Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 29

The Orange Prince is Difficult to Deal With, But You Can Always Hand Ball Him to Someone Else

The atmosphere in the guest hall became strange as soon as the Orange Prince arrived, but Shen Yiren remained very calm.

She looked at Su Xiao and asked: “Xiao Han, what do you suggest we do now that the Orange Prince is here to find faults with us?”

Pretty boy Su answered as though he was ready to chomp his head off: “Good timing! Let’s arrest him and bring him before the emperor.” Little Su Xiao was very excited. But isn’t this a good opportunity for you to see the emperor?! Are you expected him to greet you cheerfully when you bring his son to him in hand cuffs?

Shen Yiren didn’t give any input, but according to my eyes that see all, she resisted the urge to cut Su Xiao up for his impulsiveness three times.

Shen Yiren then turned to look at Tang Ye and said: “Yang Ling, you’re a better thinker, I want to hear your opinion.”

Tang Ye also seemed to be aware that our superior was testing our analytical abilities as well as our ability to respond to such situations. Tang Ye took a moment to think and then softly said: “The Orange Prince is definitely here for no good. He’s after the records. We should hide the records and Mr Cha, and then stall for time.”

“That’s an average strategy.”

The look on Shen Yiren’s face didn’t change. Her usual cussing temperament didn’t surface and she replied in an orderly fashion: “You can use that strategy to deal with a normal person, but it’s not enough to deal with the Orange Prince.”

It looks like she didn’t get to her position by luck. I’m not sure about her martial arts skills, but her thinking is well-thought out and her ability to lead leaves Su Xiao and Tang Ye in the dirt.

Shen Yiren looked at me and said; “Feizhen, you’ve been involved in the pugilistic world for a while, what do you think?” Bloody hell, she really treats me like a veteran of the pugilistic world… Jeez, I just did some reading, and my reading materials were gossip magazines no less…

“Since the Orange Prince is here, we can’t just ignore him. But since he’s already here when we just managed to get our hands on the records, we have a pretty good guess as to who sent those Mount Hua disciples.” I made two bullshit statements that were sound, and then hand balled it back to Boss Shen.

Don’t keep making me repeat myself. I’m not here for charity work. I’m here to leech until the day I die, alright? Why are you always trying to make me work? Are you trying to milk me?

Shen Yiren thoughtfully continued where I left off: “That makes sense. He’s in panic.”

What? What? What? For real? She took what I said serious?

“You don’t need to worry, vice-captain, after all…” I continued as a mumble, “he’s here to see the captain, is he not?”

Boss Shen opened her small mouth as she suddenly realised it. She then showed a breath-taking smile which was filled with sly thoughts and said to the guard: “Tell the Orange Prince, Captain Song is at the Vermillion Hall, and take him there.”

Need help hand balling troublesome things someone else’s way? Get in touch with me.

Tang Ye and Su Xiao gave me the “that’s so underhanded” look.

Kekeke. Captain Song, don’t blame me for it. It’s your bad luck that you’re not my direct superior.

Shen Yiren excitedly grabbed my hand and said: “Let’s go to the Vermillion Hall and see what the Orange Prince has in store to give Song Ou a hard time.” It seems as though this tough lass doesn’t guard herself against males normally. She just grabbed my hand, placed it under her armpit and ran with me tagging along. My hand was just under her armpit. Just a bit to the side where her soft, plump and tender goods were. She’s been training martial arts for many years but she’s looked after her skin very well. Her skin is so soft and supple.

Shen Yiren didn’t seem to be aware of the precarious situation she was in. In fact, she squeezed my hand tightly.

Fuck, things are about to get hot!

I tried to be a gentleman for once and pull my hand back but Boss Shen dragged me out the door with her. My hand couldn’t help but touch a few soft and warm places. Behind me were sharp looks of infinite envy and jealousy.

Zha Pi jumped and said: “If I knew the remuneration for working as a public servant was so good, I would’ve joined with my old man. Haa, I regret not doing so from the beginning!”

Su Xiao however, looked at me with disdain and said: “The top part of the character ‘beauty’ is the character for ‘blade’”*

Hey! Is this my fault?!

Only Tang Ye stood there unmoving and sent me looks to say: “Let’s have a duel tonight.”

That’s enough from you too!!

The four of us left Zha Pi in the guest hall and snuck over to the Vermillion Hall. Shen Yiren who was familiar with the place created two holes in the window at the back and hinted for me to watch with her from there.

Tang Ye then copied her and silently opened two small holes on another window using his martial arts skills for Su Xiao and himself.

Based on the distance between the two holes, if Shen Yiren and I were to peek through the holes at the same time, then wouldn’t our faces be almost touching? Is it okay to do this sort of stuff at a government office? Come to think of what, why is Boss Shen treating me so special since back there? Could she have developed feelings for me by any chance?

I looked at Boss Shen and she paused for a moment. She then gave me a smile and said: “There’s no need to thank me. You couldn’t possibly open a hole in the window with your skills, right? You’re smart but your martial arts skills are fairly poor. Stick close to me when you peek. Don’t let yourself get discovered.”

Fuck, she’s treating me like I’m half-crippled. I was wondering why I was always receiving special treatment.”

“They’re here now. Quiet down!”

I looked inside. There were two people seated inside the Vermillion Hall. There was a young scholar-looking person, and a tall and handsome young one.

The one on the left that looked educated and refined, wearing the flying fish robe was the person I’d never seen before, the captain of Liu Shan Men, Song Ou. He looks about thirty years old. His limbs looked delicate and he had the aura of a scholar. It must perplex people and it makes one wonder if he’s at the wrong place. Who would’ve imagined that the captain of Liu Shan Men resembled a scholar so much?

And the other dressed in bright clothing with a haughty attitude was none other than the second prince. The empress’s biological son, the Orange Prince.

He looked about twenty-four or twenty-five, so I guess the other princes are around his age. I mean, four of them were born on the same day after all. The Orange Prince was tall, had dark eyebrows and large eyes. He looked quite similar to the emperor I’d seen. His looks were cool, comparable to Tang Ye in fact.

When we made our way here from the guest hall, we took a detour to avoid being detected so we arrived slightly late. They had already begun talking. Their conversation caught Shen Yiren’s attention.

“If you don’t provide me with a satisfactory answer today, you Liu Shan Men people can forget about partaking in the martial arts tournament next month.”



*Original character =色; the top part is the character is刀; so what he’s saying is “you’re playing with fire when you get seduced by a woman’s beauty” essentially.


More artwork. This time it’s Su Xiao. That aside, I successfully hit my goal of getting into the top 100 on novel updates, where I’ve got a rank of 874.



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