Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 2 Ch. 29

Kill These Crazy Bitches

On this side, Tang Ye led the way as he cut open a path. He cut opened a path like he was cutting down bamboo, but Si Fu caught up from behind.

“Miss Si, please move out of the way.”

“Forget leaving so easily after capturing our men.”

Tang Ye knew that it was pointless to talk, so he opened his hand and said: “Xiao Han, pass me your sabre.”

Su Xiao handed his ancient cold sabre into Tang Ye’s hand.

Tang Ye is most skilled with hand-to-hand combat and usually never uses weapons. However, not liking doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to use them. He knows more than ten styles, so his knowledge of martial arts is vast.

Tang Ye flicked the blade with his left index finger and the vibration created a ring like a bell. Since he had the Yang Blood True Qi art in his body, the flick heated up his entire body and the heat released itself onto the blade. The air three inches around him turned blazing hot like it was set alight, burning the human skin. Tang Ye’s internal energy had reached a new height compared to when he fought Ming Feizhen thanks to his training the past month.

Si Fu knew that it was going to be a tough battle after seeing his flick. Si Fu knew that Tang Ye wasn’t the type of man to pull punches just because she was a girl.

Tang Ye said: “Miss Si, please move. This blade’s sharpness has no equal. I am afraid I will hurt you.”

Si Fu replied in a burdened tone: “I have a duty so I must fulfil it. Come!”

Si Fu used the nine-character art, a technique practiced by the Qilin Guards. The nine-character art was created by the Qilin Guards founder. When the nation was formed, it was one of the arts passed down by one of the three past great masters. There were soft and hard elements in the techniques with slow and fast techniques incoporated which were very unusual. The hand techniques comprised of many techniques used to combat different weapons, and strikes. It’s internal art was also uniquely creative. It was a fascinating style that could virtually deal with any other style.

Tang Ye’s skill with a sabre was not on par with his hand-to-hand combat skills which included pokes, palm strikes, punches and clawing techniques. However, Si Fu didn’t dare to exchange blows with him while the ancient cold sabre was enhanced with his Yang Blood True Qi, thereby making it seem as though she had already lost.

However, Su Xiao and co weren’t so lucky.

“Stab them!”

“Smash them!!”

“As Madam Si Fu said, don’t leave a single one, and don’t let a single one off!”

The Qilin Guards that followed Si Fu out were entangled in a fight with the constables. Those Qilin Guards weren’t exactly more formidable than Liu Shan Men’s constables, but they were close. They had the number advantage. They were basically two versus two fights, so they quickly surrounded Liu Shan Men’s constables at the centre.

Su Xiao had taken a fair few number of hits. He knew that he couldn’t just arrest a Qilin Guard in their courtyard with just a few words. He knew that he had to pay a big price. Su Xiao lacked hand-to-hand combat skills, so he took quite the beating when they got surrounded.

The other constables quickly got surrounded by the increasing number of Qilin Guards, forcing them together like a ball of yarn. Their fear that was suppressed by the courage resurfaced.

The situation of being pushed around by the larger group reminded Su Xiao of what happened to old Huang yesterday. From his perspective, their thirty plus colleagues here all basically had a part in beating old Huang to death.

“Alright, let’s fight then! I’m not scared!” Su Xiao shouted, picked up his ancient cold sabre’s scabbard but got bumped into the wall. While Su Xiao is tall, he has a lean physique, and moreover is light. He was like a cat being tossed around by a pack of lions. He got bumped around before he could ever settle his feet and stand.

This time, he started bleeding from his head. A few drops of blood flew into the air and onto the faces of the other constables. He had quite the big wound which shocked those who saw it. A constable stuttered: “S-Su Xiao, you’re hurt.”

“Hurt my foot! Getting hurt is normal for a constable!” Su Xiao wiped his forehead and ignored the blood that continued to run down his head. He just got bumped into. He spat and then whipped his sabre outwards. The Qilin Guard that charged into Su Xiao just before tried to punch him afterwards, but when he went in for the shot, Su Xiao swung his scabbard at him.

The constable that Su Xiao yelled at felt bad. He had intended to say something, but when he saw Su Xiao’s look which was like a mad-cat, and seeing Su Xiao continue to charge forward, he erased the thoughts. A fire lit up in his chest like he had drank ten pounds of a strong wine. His heart beat faster and his breaths sped up. Before he could speak, a constable by his side jumped thirty feet into the air like a horny rabbit and into the formation of the Qilin Guards surrounding them.

“I’m a constable! I’ll fuck you all up!!!”

The constable that leapt into the crowd was fat and round like a ball, as well as being scary-heavy. His leap was like a mountain coming down on them, which put five or six Qilin Guards on the ground. Their fall pulled another five or six behind them down with them. There was finally a hole in the sea of people for them to exploit.

The constable that was behind finally shouted: “I’ll fight ten!! Arrrrgghhhhhh!!” That constable was all skin and bones. He usually avoids all the heavy labour work at the office. As a matter of fact, he rarely went on patrols. He was skinny and weak, yet he punched five big looking Qilin Guards in the face with his random punches.

