Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 50


There Are Too Many Insane People. I Can’t Help It

Ming Feizhen hadn’t yet regained his footing and noticed the three of them with their bloodshot eyes, mustering energy from their dan tian, while their muscles became engorged. Clearly they were forcibly using some messed up mental cultivation to increase their attributes.


After Ming Feizhen’s exclamation, the three’s qi energy blew all the grass and bark in the courtyard into the air. The rotting pillars couldn’t withstand their energy and collapsed, bring the roof tiles with them.

The three of them formed a fierce tiger’s head with their formation previously, and now they’d turned it into an evil dragon. It was essentially a powerful entity that could reduce everything it came into contact with to smithereens.

The three of them continued to fight for the offensive position as the marbles they passed by shattered.

Ming Feizhen looked at them bitterly: “Hey… Do you guys have to go that far? I didn’t expect things to turn out this way today.” The power of the three had surpassed human limitations. It’s highly unlikely the Shaolin abbot who’s proficient with Yijin Jing would have that level of power.

Ming Feizhen shut his eyes to think of a countermeasure.

He could dodge it if he wanted to, and he could defend with Tai Chi if he wanted to.

But Ming Feizhen hadn’t come across such skilled fighters in a long time that could excite him. He didn’t want to dodge or defend. He just wanted to see if there was a power in the world that he couldn’t overcome. It didn’t matter if that power was borrowed from demons. He just wanted to confirm whether there was still anyone who could match him.

“I’ll kill you!”

He opened his eyes. His pupils moved around forming a red colour: “Very good.”

Ming Feizhen took in a deep breath, pulled his arm back to his shoulder and then explosively thrust it outwards to fight the oncoming evil dragon head.

The two forces collided again, but there was no stalemate this time.

The scene reminds one of the sport – shot put.

The put was the three members of Orchid Monarch Hollow Bamboo, while the thrower was Ming Feizhen. The three of them got sent flying as if Ming Feizhen tossed them.

The three of them only felt like a huge force beyond their comprehension overwhelmed their own. It was like a little kid fighting a warrior with godly powers. It was as though he was just taking a stroll in the park without even thinking about anything. Their hands got snapped by the overwhelming power like tree branches. The three of them flew through the air and landed on the ground like falling leaves. They never even caught a glimpse of the powerful strike they were hit with.

Their bodies couldn’t stop quivering. Their breathing was now completely erratic. They had begun losing control of their qi. Blood was spurting out from all over their bodies and all they could feel was the clashing of qi inside their body going berserk. Their meridians were ready to burst.

Tian Wen made a quick and decisive decision. He used his sword to chop the six swords on his body so that there was a place for his qi to escape, and at the same time destructing his own martial skills.

That was a smart move. To minimise the side-effects of the technique, the best method was to destroy your own martial skills once you went overboard with it. That way, you’ll at least survive. But those in the pugilistic world value their martial arts over their life, and even fewer Demon Sect disciples choose that route.

Ming Feizhen checked up on Tie Hanyi and Ye Luo in the courtyard. Tie Hanyi was unconscious as Feizhen sealed his meridians. He only groaned before because of the discomfort. That was normal because if someone tough as Tie Hanyi passed out from pain, he wouldn’t be able to groan.

Ye Luo was still asleep. However, the clothes he used to cover her up before had been blown onto the ground by the wind. Her beautiful white body like jades was visible. However, the gentle breeze made it so that even the areas that were still covered by the remaining clothing were in danger. It was great eye-candy.

Ming Feizhen picked up the clothing blown onto the ground and covered her properly. Thinking back on the fight before, he couldn’t help but sigh.

“…I’m still far off from the Shaolin abbot.”

His tone carried a feeling of lonesomeness.

When he went to the middle of the courtyard, the three had finished destroying their martial skills. The three who looked in their thirties and forties now had white hair, were thin and decrepit like they grew several decades older.

“Self-destruction of your martial skills? That’s a good way to save your own life. I can’t believe you guys can’t break away from minor habits of the Divine Moon Cult, and yet you changed so quickly over such a major matter. Divine Moon Cult disciples would rather die than destroy their own martial skills.”

Tian Wen was first to destroy his martial skills and so he recovered a bit quicker. He sadly asked: “We don’t have any grudges against you. Killing Cha Yuan is our sect’s matter, not yours, right? You’re so skilled, so why do you have to make it difficult for us?! Is it not enough that we have already stopped involving ourselves with the pugilistic world?”

“It’s enough. Of course it’s enough.” Ming Feizhen put more emphasis into his words: “But carrying out acts of evil after secluding yourself isn’t acceptable.”

Ming Feizhen glared at the beggar and said: “Zhao Qi of Orchid Monarch Hollow Bamboo. You raped many local women in the last five years. You also killed anyone who found out about your secrets and dumped them in the lake. People drowning at the lake in autumn? Heh, you sure know how to pick your days, huh?”

Tian Wen couldn’t believe his ears and looked Zhao Qi. His eyes looked like they were shooting fire: “You went to the Peach Village to do those things?!”

Zhao Qi had no idea how Feizhen figured it out and gave no response.

Ming Feizhen turned his attention to the strong man: “Fang Bian of Orchid Monarch Hollow Bamboo. You look like an honest man, but you’re the same as Zhao Qi, you’re pussy-thirsty. He’s a serial offender, while you only committed it once, but it’s still disgusting. After Cha Yuan’s wife was found in the lake after she died, there were hints of her being raped. Her cause of death was getting hit with a technique like that off King Kong Finger Strikes.”

Tian Wen was completely shocked. He couldn’t believe that while he was secluded here at peace, his subordinates were out committing such atrocities: “YOU BEASTS! YOU BEASTS!!!”

The strong man pleaded: “Great hero, please spare me, please spare me! It was a moment of idiocy th-that… I’m already crippled, so please spare me my life.”

Zhao Qi said: “He’s a constable of Liu Shan Men, he’s not with the Qilin Guards. He can’t kill you without reporting it beforehand, so what are you worried about?”

The strong man muttered: “I-is that so?”

Zhao Qi chuckled dryly and said: “Liu Shan Men’s rules are strict. The rules clearly state that they may not deal with a criminal who’s surrendered as they please. Offenders will be severely punished.”

Ming Feizhen looked at him and smiled. His smile carried a hint of anguish: “This is why I hate justice. People abuse the loopholes all the time, making it feel worthless.”

Zhao Qi slowly registered what he’d said and couldn’t help but panic: “Y-you dare kill us?!”

“I hate killing people. I once said I wouldn’t kill unless I went crazy.”

Zhao Qi finally eased up after hearing that. However, he suddenly felt that he couldn’t control the blood in his body. All his blood clumped together and left his body. His body was reduced to nothing but a skeleton. There wasn’t a single part he could control. The last sight he caught a glimpse of in his life was a young man without an expression on his face faintly retracting his palm.

Ming Feizhen pulled his hand back. That palm strike of his looked like he created an explosion with it which would shock anybody who witnessed it.

Ming Feizhen faintly said: “There are too many crazy people in this world. I can’t become another one of them. Once you get into a certain position in life, you’ll become controlled by it. That’s why I wanted to retire. I’m honestly tired of killing people.”

Ming Feizhen killed him.


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