness: “Boss, what… are you here for?”

“Feizhen, what did you just say?”

Whoa, she’s asking me straight-up! She’s different to other girls for sure. She’s not flirtatious like normal girls. I can’t believe she can speak so naturally after that awkward scene.

“But……” Boss Shen went red in the face. She sounded like she was put in a dilemma: “Don’t say what you shouldn’t.”

She’s been affected!

A voice suddenly came into my ears. It was Fu Xiang using voice transmission.

“Don’t worry, she didn’t hear anything.”

Boss Shen didn’t hear our conversation just now? But……

I see, so Fu Xiang was using voice transmission in our conversation. I was caught up with the Path of Darkness’s actions that I forgot for a moment.

I looked carefully and noticed Boss Shen’s blushing look wasn’t because she was shy but because she was slightly short of breath after running over.

Another voice then hit my ears. This time it was Boss Shen using voice transmission.

“Our prediction was right. The Black Winds Thirteen Wings have already replaced the Qilin Guards. This grunt is really strong, right?”

Ooh, so that’s what Boss Shen meant by “what you shouldn’t say”.

I gave her a nod to say: That’s right. He’s from the League of Assassins.

This is what happened.

Boss Shen and I did indeed have other considerations with regards to the imperial martial arts tournament.

I found the Black Winds Thirteen Wings traces in the Qilin Guards’ main courtyard and I discussed it with Boss Shen. We both agreed that there was a traitor with the Qilin Guards. I then used special means to continue investigating and found out that the Black Winds Thirteen Wings wanted to go after the emperor on the day of the imperial martial arts tournament. As such, we took some pre-emptive measures. We just didn’t know when and where or how they were going to do it, hence why we had no choice but to wait for the tournament to commence and wait for the time to strike.

But things outside of our expectations happened one after the other. Brother Bastard losing is whatever, but I even ran into this strong but ugly punk.

“Sorry…… It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have let you fight him.”

Back then Boss Shen told me to try not to avoid the Qilin Guards if I ran into them, and fight them as much as possible for intel. Every move, every word and every expression would be helpful. It was a bullshit mission indeed, and realistically speaking, if I was actually an ordinary constable and ran into Fu Xiang, I wouldn’t even make it in time to say “there’s poison in your shit!”

“She cares for you, Master Ming.” Fu Xiang seemed to be able to make out what Boss Shen said from her expression. Using voice transmission, he said to me: “Even if I put you down, it doesn’t feel too bad knowing that the woman you love cares for you, huh?”

Boss Shen looked stern. With a strong gaze, she said: “Your match ends here. I’m taking him with me.”

Fu Xiang didn’t budge. His aura was grounded like a mountain, but at the same time made one feel he could strike at any moment.

“I am afraid that’s not possible. You are not the judge, Vice-captain Shen. Before Eunuch Nan declares the outcome, I am afraid I will have to continue staying in the ring with Brother Ming.”

“You dare tell me ‘no’?”

“I have heard that you are incredible, Vice-captain Shen. I heard you ran Liu Shan Men. Vice-captain Shen is the rule at Liu Shan Men, and now that I have met you, I see that it is true. However, we are in the imperial palace right now, and in the ring at the imperial martial arts tournament. Don’t you think you’ve crossed the line, Vice-captain Shen?”

Boss Shen appeared angry enough to explode. She didn’t let Fu Xiang get his way.

“I’m going to take him away. You’re not qualified to interfere, so cut the bullshit!”

Boss Shen frowned and then stretched her hand out and grabbed my shoulder.

Fu Xiang didn’t back down. He stood in place without moving. But his condensed collection of qi made him appear intense. As soon as Boss Shen’s hand touches me, he’ll strike out right away. I knew what he was thinking. If I leave with Boss Shen, he won’t be confident that he can bring me down, and their plans for today will vanish into thin air. As such, he was willing to make an enemy out of Boss Shen if it meant he could keep me here.

As soon as Boss Shen extended an arm out, she could feel a wave of qi rush over. She didn’t dare to advance another step. She thought to herself: His internal strength is incredible. His martial arts tops the people here today.

Shen Yiren could tell that she couldn’t match him just from the way he stood.

“What exactly do you want?”

“That should be my question. I heard you already you’re already engaged. I heard the groom was the eldest son of the Song family who are part of the seven champion white princes. In other words, the current captain of Liu Shan Men. What a nice match. A talented man and a beautiful woman. You make people envious.”

Fu Xiang spoke at a natural and neutral speed while sneaking a glance through the corner of his eys at Brother Bastard who had his turn and was now looking like a whinger who lost: “I just don’t want you to toss your fiancée aside for an unrelated man. That would be sad for Captain Song.” Fu Xiang thought that Boss Shen and I had some sort of illicit relationship and therefore tried to leverage it against her to get her to back off.

Who would’ve known that Boss Shen wouldn’t give a toss. She wore a cold expression and asked again: “I’ll ask you again. What do you want?”

“My hand is itching and I want to have a spar with Brother Ming.”

“…… You’ve already beaten Ming Feizhen to the point where he can’t defend himself. Everybody who isn’t retarded can tell who the victor is. Are you persisting because you want to kill him?” Boss Shen then grabbed her sword handle and thrust it forward down the centre-line of his body, “Since your hands are itching, I’ll scratch it for you!”

Her sword strike was extremely swift. While Fu Xiang’s strength far surpasses Boss Shen’s, things are somewhat different in a surprise attack situation. The power of Fu Xiang Divine Palms was far too powerful and he couldn’t hastily use it. He really is a talented guy with incredible skills. He didn’t dodge when a sharp blade was being stabbed right down his centre-line. He just smiled.

I could tell what he was playing at. He was waiting for the sword to stop. This is the imperial martial arts tournament after all, so Boss Shen wouldn’t dare to kill someone. Fu Xiang could see through her bluff. Once Boss Shen stops, he’ll have an opportunity to strike back.

The sword then went towards his chest and stabbed into his muscles. Fu Xiang grunted and floated back a few yards. He sounded angry. He clearly got hurt.

Boss Shen didn’t stop. She went straight for the kill. And to be frank, he’s lucky to have dodged it. If he was one step slower, he’d be skewered to death on the ring.

Boss Shen truly cares for me. Outsiders may see Shen Yiren as a crazy bitch who dares to say anything and do anything. But from my standpoint, nobody respects the law and rules than her.

She broke the rules to enter the ring and save me. I’m very moved by that.

Boss Shen wanted to chase him down. I extended my arm out and grabbed hold of Boss Shen’s beautiful slender small hand.

“Boss… I’ll deal with this.”


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