Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 2 Ch. 22

Master of Night Fortress

I turned my head to the side, shot Meng Jiangnan a look of askance, laughed and said: “Boss Meng, I’m a scaredy-cat, please don’t scare me.” Meng Jiangnan’s men surrounded me in an instant. The area up here in the roof wasn’t large. I have to give it to him for being able to hide so many people up here.

Meng Jiangnan suddenly quickly extended his arm to stop his men from continuing forwards. He looked like he was thinking about something when he said: “Ming Feizhen, do you think that I don’t dare to kill you?”

“It’s just murder, of course you dare to. I just don’t believe that you’d kill somebody from Liu Shan Men so easily.” I looked at his fat-as-a-pig physique jolt lightly. It looks like I was right. I then continued, “Especially somebody from Liu Shan Men who knows the passcodes of your world. Isn’t that not so good?”

“Who exactly are you? How do you know our passcode?”

“I really am from Night Fortress. I’m just being tied down by business I have at Liu Shan Men at the moment.”

Retirement is a job, so I wasn’t really lying.

“Do you have proof?”

“It is what I say it is. You want proof from someone from Night Fortress? Have you lost your mind?”

Night Fortress has always been considered heretics by the martial world, primarily because of their free-going nature. Therefore, my response to Meng Jiangnan raised further suspicion. Meng Jiangnan couldn’t quite grasp what I meant. He looked around with his eyes. He then suddenly smiled, revealing his teeth. He pushed the girls around him away with one hand and stood up,”Since you claim to be from Night Fortress, you don’t mind proving it I presume.”

“How do you want me to prove it?”

“As people in the pugilistic world, that would be via martial arts of course.”

“About that……” I was hesitant. I wanted to decline him.

Meng Jiangnan suddenly shouted: “Cai Die, test his martial arts skills.”

A servant girl from Jiang Mengnan’s suddenly side glided over to my side like a butterfly. She took her silver hairpin off her hair that was as magnificent as clouds, pointed the sharp tip towards me and stabbed it down towards my cervical spine. Her sequence of movements was smooth as the flow of water which my eyes couldn’t help but adore. The speed at which she removed her hairpin with her hands with was incredibly quick. When she stabbed it downwards, her hair had yet to lose its original shape.

The girl wasn’t old, but she was a trusted bodyguard so she was not to be underestimated.

I couldn’t help but fight back. I reached out with two fingers, grabbed her hairpin between them, and then gently shifted my hand upwards, taking it out of her small hand. I then used my thumb to gently push her right hand aside. The young girl spun around where she stood. I followed her spin, and returned her hairpin to where it originally was. It all happened so quickly her hair didn’t change shape, like nothing had ever happened.

The young girl lost all her strength due to the spin. Her body turned weak and she fell towards the ground afterwards. I caught her in my arms just in time. She curled up in my embrace, and couldn’t help but raise her head to look, which was when our eyes met.

The girl was only thirteen. She looked like a cute, jade beauty. I pinched her chin and teased her: “You look so cute, and yet you’re so vicious. Careful, you might not be able to find somebody willing to marry you in the future.”

The young girl went completely red in the face, but didn’t know what to do since she was in my arms. She used her sleeve to cover her face and didn’t dare to look at me.

“Embarrassing! Hurry back here!”

Meng Jiangnan’s shout brought the young girl back to her senses, and she clumsily and quickly got out of my arms. When she went back, she snuck glances at me.

Hey, miss, do you miss uncle’s embrace?

“Ning Shan, go!”

Meng Jiangnan shouted again and a man came out from the side. The light from his sword came before him and he performed a flurry of sword circles used to confuse people. His martial arts were basically on par with the young girl before. While he wasn’t as vicious as the young girl, his movements and posture were much superior.

But he was a guy…..

And so I extended my hand into the centre of the light of his sword, and pressed the hand holding his sword down. I then grabbed his hand and slammed him onto the ground like swinging a hammer. The materials used to build the building were good. They were firm and could resist banging. He bounced off the ground three times and then passed out.

Meng Jiangnan’s expression turned imposing. It was evident that my martial skills exceeded his predictions.

“Brother Ming, your skills are surprising. I see that you’re revealing your skills here.” Meng Jiangnan scornfully continued: “While I’m just getting by until I die, I will never do business with someone from the government. These are the rules of the League of Assassins. I cannot match your skills, but I don’t think you can kill everybody here!”

