Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 01

“Luna! Hurry up and set up his majesty’s bed!”

“Right away, head maid!”

It was a new month, and the servants in the outer court got busy. While his majesty was absent, the outer court servants were free from their chores. However, his majesty will be back today, hence why the maids were quickly completing their chores. Their heads might roll if he were to be unhappy after all.

Although the sun had just come up, Luna wore a bright smile on her face as she quickly carried the bed-sheets back and forth from the head maid. Her long elf ears under her head-cloth were what gave her, her sense of direction and told her where people were. She went up to the fourth floor and entered his majesty’s bedroom. Nobody had been to his room for a month, so even though they had just cleaned and had the windows open, the murky smell still lingered. A fragrance was slowly burning in the brazier by the side. Luna placed the things to one side and neatly set up his majesty’s bed.

The head maid stood outside the door and watched Luna do his bed. The young black and white maid’s beautiful body revealed itself through her uniform. Elves had more voluptuous bodies than humans and Luna’s body was feminine in every way. Plus, the bright smile she had on her face right now made her look bright like the sun.

Luna is very serious about her work and has a great personality, so everyone likes her even though she’s an elf. But most importantly, she was his majesty’s close servant, someone who could touch his body, therefore, even the head maid had to show her some respect. Moreover, she was the only one who could enter and leave his majesty’s bedroom. That was why the head maid could only stand at the door and watch her.

But isn’t Luna a bit too excited today? The head maid looked at Luna with concern. Luna has been energetically cleaning and tidying the outer court since last night. She’s been more energetic than anyone. As a matter of fact, she didn’t even get proper sleep last night. Would that impact her ability to look after his majesty today?

The head maid looked at Luna and asked: “Luna, do you want a rest?”

“Ah, no I am fine. Thank you for asking, head maid.”

Luna turned her head around, revealed a cheerful smile and said: “His majesty is on his way back, so I must clean and tidy. Would it not be bad if his majesty did not have anywhere to sleep when he comes home?”

“Alright. But remember not to tire yourself out too much. We do not have any spare workers to look after you today~.”

“Uhm, thank you, head maid!”

Luna lifted up her hair which revealed itself from her head cloth. She gazed outside the window in the direction his highness would be coming from with her eyes full of hope and anticipation…….

Nier looked at herself in the mirror, adjusted her collar and sword, and then took in a deep breath. She then picked up her cape by the side, wore it on and walked out of the room. Alice stood at the door and watched her. She giggled and said: “Another arduous month, huh, Nier?”

“Yeah. Another arduous month.”

Nier nodded and then walked to the stables. The empress assigned her to bodyguard the prince this month as well. Usually, no one in particular guards the prince for a long time to avoid them becoming lax, but it seemed that the empress was fine with letting Nier guard the prince. Therefore, it was another arduous month from Nier’s perspective.

Of course, it’s not considered arduous for Nier and co. to guard someone, but guarding someone they didn’t like most certainly was the most arduous task.

Alice watched Nier walk to the stables and giggled a little. Alice didn’t realise that Nier was walking faster than usual.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so arduous this month.

“Castell! Castell! What do I do?! What do I do?! What do I do if my son doesn’t like it?! Ah…… How shall I gift him this?! I… I… What should I say…? Sh-Shall I wear it on for him?!”

The empress was still holding onto the scarf that she treated like a holy object from yesterday as she stuttered and looked at Castell before her. Castell smiled helplessly as he looked at the empress. He bowed slightly and said: “It will be fine if you just hand it to his majesty as you would normally. I think his majesty will certainly be most happy, after all, it is a scarf his mom personally made for him. How would a son not like that?”

“But… but… it looks bad…… I’m terrible at making these things…… There’s no way he’ll like it, right…? I think I should weave him a better one.” The empress looked at the simple red scarf in her hand and lost confidence.

Castell shook his head. The scarf was indeed simple, and not very good looking. It was like a red piece of cloth thrown around one’s neck. However, if she were to give that scarf to any of the Valkyries, they would probably die of happiness. Of course, that applied to himself as well. The most important part was not the quality of the scarf, but the meaning behind it.

“I believe that his majesty will definitely like it because this was personally woven by you, your majesty. This is your love for his majesty. His majesty will not reject it.”

“Is that right…? Is that how it is…? Uhm….. Uhm…… I must personally help him wear it on! Uhm…… I personally wove him a scarf. I’ll bet that woman hasn’t woven for him before!”

After hearing what Castell said, she mustered up her courage once again. She gripped the scarf in her hand tightly and awaited her son’s return. Nier had already left to go and receive him. If she were to personally leave the palace, it would cause an uproar, so it was better to wait for her son to return. Further, she was a little embarrassed to help him wear on his scarf in front of a crowd, since his mother, who was more like a young girl falling in love for the first time was unsettled.

After leaving the forest, I suddenly felt the difference in temperature between the elven and human lands. The stone paths here in humanity’s lands have already started to freeze, and I could see mist when I breathed. I wrapped my cape around me tightly and did my best to keep my body covered in it as best as I could, allowing just my hands to hold the reins.

Is it late autumn already? I don’t notice the change in the four seasons in the elven lands at all.

I left the gun I gifted Lucia in the elven lands so I don’t have anything on me right now other than the holy elven spring water for the empress, and the elven commander sabre for Nier. Oh, and I have a small head cloth for Luna.

I reckon that elven goods from the elven lands will have a lot of meaning for Luna since she hasn’t returned home in a long time. Her home already feels like something distant to her.

My horse slowly trotted on the path. In front of me was the human royal capital. I haven’t been back for a month, yet it’s still as glorious as before. The fields by the roadside had been harvested, with only black land and tracks in between the rows. The most boring season for humanity, winter had arrived. The hawker stalls by the side of the road selling grilled meats had disappeared, and been replaced with hawkers with cooking stoves and broths. The people also wore thick clothes and stood close together to bargain. I could see the mist from their breaths interact.

The guards on horseback wore thick cloaks as they patrolled the roads. I rode atop my horse across the crowd of people and to the city gate. I looked at the grand gate and smiled.

Over in that direction was an individual who stood like a long sword stuck in the ground. She stood there and covered herself with her thick cape. Her green eyes looked over towards me. She looked back at me as I looked at her. She then walked up to my horse, brushed her cape aside and went down on one knee to salute me. In a loud voice, she said: “I, Nier Gilliante, welcome your majesty home!!”

I raised my head, smiled and said: “Thank you, Nier.”

That’s right. I’m home… I’m home, once again……

Right this moment……

A melodious song rang out in the church. The male and female believers dressed in white stood below the tall statue of god and sang good wishes to the gods. Their melodious and blissful voice twirled like that of a white holy pigeon, carrying the wishes and thoughts of the people to the land of the gods.

The statue of god revealed a happy smile and looked down at the people below.

“Bishop, we have already spent…… after that matter….. it’s become more and more scarce…… Further… while we didn’t leave any proof, his majesty has returned… He will definitely investigate the matter thoroughly…..”

“Is that right…?”

The bishop stood up and looked out the window in the direction his majesty was returning from, and muttered under his breath again, “You’re back, huh, your majesty……”


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