His punches were weak and each successive punch got weaker. However, he never felt prouder to be a member of Liu Shan Men than in that moment.

“Get ’em! Protect Su Xiao!”

“I’ll fuck the lot of you up. I’ll be considered a hero in eighteen years’ time!”

“I don’t get it. They work at the office, and so do we. They come and beat us up every day while calling it the ‘rule’. Fuck you and your motherfucking rules!”

Su Xiao got Liu Shan Men’s constables fired up. Their men’s blood boiled and they charged forward with all their might, hitting anybody they came across. The Qilin Guards never expected to be on their back foot in their own backyard against the people who they always pushed around.

The thirty constables surprisingly put up an even fight against more than seventy Qilin Guards.

Tang Ye and Si Fu had exchanged fifty moves, but they had yet to come into contact.

Tang Ye who had kept silent the entire time then suddenly said: “As a man, I did not want to be ruthless to a girl. However, my colleagues are in trouble, so please forgive me, Miss Si.”

Before he finished his sentence, a violent blazing air rushed her like waves. Tang Ye leapt into the air. He spun the sabre in the air, creating a flashing silver light as he created a large ball of light in the air with his hand movements. However, heat emitted from it made it seem like an umbrella of fire.

Si Fu could tell it was a powerful move. She eloquently moved her hands, and retreated backwards in a fluttering movement, escaping the range of Tang Ye’s sabre attack.

Tang Ye didn’t give chase, seemingly retreating at the same time Si Fu did. The silhouette of a person suddenly appeared before the battle formation, and like a flash of lightning in spring: “Move if you wish to live!” The energy released from the ancient cold sabre rushed over like a wave of heat. The wave of heat that made contact with the Qilin Guards up ahead made them feel like they were set alight. Not being able to withstand it, they cried out and retreated.

Liu Shan Men and the Qilin Guards were on even footing, but with Tang Ye’s intervention, Liu Shan Men now had the upper hand.

Both parties were engaged in an intense fight. However, since the Qilin Guards had more men, it could be considered Liu Shan Men’s Pyrrhic victory.

Su Xiao’s pretty face was completely red. He was covered in injuries from the fighting, but he was still as determined to fight as ever. Su Xiao looked left and right for an opportunity to break through. He raised his head to look upwards all of a sudden and noticed a plaque. A sly and sinister idea crept into his mind.

He then suddenly made up his mind affirmatively.

Before the Qilin Guards by the main door noticed, Su Xiao stepped onto the shoulder of one of the Qilin Guards, jumped off and grabbed the passed-down “Qilin guards the nation” plaque, and pulled it down.

The surrounding Qilin Guards went into a frenzy. That’s the plaque that was gifted to them by the founding emperor. When it needs to be cleaned, three guards overwatch it being cleaned. You’d have to be insane or without any fear in the world to go and touch it, yet Su Xiao had pulled it down.

Su Xiao looked at the floor pitifully. Tang Ye guarded him with his sabre in hand. The Qilin Guards looked at their missed opportunity to get back the plaque.

It was then that a crude voice yelled out: “Motherfucker! Who’s acting up here on my grounds?! Huh?!”

Long Zaitian was still dressed in his pink scholar robe, and stormed over without any regard for teams or people. He was furious when he saw the situation at the door.

He just saw a young girl with white skinned that glowed. Her face was covered in blood, her hair was messy, and she wore a resolute expression. But that wasn’t important. The girl had the plaque which the Qilin Guards viewed as a passed down treasure.

Long Zaitian had no time to think about what happened. He just shouted: “Who are you?”

The girl proudly replied in her high pitched voice: “My name is Su Xiao. I’m a constable from Liu Shan Men?”

“Su Xiao? Isn’t Su Xiao a guy…?” Long Zaitian then shouted: “How dare you, Su Xiao?! Do you know what you’re holding in your hands there?! If that plaque gets damaged, I’ll reduce you to smithereens!”

“Hmph, I know what it is. It’s the plaque the founding emperor gifted you Qilin Guards. It’s been a long time since. You’ve kept the plaque, but you’ve forgotten the things he said.”

Long Zaitian cussed: “You… you crazy bitch. Apologise and surrender obediently right now and I’ll spare your lives. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

Su Xiao gave him a cold “hmph”. The night-wind blew his hair, causing his neck to get itchy. Su Xiao tied his hair up into a pony tail in a simple fashion and threw it over behind his shoulder. His pretty face covered in blood revealed a heroic expression. The red blood on his face made his face emit a tender aura. Long Zaitian who was looking at him couldn’t help but feel stunned by his looks, even under those circumstances.

“We have a plaque hung up in our white tiger hall with five words written on it.”

Su Xiao then took back his ancient cold sabre from Tang Ye’s hands, raised it up high and enunciated the words: “The Nation’s Laws Are Absolute.”

The violent young girl raised her hands up and swung her sabre down.

Long Zaitian’s sense of reason was set alight. His two eyes became with red violent rage.

“H-How dare you!!!! Men! Kill these crazy bitches!!”

The Qilin Guards went into a frenzy!!


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