Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 2 Ch. 10


Everybody Has Become City Gate Guards

“Guard the city gates?”

Song Ou acted like he was a wise sage and nodded.

“Correct, the imperial city gates.”

Boss Shen was absent, and since the punk was Liu Shan Men’s highest ranking individual in name, he was therefore particularly arrogant.

There was a reason for it. According to Liu Shan Men’s traditions, if the nation was in peril, we were to protect the nation and not the ruler. In other words, Liu Shan Men can choose not to protect the royal family during a crisis. However, they had to follow the orders of the captain. To simplify that, under reasonable circumstances where death and destruction is imminent, Liu Shan Men does not have to obey orders from the emperor. Instead, they must follow the orders of the captain.

I could accept it if it was Boss Shen, but I truly couldn’t accept the leadership skills of Song Ou whom people call Song Bastard behind his back.

Song Ou is from the Song family which is a family of martial artists in Jiangnan. Speaking of Jiangnan, I must mention something particularly special about the martial world in Jiangnan.

The martial world in Jiangnan is the primary force of the martial world. They seem to be the strongest among the orthodox sects.

The martial world in Jiangnan is different to the martial world in the North and Central Plains. The power balance between the orthodox sects and unorthodox sects is balanced in the other areas for the most part. Basically, their member ratio balance has been maintained.

In Jiangnan, however, the ratio of members of the orthodox sects to the unorthodox sects is ten-to-one. No evildoers dare act audaciously there, nor do any unorthodox sects or groups dare to advertise themselves. It’s a beautifully tranquil place.

Back then, my shifu and I once tried to inv-, I mean, join Jiangnan’s martial world. He started a branch of Mount Daluo in Su Zhou with lots of motivation, but in the end, the sects in the area threw him out. Their reason was that the sect wasn’t upright and did not exhibit good behaviour. They complained that there were constant prostitute visits which ruined the reputation of the martial world in Jiangnan.

My shifu was enraged. He actually went to their place and reasoned with them: “My branch of Mount Daluo only has three disciples. Two of the male disciples haven’t come of age yet. Are you accusing my female disciple of visiting prostitutes? How dare you!”

They responded with just one sentence: “We weren’t talking about the sect’s disciples, but its leader.”

My shifu went completely red in the face. He revealed a shy look and ran off while laughing “Hehehe”. And thus, I never dared to go to Jiangnan in case somebody recognised me. There wasn’t even anywhere for me to hide my head in…

Seven sects with long histories rule the tranquil area. Since Jiangnan surrounded the capital, the imperial court depended on the seven aforementioned sects a lot. The seven sects were like stars that protected the emperor’s governance over the martial world.

That’s why the seven sects which frighten people are referred to as: White Prince Seven Champions.

They’re also known as the biological son of the imperial court.

The emperor has seven sons, the red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue and purple princes, but no white prince. The seven sects which got the royal seal of approval from the emperor were bestowed the title of white prince, king of Jiangnan. They receive all sorts of benefits from the imperial court. They continue to expand their power. While they call themselves a sect of the martial world, they’re just dictators.

The Song family happens to be one of the seven sects. The Song family is a family of martial artists. His family home is in Yang Zhou which isn’t too far from the capital. That’s why they’re called the biological son of the imperial court. However, he doesn’t make me feel like he’s a descendent of the Song family.

I mean he’s not particularly good at literacy and his martial arts are only about as good as Zha Pi’s.

While he always acts like a well-studied person, he doesn’t have a single accolade. He’s not even a scholar. I’ve never seen his martial arts, but I heard he had never fought once ever since being appointed. Isn’t this love too much for Boss Shen who’d have to fight three rounds with people in a single day?

Boss Shen is the only authority in Liu Shan Men because her parents were in the upper echelon of Liu Shan Men if I remember correctly, and she was Yan Shisan’s assistant. If this captain of ours wasn’t her fiancée, he wouldn’t even be able to utter a word here.

And hence, when Boss Shen is absent, he likes to talk haughtily.

“This is Liu Shan Men’s mission in seven days’ time.” Song Ou calmly pushed his non-existent glasses. He looked at the three of us like my senior martial uncle with the cold.

“Is there a problem?”

“There is!” Su Xiao is always the first to voice his objection. Song Ou frowned and then revealed a “I’ll forgive you since you’re cute” look, and shifted his eyebrows flirtatiously.

“Go ahead, what’s the problem?”

Let me confirm something first. Captain, you know you have a fiancée right? And you’re also aware that Su Xiao is a guy, right…?

Su Xiao rested his chin on his fingers and looked upwards as though he was recalling something and asked: “Umm… Why us three? We have to participate in the imperial martial arts tournament from tomorrow. Isn’t it better to ask somebody else?”

Song Ou nodded: “I knew you were going ask that question.”

Then come out with it right from the start yourself!!

“The Eastern gates of the palace will be open to allow martial artists to enter during the three days when the imperial martial arts tournament will be conducted. His majesty is worried that the assassin will try to take advantage of it. As such, he wants us to guard the Eastern Gate. Listen carefully: “All of Liu Shan Men. So not only you three, but all the other martial artists participating will always have guard duty.”

Stupefied, I asked: “Guard the palace’s Eastern gate? Isn’t that the responsibility of the imperial guards?”

Captain Song waved his hand and said: “Of course the imperial guards will be present. But while the imperial guards are a large group, their martial arts skills are a far-cry from the imperial court’s warriors. Even the wandering warriors are more skilled than them. The assassin is virtually invisible. The imperial guards wouldn’t be able to detect them if they were to sneak in.”

It sounds logical, but why do I feel that…

Tang Ye frankly asked: “Captain Song, why Liu Shan Men? The Qilin Guards and the emperor’s security detail are much more powerful than us. Are they not going to do anything?”

Song Ou’s expression suddenly froze up.

That’s it!

Tang Ye asked the forbidden question which made Captain Song’s expression turn extremely sour.

“Of course they do. The emperor’s security detail is responsible for the safety of the royal family. They are never to leave their side. Let me ask you, how many of their experts are ranked on Liu Shan’s Elites Rankings? How many are left with some of the participants offed? The emperor’s security detail are doing quite a bit.”

“What about the Qilin Guards then?”

“Well… They have their own jobs of course. Just mind your own business.”

Captain Song looked slightly flustered, but Tang Ye continued his attack.

“The Qilin Guards have been conducting investigations recently as they try and catch the culprit that killed the warriors of the imperial court. They have expended virtually all of their resources and team for the case. I imagine that is why they cannot guard the palace.”

Tang Ye swept his eyes over to Captain Song, “Can I safely assume that you didn’t fight for our benefits in front of his majesty, and therefore the Qilin Guards are off to achieve accomplishments while we are stuck with this job?”

Tang Ye, you’re going overboard. Captain Song is a member of the Song family after all. He can easily win us such opportunities given his status. You’re probably overthinking it.

“Tang Ye! How audacious!” Captain Ou slammed the table and raged: “Are you questioning me?!”

So Tang Ye was right I see……


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