Son-con – Vol. 2 Ch. 02

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Chapter Start…

“So this is humanity’s empire…”

I said it without thinking when I’m human to begin with. Is this sort of sentiment something to be ashamed of? But you have to feel for me. I walked around in a forest for three whole days. All the places I passed by were small villages and small stockades. This is my first time seeing such a magnificent city since arriving at the plains.

I raised my head and looked at the towering city walls. They were definitely praiseworthy. The walls were so tall it’d be a real challenge to reach the top with a ladder.

If you look outside the city, you’ll see large, almost boundless farm land like a cluster of stars spread out across many small towns. They look like satellites orbiting the imperial city’s walls. I was actually told yesterday that I’d already reached the outskirts of the imperial capital. However, I got distracted and therefore only arrived within sight of the city walls in the afternoon. It felt like I walked from Beijing’s fifth ring road to the centre of the city. It was bustling even though it was the outskirts of the city.

The area close to the imperial capital was bustling. The people were busy and rowdy, symbolising the capital of the country. Even though they were small towns outside the capital, they were comparable to the capital, albeit without the city walls. Further outside the vicinity of the capital were large fields with rows of wheat that you’d never see the end of. The plains are better described as irrigated fields, they were completely different to the rugged forests I passed on the way here. Considering how humanity monopolizes all this rich land, it’s no wonder they’re prospering so much.

Horse carriages with people on-board and goods passed by me. There was also patrol cavalrymen dressed in cool white military uniforms using their blades to clear the way on their white horses who passed by me. All of that overwhelmed me. But the one and only thing I found weird was that there was no squad sent out to welcome me at the border. I thought that someone would pick me up since I’m the prince.

But it’s fine. I’m happier and have more freedom this way.

“Doo… Doo. Doo… Doo…”

Just as I was about to reach the doors to the city, a strange signal rang through the air from inside the city. I noticed the people in the surroundings pause for a moment when they heard it, and then quickly shuffle to the sides of the road and kneel down orderly with their heads down. All the cavalrymen and men directing the carriages also dismounted and got off the road. The cavalrymen got off their horses, and coaches dismounted their carriages and knelt in the middle of the road. In an instant, I was the only one left on my horse, completely dumbfounded.

The bustling street fell silent in an instant which reminded me of what an army officer said…

While I was still dumbfounded, the cavalryman kneeling closest to me loudly said: “Are you in your right mind?! Do you not value your life?!”

I froze. I had no idea what was going on, but I figured it was best that I not stay in the middle of the road, find a place to dismount and kneel down. I’m not some sort of great figure after all. Acting out of place would get me killed… Since I didn’t have a party come pick me up, I guess my identity as the prince isn’t that big of a deal.

But this goes to show that I’ll be freer here with humanity since I don’t have any special value. I can wander the streets and have fun as I like. The elves gave me Earth Dragon Scales and a bag of weird threads. They wanted me to find a skilled blacksmith who could create armour using it. Mom also reminded me to not control my mana on full-moon nights while here with humanity. She said to just let it out naturally and I’d be fine.

That’s fair I guess. I mean, it’s not like there’d be someone here who’d be there to suck my mana out.

Just as I was about to turn around and leave, a white horse from inside the city doors rushed over. The white horse had a back tail that swayed along with the sound of its hooves like a suspended flag. The rider was dressed in military gear, while her white cape blew with the wind. Her exquisitely beautiful face and eyes were trained on me as she rushed towards me.

The girl was gorgeous. She was definitely a rarity among Chinese girls because she prefers military uniform over fancy makeup. The cavalry armour looked beautiful on her. There were no excessive decorations on her green clothing, just two leather belts for formal clothing, but the leather belts couldn’t cover her glorious bosom. The horse stirrups where her feet were didn’t have a speck of dust. There wasn’t even so much as a crease on the breeches. I noticed the laces on her black boots on the stirrups were loose… Miss, you’re definitely not in the cavalry, right?! There’s no way you are! She wore a bicorn on her head which looked like the sumptuous ones from European lines during war times.

Her white cape was like icing on the cake which further enhanced her heroic spirit. Sorry, let me redescribe her. If Lucia was considered beautiful, then the female cavalry in military uniform before me is valiant. Lucia would make people want to treat her gently while she would gain people’s respect.


She pulled the reins on her white steed and looked at the only person still on the street, me, and slowly trotted over. I paused for a moment, but then retreated a few steps out of fear when I saw the hanging sabre on her left. When combined with what I was told before, I presume they’re getting people off the streets for some sort of celebration.

She stopped her horse, looked at me and approached the front of my horse. I saw her emerald eyes which had no compassion in them whatsoever. Lucia’s half-shut eyes just looked tired, but there was at least some form of life in them. But the girl before me had no soul in her eyes. It was just a black hole sucking in all the light.

What a pity… She has beautiful eyes.

As she walked up to my horse, I felt slightly awkward and wanted to apologise, but before I could speak, she aggressively lifted up her cloak which made a flapping sound. She then went down on one knee, pressed her right hand to her chest, lowered her head, and with her nice yet emotionless voice loudly said: “Welcome your majesty! I, Nier Gilliante, have come to take pick you up! Her majesty is just behind me. Please follow me into the city!”

“Ah… Oh… O-… Okay…”

“May fortune smile upon her majesty. May she be in good health and let her awe live on forever!”

The shouts of the crowed nearby scared my horse and I fought to bring it back under control while staring at the crowd dumbfounded. So the crowd behaved so respectfully because the empress was coming. I take back what I said before though. It’s a fairly grandiose welcoming if the empress herself is coming to pick me up.

“Umm… I’m riding a horse…”

“You must dismount then. How can you ride a horse in her majesty’s presence?! You must respect her even if you’re the prince! You’re not above the system just because you’re her kin.”

This girl named Nier was very serious… She took my horse reins. I didn’t detect any emotion in her eyes but why I do I get the feeling that she sees me as an enemy…?

“Son, you must remember that that woman from humanity is extremely violent and eccentric. You must be wary of her even though you’re her son because who knows what she’ll do when she gets mad. Also, be careful of her sweet-talk!”

I remember mom reminded me when I left… I implanted the image of a tyrant in my head so many times, and now that I’m seeing this scene, I sort of believe mom’s words now… I just pray that my human mom is a bit normal… Please don’t be a tyrant and kill me …

I trembled with thrill as I entered the city. I have no idea what sort of mom is awaiting me…


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