Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 3 Ch. 11

One Who Has Been Through A Lot, The Desolate Northern Breeze

Beyond the Heavens Edge has been drawn!

At the time, cold energy exuded in all directions in the ring. The reflection of the blade was crystal-clear which spoke volumes to its sharpness.

While Jia Yunfeng had lost his internal energy, his swordplay skills were still intact. When he drew his sword, there was a cold line of lightning that accompanied the blade. He then thrust it straight at Xiang Batian, almost piercing his guts. Xiang Batian couldn’t react in time and felt the pain in his chest. He quickly retreated. Jia Yunfeng gave chase with his sword tip leading.

One retreated while the other gave chase. A drip of blood flew through the air. Turns out Beyond the Heavens Edge had already stabbed through his chest-flesh in that moment before.

Despite Xiang Batian’s efforts to retreat, he couldn’t put distance between them. The tip of the sword was just a hair-length away from his chest. But if he were to continue retreating, he would be ringed-out. Qinggong wasn’t his specialty, nor did he possess wondrous inner arts like Tang Ye, so he couldn’t climb his way back by grabbing onto the wooden beams.

Xiang Batian’s caveman-like intelligence then kicked in. He focused his energy to his feet and stamped the ground hard. If he did that in the previous rings, he would probably make a hole and fall to his death.

But the rings in the flying fish pavilion were different. Their bamboo components showed their sturdiness. They managed to withstand Xiang Batian’s heavy weight and sling him like a catapult.

Since Xiang Batian poisoned Jia Yunfeng, Jia Yunfeng naturally couldn’t use his qinggong since his internal energy was a mess, and as such, couldn’t chase him. However, the bloody mark left behind on his flesh from Beyond the Heavens Edge’s tip was still there.

Xiang Batian escaped death. He cursed and raised his hands up, turned them into sabres and charged over.

Jia Yunfeng didn’t panic because he was in a pinch. He knew that his sword was his only hope. Relying on the sharpness of his sword, he used six to seven quick moves to put Xiang Batian on his back-foot. After that he used Mount Hua’s sword techniques to prevent Xiang Batian from getting close. Although there were other bouts taking place in all four rings, the emperor focused on their fight with a strong interest.

“Those two are quite good. Jia Yunfeng’s Mount Hua sword play is evidently masterful. That’s a Patriarch for you. Xiang Batian isn’t bad either. He doesn’t get scared when he finds himself in a pinch. Cheng’er, what’s Xiang Batian’s background?”

The orange prince smiled and said: “The Xiang family is mother’s servants. Xiang Batian is the Xiang family’s disciple. He joined me half-a-year ago. I don’t know the origin of his martial arts myself.”

Shen Yiren chuckled coldly to herself: Bullshit-artist. You don’t know? Have you forgotten how many times he’s done bad things under your orders? I can’t believe you’d put all the blame on your mother.

She couldn’t handle him and therefore shot a glare at him before picking up the wine on the table and having a drink. She felt that the taste was a little sweet, and was therefore no common wine.

Jia Yunfeng had finally made his comeback by relying on his sword. Spotting an opportunity, he used Hundred Birds Worshipping the Phoenix! Beyond the Heavens Edge transformed into thousands of bird beaks, entrapping Xiang Batian left and right.

Hundred Birds Worshipping the Phoenix was once used against Ming Feizhen, but was countered by him with Taijiquan. But the version Jia Yunfeng used was a consecutive string of strikes without any pauses. It was like unified version leaving his opponent with no room to counter.

His move was powerful like a flock of birds flying over. Because of Beyond the Heavens Edge transparent blade, it looked like thunger claps as silver lights flashed between the two of them. The crowd witness the sharpness of his sword earlier on. It looks like Xiang Batian is going to get cut up this time. It looks like the white ring is going to get covered in his blood and flesh at this rate.

But that wasn’t what happened. A shocking sound from inside the ring of snow could be heard. The sound of metal clanging could be heard from inside the ring of blades that only Xiang Baitian should’ve been in.

But the most surprised person was probably Jia Yunfeng. He was sure that Xiang Batian wasn’t armed and sure that all he hit his targets with his slashes. However, Shang Baitian didn’t even have a scratch on him.

Xiang Baitian managed to completely fend off Jia Yunfeng’s blade that wasn’t reinforced with his true qi essence.

“You! Were you just putting an act before?!”

Xiang Batian’s voice was muffled by the sound of metal clashing, and also very irritating to the ear: “If I don’t give you a chance to show off, his highness and his majesty would suspect me.”

Jia Yunfeng was mistaken. He was completely wrong. Xiang Baitian wasn’t brash or a lacking brute martial artist like he thought. But it was too late now.