I felt that the fat-ass was considerably interesting: “Boss Meng, you’ve tested my martial arts, and yet you still don’t trust me?”

“You are highly skilled, and are superior to the top level experts of the pugilistic world. I do not believe that there is another of your level at Night Fortress, is there?”

“So Liu Shan Men does then?”


Meng Jiangnan still couldn’t be sure. When it seemed like he finally thought of something, he chuckled coldly and said: “I have been learning a new qigong style recently which allows me to pierce walls with my hands, and kill a tiger with a single palm strike without side-effects. Brother Ming, if you can withstand three of my palm strikes…..”

“There’s no need to go through so much trouble.” I took a big stride forward and appeared by Meng Jiangnan’s side, and then lifted him up into the air with one arm. I gathered energy in my right hand and struck at the wall, creating a hole in the wall without a sound using Yin power. With Meng Jiangnan in tow, I leapt out of the hole.

Everything happened so quickly like a flash of lightning. When Meng Jiangnan’s men noticed it, the two of us had already vanished.

I didn’t run off anywhere after exiting the teahouse. I took in a breath of air, lightened up my body and then turned and ran upwards. After a number of steps, we reached the true roof of the teahouse. Because of how fast I was, the people passing by below didn’t notice that two men suddenly appeared on the roof of the teahouse.

Meng Jiangnan gave me a shocked look before his senses returned to him. He looked at me with utter disbelief.

“Just now, your…the qinggong footwork you used to walk up the walls… Was that Night Steps of Night Fortress? Did such an amazing qinggong technique exist?”

Yep, it does. All you have to do is learn Yijin Jing at age eight, Taichi mental cultivation art at age eleven, and Spring Wind Rainy Night at age fifteen…and you’ll be able to perform Night Steps before you’re twenty. I guarantee it!

“C-Could y-you be……”

Meng Jiangnan appeared to have realised something. He looked at me with his eyes wide open.

I chuckled and said: “Did you say you admired me before? Why didn’t you recognise me at the start?”

“You are the master of Night Fortress!”

That’s right…I actually am the master of Night- bullshit -Fortress.

Two months after my shifu created the sect, he named me the next representative for perving-on-women-of-Jiang-Nan’s-martial world. I rejected his order and refused to follow it. He bloody went crazy, threatening to reveal my collection of porn to shiyi.

My shiyi is jealous and unforgiving when angered. She has no tolerance for bad stuff.  I had to agree for the sake of my thirteen thousand porn books collection.

And it was just as I thought. The role of master of Night Fortress was just utter bullshit. People were coming knocking every day looking for trouble and even those from the sects of evil under the seven white princes came and seeking refuge. The worst of them were my junior fellow disciples who came to join in.

I didn’t bring the people trouble, I didn’t make things hard for the sects there, I didn’t get women in Jiangnan pregnant, I mean, suffer severe psychological traumas, but I accepted those people. Basically, I beat them into submission and taught them to behave. Night Fortress didn’t really stand out.

But because my junior fellow disciples are retarded, and had stupid ideas, add that to me accepting a fair number of unorthodox sects, and Night Fortress looked like an extremely evil sect.

But because the seven white princes couldn’t touch us, nobody else dared to either. The seven white princes knew very well that Night Fortress wouldn’t cause trouble, so they turned a blind eye to us. The other sects and schools of Jiangnan thought we were so formidable that even the seven white princes didn’t dare to start with us. Hence, people made bold claims about us, speaking as though we ate people whole, bones and all. Consequently, Night Fortress has stood out until now. A completely meaningless evil sect was thereby formed in Jiangnan’s martial world like that.

Night Fortress is still respected to this very day by the unorthodox sects……

Meng Jiangnan looked like he just woke up from a dream. He cried out in a high pitched voice like he met his idol: “Please forgive my ignorance! I was ignorant!” Meng Jiangnan, a boorish and crude man knelt and kowtowed to me non-stop.

This is exactly why I dragged him outside. If he’s like this, I can’t imagine what his men would be like. I still need to be able to move about in the capital. It’ll inconvenience me if all his men found out my identity.

“Those who don’t know cannot be blamed. And the title, Master of Night Fortress is not worth mentioning.” It’s just a good-for-nothing, ruffian-like sect in Jiangnan man….. While I did inherit the title from my shifu, the reputation was so trashed, I despised it myself.

“You don’t have to stand on formalities, Boss Meng.”


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