Amidst the noise, Xiang Batian chopped Jia Yunfeng on his chest, one hand after the other. Hundred Birds Worshipping the Phoenix came undone in that moment and flashes of light became reduce to a single blade.

Jia Yunfeng flew through the air and landed on the ground. The two chops were imbued with a fair amount of cold energy. Since Jia Yunfeng couldn’t mould energy, he had no means of withstanding it and was left unable to budge.

Xiang Batian slowly walked up to Jia Yunfeng’s side. He didn’t do anything. He just looked towards the orange prince in the audience area.

The orange prince sitting in the spectator area didn’t show any expression. He raised his cup of tea and silently made a hand gesture to Xiang Batian. Others wouldn’t understand his gesture, but the reaction from Xiang Batian and Jia Yunfeng was evidence that the two of them knew very well what it meant.

The corner of Xiang Baitian’s mouth curled up into a hideous smile while Jia Yunfeng’s eyes showed his unimaginable surprise, anger and… regret.

Xiang Batian laughed. He retreated three steps, but before that, he kicked Jia Yunfeng by kicking the up air, smashing it into Jia Yunfeng twice.

Tang Ye watching below frowned and asked: “Big bro, why did he do that?”

What Tang didn’t understand was why Xiang Batian chose that move, not his internal strength level. Based on Xiang Batian’s display, his style emphasises on external components, fighting strength with strength and not launching attacks through the air. The two kicks he gave him were much less effective than kicking him close up or palm striking him.

Ming Feizhen stroked his chin and in a very bored tone, bluntly replied: “He must be trying to get rid of him for good.”

Before Tang could digest it, Jia Yunfeng who was lying on the ring suddenly sprang up like a stake. It looked like he sprang up through his own sheer willpower making the audience go crazy with praise. They praised him for his profound strength and how he still had the energy to counterattack.

But Jia Yunfeng himself knew best that he wasn’t himself right now.

Xiang Batian’s kicks weren’t intended to take his life. The first kick was to cover Jia Yunfeng’s body with his energy causing his body to become erect and unable to budge in a short-span of time. The second kick was to spring Jia Yunfeng up. However, just looking at it, it looked like Jia Yunfeng launched a sudden surprise attack and Xiang Batian was forced to step back to evade.

The emperor clearly stated that they weren’t allowed to kill their opponent, and hence Xiang Batian’s need to fake a scenario.

Xiang Batian reacted “scared” because Jia Yunfeng suddenly sprang up. He wore an “angry” look and shouted: “You scheming bastard. How dare you sneak-attack me.” He double punched a soft spot on Jia Yunfeng’s body. A smack sound like a punching bag came from his body.

Jia Yunfeng has a proud personality. He took the strikes without making a peep. That was what Xiang Batian was after as well. Finally, Xiang Batian punched him on his chest. Jia Yunfeng couldn’t stand anymore and spat a mouthful of blood.

After he spat a mouthful of blood, he groaned out ould unlike how he was silent before. That was very unlike him. Tang Ye soon realised the reason why he groaned in pain.

Jia Yunfeng’s left hand had been broken in many places without realising.

When Xiang Batian punched him on his chest with his left fist, he sneakily used qinna to break his left hand.

A swordsman’s hands are his most important assets. Jia Yunfeng’s left fingers were broken in many places. Even if he had a skilled doctor to heal him and he could recover his martial arts, his swordplay would inevitably be much less powerful than what it was. If treatment goes awry, he will never be able to wield a sword again.

Mount Hua sect focuses on mainly on swordplay, so their leader must be skilled with a sword.

Mount Hua sect has been established in the martial world for centuries. Jia Yunfeng isn’t the only outstanding disciple. Even if their leader was to lose his sword skills, the elders would be able to take his place. After today, Mount Hua sect will still be Mount Hua sect, but Jia Yunfeng will never be Jia Yunfeng again. This event has unquestionably destroyed Jia Yunfeng’s life.

Xiang Batian chuckled coldly when Jia Yunfeng cried out painfully. Before Eunuch Nan declared him the victor, he booted Jia Yunfeng out. Jia Yunfeng landed with a loud thud outside the ring.

With a neutral expression, Eunuch Nan declared: “Victor, Xiang Batian!”

Tang Ye looked at Xiang Batian who was laughing happily and bluntly said: “That punk is mine.”

If Tang Ye beats Long Zaitian, Tang Ye will face Xiang Batian next.

“He’s all yours.” Ming Feizhen’s gaze naturally found its way to the orange prince. He then looked at Long Zaitian and the Qilin Gaurds. He sighed: “Man, we’re going to be busy today.”


*Qinna is a style that focuses on grabs, holds and locks with your hands


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